Saturday, June 30, 2012

1866- MARY- THE MOTHER OF GOD- WHAT DID SHE SAY? [or- I am the Egg Man]

As we close the week- lets recap a few highlights.

Of course the SCOTUS ruling was the biggest news- and we also had congress vote- and pass- the contempt of congress charge against Holder.

But there were a few other ‘lesser’ stories that in a slower news week would have gotten more attention.

The enemy of all conservatives- yes- the peanut farmer from Georgia- Jimmy Carter- got some heat over his criticism of Obama.

What did he say?

He made some comments about our Drone war tactics- and said there is no doubt that the U.S. is violating human rights.


The drone planes are remote controlled unmanned planes- Bush was the first to ‘arm’ them- and Obama followed his lead.

We used to use them as surveillance planes- but when we stuck bombs on them we started using them to go after the enemy.

The problem?

Being we don’t have pilots in the planes- we are basically doing our best to hit the target by remote control- and we often kill civilians in these strikes.

We are doing this in Yemen and Pakistan as I speak.

So- after years of killing lots of the wrong folk- these people are outright pissed off.

In Pakistan- there is some lawyer representing the families of the victims- and they have been saving the debris from the bombs- writing down the serial numbers and all- and using them for evidence on some future court case against the U.S.

We recently found out [thru leaks?] That the way the U.S. counts the amount of terrorists that are killed in the strikes is ‘every adult male killed in the vicinity is considered to be a terrorist’.


Yup- that’s the rule.

So if we accidently kill- let’s say 15 men- and even if the remote control operator messed up- and hit the wrong spot- we count this as ‘15 bad guys dead’.

Geez- with scoring like this- how can you lose?

So- Carter came out and said this type of killing is wrong.

Was he right?

Of course he was- we have killed a lot of women and kids- that’s wrong- in everyone’s book.

Then why don’t we stop it?

Good question.

The newly elected president of Egypt- the Muslim Brotherhood guy- he has already given signs to Iran that he wants to form some sort of an alliance with them.

He has also told the U.S. that he wants us to turn over the Blind Sheik.

Who’s he?

If you remember- years before 911- we had another attempted bombing of the World Trade Towers.

They traced the original plot to some Muslim radical who was based in New Jersey.

I remember the case because as I watched the story- the guy had his office/mosque set up right on a storefront street- and when I saw the spot- I recognized the street as one of the places I walked passed as a kid [I think one time I illegally rode my dirt bike right passed the area- you know- one of those late night street rides when the cops chase you].

So- the new Egyptian president wants the guy released and sent back to Egypt.

And we have hailed this election as a great thing- we forced a former leader out- who we were actually allies with- and we [Obama] publicly supported the Brotherhood.

This is sad.

And last but not least- I told you the other day that Holder sued Florida [man- he needs to stop suing cities/states- this guy is out of control].

He sued the Repub governor- Rick Scott- because Scott ‘purged’ the voter rolls of non citizens.


Yeah- Scott actually identified real non citizens who were on the roles- and he tried to take them off.

It is against the law to vote if you’re not a citizen.

Why the suit?

Holder believes that the states that are doing this are really trying to hurt the Dems by going after minorities.

Okay- but say if we know- for a fact- that the people he’s removing are only non citizens- would that be okay?

According to Holder- no.

Huh- huh?

Yes- Holder said the state does not have the right to remove NON CITIZENS from the rolls- because it is within 90 days of an election- and darn it- those non citizens have rights too!

So- the case went to a federal judge- and the judge said- in so many words ‘are you nuts man- it’s against the law for non citizens to vote.  The state and governor can actually be held liable if they don’t purge the voter rolls- of course Scott can do this- it’s required by law’.

I mean even the judge- a Dem appointed judge- thought Holder must be delusional - because they were upholding federal law.

As a side note- Holder has also sued some Egg farm.


Because he said they were requiring too much proof- from non citizens- to prove they were not illegal’s.

Yes- he sued this private business- not because they were requiring the proof from citizens- but from non citizens.

Why did the egg company do this?

If you get caught hiring an illegal- you pay a fine or go to jail.

They just raided a pizza place here in Corpus for this.

So- if the Egg man actually got caught hiring an illegal- then off to jail he goes.

So- he simply tried to make sure that the people he was hiring were in fact citizens- Holder sued him for this.

These are the things that have really riled up some on the other side.

I mean who cares if your Black, White or Green- this guy is absolutely off his rocker.

Okay- lets end with a bible thing here.

I mentioned the other day that I read some chapters about John the Baptist this week.

One of the big [and long] chapters was Luke 1.

In the chapter we read about the angel Gabriel appearing to both Mary- the Mother of Jesus- and Elisabeth- Mary’s cousin.

Elisabeth and her husband Zacharias were older folk and were never able to have a baby.

Then one day God does a miracle and Elisabeth gets pregnant and has John the Baptist.

The miracle was not the same as when Mary gets pregnant- but the miracle was they were older now- past the normal time to have kids.

Mary is told about this and when she gets pregnant with Jesus she visits Elisabeth and when Mary- who is carrying Jesus in her womb- sees Elisabeth- who is pregnant with John- the bible says the ‘baby leaped in her womb’.

It was John the Baptists purpose in life to be the fore runner of Jesus.

And even before he was born- he still responded this way as Christ showed up in the womb of Mary.

When the angel reveals to Mary that she will bare Christ- she bursts into this prayer/proclamation of praise.

Scholars call this Mary’s Magnificat [her magnifying of God].

If you have time- read this prayer in Luke one.

It does not sound like the prayer of some humble- quiet little lady.

It’s more like a prophetic blast of Gods rule.

Mary says things like ‘He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree’ ‘He hath filled the hungry with good things and the rich hath he sent away empty’.

I mean these are some of the same themes we see in the teachings of Christ.

As I write and blog about politics- I do try to be fair.

I know it must have been hard these last few months for my friends on the left side of the aisle.

Trust me- about a year or 2 ago my friends on the right went thru the same thing.

My ‘job’ is to not simply pick a side- and then defend that side at all costs.

I think that’s the mistake many in the church have made.

We have really lost our prophetic voice as the people of God.

The modern Evangelical church [and the televangelist world] has lost the true social justice message of the church.

They [we] have traded that message in for one of self help- how to become wealthy- how to be happier- how to have a better life.

We have lost the prophetic voice of the church- the one that speaks out against the murder of the innocents [drones] or the lying about killing terrorists- just because we count ‘all adults in the area’ as the enemy.

Yes- the ‘church’ is supposed to have a voice for the defenseless in society.

No- we are too busy having an American party.

Beware- Mary said ‘the high he will bring down- the rich he hath sent away empty- the famous/proud will be bring low’.

I can’t think of a better description of the church today- can you?

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Friday, June 29, 2012


Okay- before we get to the health care ruling- let’s do some spiritual stuff.

When I got up yesterday morning- I determined not to listen to too much news before I go to the homeless spot.

I mean I like keeping my mind free- at least until I get back from visiting with the homeless.

On my way to the mission- I put on the Christian music station [I listen to classic rock- talk radio- news- and Christian stuff at various times].

I was in such a spiritual state of mind- avoiding all the political stuff.

Then my music station broke in- yeah- one of those ‘breaking news’ type things- like CNN did one day- in the middle of real news- they broke in ‘BREAKING NEWS’- gee- what could it be that’s so important- I mean they were already covering real time important stuff- Syria shooting down a Turkish jet- you know- stuff like that.

Then the urgent story broke ‘Obama rose 2 % in a poll’.

Sad- so sad.

So my Christian station ‘broke in’ I mean I was in a good state of mind- free from Rush [on the right] and NPR [a little left].

It was short- and well- sweet ‘the Supreme Court has upheld all of the Obama care law- yes- all of it’.

Now- go back to your spiritual state of mind.

Thanks a lot.

Actually- at first I was surprised- and thought for a moment ‘am I mad’ ?

You know- I wasn’t.

Am I in shock?


I was just surprised.

Those of you who have followed my posts this last year realize that I was not a total rejecter of Obama Care.

I did feel that the main justification for the mandate- the way Obama used the Commerce Clause- was a mistake.

The administration said they had the right to make people buy insurance because the Fed. Govt. has the right to regulate commerce [under the clause].

And that health care is ‘commerce’ that takes place between the states- so they are ‘regulating’ it by telling you to buy insurance.

In short- this seemed like a stretch to me.

I also wrote that the pres does have the authority to pass a law that could tax people for health care.

But Obama- and the Solicitor General [the lawyer who argued the govts. case before the court] chose to reject the ‘we have the right to tax you’ law- and instead argued the ‘we have the commerce clause right to regulate you’.

So- that’s really why I thought the law would get rejected by the court.

But who am I- just some arm chair peon who watches the news- a lot.

When I got home from the mission- I caught the latest and realized that I was actually right.

The court did reject the Commerce Clause argument.

The 5 more conservative justices did in fact shoot down the Commerce Clause argument.


Then how did it pass constitutional muster?

John Roberts [the chief justice] then sided with the 4 more liberal justices- and said in essence ‘you [Pres and Congress] do have the right to tax [which we all agree on] therefore- Obama Care passes because it’s just a tax’.


The Solicitor General- and the President- have argued- time and again- that this is not a tax.

Yet Roberts said ‘we pass the law [mandate part] because it’s a tax’.

It seems like a contradiction to me.

Then- when I read/heard the dissenting opinion- from the 4 ‘conservative’ justices- they ripped into Roberts.

They basically said what I just told you.

They said Roberts and the 4 libs did indeed change the law- by saying in their ruling that it is a tax.

The 4 dissenters said it is the courts job to simply rule on the law- the way it was written- and the way it was argued- and that both said this was not a tax.

So- in the end- for some reason- Roberts took it upon himself to kind of be a ‘judicial activist’ and in a way re write the rule himself.

This is a little strange to be honest.

And it confuses the public.

There are now many Obama supporters who are saying ‘see- we told you it was constitutional all along’.

But actually- the way it was written- the Commerce Clause thing- was said to be unconstitutional.

Yes- the majority says the way the law was initially written was unconstitutional.

So- those who said this from the start- were proved right.

Yet- those who defend the law are skipping that [as they make the rounds on the news] and are simply saying ‘see- it was constitutional all along’.

What a mess.

I fear Roberts- in his desire to make the court look like it’s not too political- might have made one of the worst decisions- that is- a decision that seems to be political.

From the start I was [and am still] not someone who outright rejects the goal of universal care.

I never made the strong right argument that what Obama did was socialized medicine.

In actuality the law is simply a mandate for citizens to buy private insurance- without limiting what private insurance can charge.

I think in a way this is a boom for the private insurance industry.

I would have preferred a more European style thing [see- you guys who think I’m all ‘right’ have not read my blog too long].

Yes- I know both sides of the issue- and realize that true universal care- Canadian style- has its good and bad.

I just felt from the start if you are going to shoot for universal coverage [a noble goal] that the way Obama went about it was not the best way.

Okay- enough of that.

I hung out at the mission for a few hours- had a good talk with Dirk and a few other friends.

Around 1 o’clock one of the new ladies that has been coming the last few weeks- she had a free bag of goods that the mission gave her- and had to walk a few blocks in the heat.

She’s also pregnant- so I offered to give her a ride home.

Tammy also asked if I could give her a ride and I said sure.

Most of the times I will leave with Henry- and he comes back to the house and hangs out for the rest of the day.

But he was not around so I just gave the girls a ride home.

It’s been real hot in Corpus the last few weeks- we have been breaking records.

Anyway as I was dropping off Tammy she was telling Johnaa that she is sleeping on the floor of her trailer- she has no bed.

Right at that point I make the turn to get to Tammy’s street and some people look like their moving out and have about 5 beds right there on the street.

So Johnna says ‘hey look- there’s a bed’.

I asked Tammy if she wanted to turn around and see if they want to sell one.

Of course she was broke- but I told her maybe I can get a deal and I’ll buy it for her.

So I did the U turn and asked the guy- he said they were moving out and we could take one.

I’m like ‘praise God brother’.

I noticed he had on that little Elder tag that the Mormons where.

Now- I like Mormon people- and over the years I have had very open and honest discussions about their faith.

I do try to be nice when I refute some of their teachings- and have really made headway with them over the years- being open too- and willing to hear both sides.

So the guy I talked too had the badge on- plus there were about 5 more of them standing in the garage.

It must have been some missionary house that they were moving out of.

So I told them I just left the mission- I gave the Elder my ministry card [so he knew I wasn’t making stuff up].

And I kinda saw the whole thing as God working it out.

They seemed to not take it the same way.

I mean- they didn’t say anything- but it’s almost like the elder didn’t even want to touch the card.

I realize why they are like this- and if any of you guys are Mormons- I’m glad you read the site.

Yet- I felt they just were not that ‘into me’.

Anyway- far be it from me to hold a grudge- I mean that’s childish.

So we got the bed.

Oh yeah- one more thing.

If Romney thinks I’m gonna vote for him now- well he better think again.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I was tempted to post a quick note last night- but I thought it better to wait for today.

As I was watching the various news shows- I caught an interview with some lady who just wrote a piece [for some magazine] that said the Fast and Furious scandal- was not a scandal at all.

She did a 6 month investigation- and lo and behold- there was never any ‘gun walking’.


Yeah- instead she talked about the real reasons these guns were in the hands of Mexican drug lords.

Go on- I’m hearing you sister.

She explained that many of our law enforcement guys have tried to get the guns off the streets- but because of the Republican [and NRA] loose gun laws- that to their dismay- they cant stop the drug runners from purchasing the guns.

Oh- I see now.

O yeah- one last thing- she said there was ONE case where she did find a Gun walking activity.

It was the single Whistle Blower [Dodson?] who did this.

As the woman made the rounds [I saw her on CNN] the ‘new’ story was that both the Repubs- as well as their cohorts in crime- the actual whistle blowers- that these were the ones who were blaming Holder [because he is Black?] while all the while Holder and his people are really innocent- after all- they never sold guns!

Now- I was really mad when I saw this latest story.


This last year- as I actually watched some of the congressional hearings- and read lots of sources and stuff.

The REAL STORY is there were guys working for the ATF and other law enforcement agencies- and these guys complained- for a couple of years- that the Gun walking program was a very dangerous and real program- even Holder has said this.

Now- these were the actual guys doing the ground work- of course they were the ‘gun walkers’ they worked for the govt.

So- after complaining about it for a while- nothing was done.

Eventually the story made it to the news- and the govt. [Holder] denied it.

At that point- some of the guys involved risked their careers- because they knew the govt. was lying- and they went public and said ‘look- I am one of the guys who actually bought and sold the guns’.

So- instead of demonizing these guys- like the lady making the rounds on MSNBC and CNN- we should be thanking them for what they did.

Quite frankly- this is about as low as it gets- they were actually saying ‘Holder never walked guns- but these darn whistle blowers- who are making the charge- they are guilty!’

Sad- so sad.

One other charge came out- it was initially made by those on the Right- and now it’s used by those on the left [as a counter charge].

When I first heard this charge- by some on the Right- I was mad.

I was mad because I knew the charge was false- and I could not believe that some were actually falling for it.

The charge?

Some have said that the Fast and Furious program was designed- on purpose- to get guns into the hands of drug lords [actually- this part is true- they wanted the top guys to get the guns- then they thought they could catch the big boys.  The goal was noble- the way they went about it was stupid].

But some have said Obama purposefully wanted the gun crime to go up- so in the end he could blame the loose gun laws [NRA folk] and pass stricter gun laws.

Now- I have heard this by some radicals on the right- and this is not true.

Then why is the charge gaining ground?

Because- in the mess of this whole thing- there was indeed some memo that slipped out- by the Dems- that did say ‘if this gets out of hand- and you are asked about the program- turn the conversation into one that says ‘see- we need stricter gun laws’.

Yes- the Dems did say this- and indeed do this.

As I watched the news over the months- whenever a Dem was asked about the scandal- he/she said ‘well- it’s because we need better gun laws’.

Is the scandal about this?


Is it about some whistle blower who is guilty- while Holder is innocent?

No [Holder- and the ATF big wigs were in charge- they bare the blame for the peons at the bottom that they ordered to do this].

The whole scandal- is simply the fact that the Justice Dept. - under Holder- at first denied the program- then later admitted it.

 He now will not release the other papers that probably show that they were indeed trying to cover their tracks after the story broke.

That’s it.

Congress will vote today on contempt charges- and Holder will probably be the first Attorney General of the U.S. to be held in contempt.

This week I have been reading the story of John the Baptist.

John was an interesting guy.

The bible says he was filled with the Holy Spirit ‘from his mother’s womb’.

The prophets Isaiah and Malachi spoke of John ‘before the great day of the Lord I will send Elijah the prophet and he will restore the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers’ Malachi chapter 4.

Isaiah said ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness- prepare ye the way of the Lord’.

John was the fulfillment of these prophecies.

One time the people came to Jesus and he asked them ‘what did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind- or someone dressed in expensive clothes?’

No- you went to see a prophet- and I tell you- more than a prophet.

For this is he of whom the prophets spake [above].

Then Jesus says something kinda strange- he says ‘I tell you- of all that are born of women- there has not been a greater than John the Baptist- but he that is LEAST IN THE KINGDOM  is greater than he’.

Over the years I have heard various takes on this- most say that Jesus was saying that even the ‘least’ in the new church age- the Born Again Christian- is greater than the greatest of the Old age [Law].


But I like this interpretation the best.

Jesus often spoke about himself in the 3rd person ‘for God so loved the world that he gave his only Son’.

Maybe Jesus was really saying ‘he that is least [himself] is greater than John’.

Jesus spoke about the smallest of seeds falling into the ground and dying- then later it becomes the greatest tree.

He said this about faith- about Gods kingdom- and also about himself.

‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die- it abideth alone- but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit’ [John’s gospel].

Jesus was the ‘least among men’ that is- he gave up his glory- his position with the Father and became a man and humbled himself unto the death of the Cross.

Because of this God raised him up and seated him at his own right hand in glory.

Jesus was [is] greater than John- yet John was up there on the charts.

John was- in a way- a Whistle Blower- he revealed the secrets of men.

The thing that got John killed was his preaching against corrupt leadership.

He said ‘Herod- you snake- you have your brother’s wife- and its wrong!’

One day Herod had a party [he was the puppet king that ruled the Jewish region of the Roman Empire].

And Herod's daughter in law danced for the king.

Herod was struck ‘I'll give you anything honey- up to the half of my kingdom’.

 The mother says ‘ask him for the head of John the Baptist’.

Yeah- the wife got tired of John’s whistle blowing- and John lot his head over the thing.

Today congress votes on Holder- also the Supreme Court will rule on Obama Care.

Both sides have all the reasons why they are right- and the other guys wrong.

Lets agree on one thing- let’s not blame the messenger- the guys at the bottom who were ordered to do these things- they risked their lives and careers in revealing the program- because they were good guys not bad.

Yeah- the least- the small seeds- these are the valuable ones.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday morning I caught NPR radio news.

They were talking about the presidential campaign- and how the Repubs are using the accusation that Obama was/is part of the corrupt political machine that has existed in Chicago for decades.

In Chicago politics- just like where I grew up [N.J.] you had a lot of illegal- strong arm type stuff going on.

If you felt it was to your advantage- you would ruin a person’s life- or hurt them- just to make an example.

Now- the NPR show was discussing this- and a woman reporter said that Obama was not really a part of the corrupt ‘machine’ of Chicago.

Then- an older male reporter- I recognize the voice but don’t know his name- said ‘I am going to have to disagree with you’.

I was surprised- you normally don’t hear it that blatantly.

Then he went down the list and actually covered a brief history of Obama’s time in Chicago politics.

He seemed like he knew his stuff.

He brought out the fact that the machine was made up of men like former mayor Bill Daly- and Rahm Emanuel.

The Daly family was an institution in Chicago politics- and they were ‘the machine’.

Of course we all know that Daly actually went to work for Obama in Washington- and Rahm Emanuel was his first chief of staff- Daly eventually replaced him.

The reporter also brought out the fact that Obama was the man that the corrupt machine backed in Chicago.

He ran against another prominent Black leader- Bobby Rush.

The Black community backed Rush- the machine backed Obama- Rush won.

It was simply a short lesson that contradicted the false media narrative that somehow Obama was connected to all these guys- but was never really ‘a part’.

The reason I bring this up is if you realize this- then you might not be surprised that the president has indeed crossed the line- many times.

One of the reasons that many believe the president is behind all the leaking of national security info these last few months is because of the way he ‘shut down’ all unauthorized leaks in the first couple of years of being in office.

How so?

Now- this is where you need to ‘see’ the Chicago machine.

In all administrations- you have leaks.

Some hurt you- some help [actually Obama’s recent leaks have helped him].

But- you did have some the first 2 years that were real leaks- leaks that people usually believe will bring sunlight into a corrupt- or wrong practice.

How do presidents deal with them?

It’s their choice- it ranges from letting the person off the hook- called forgiveness.

To firing the person.

And in rare occasions- you press federal charges against the leaker.

For instance- the Watergate ‘scandal’ and other exposes' were the result of leaks- most liberals thought it good.

Okay- in the first 2- 2.5 years- president Obama has sought to try- imprison- and yes- execute leakers.

This is no joke.

President Obama has used the strictest federal law to go after leakers- the Espionage Act [usually used on real spies] and he has used it 6 times.

‘Okay John- what about other presidents- have they used this act’.

Sure- 3 times- total.


Yeah- all former presidents of the U.S. - combined- have only used the act 3 times to go after people like this.

This is amazing- this is astounding- this is the Chicago machine- but you don’t see it.

One case I heard/read was an outstanding man [maybe a Dem?] who was also a university professor.

So- in the long tradition of men who leak- and take the risk of maybe getting fired- he did what he felt was right and leaked something about some program, that he felt was unjust.

Okay- he took the risk- if worse comes to worse he might get fired- from Washington- and go back to work at the university.

What happened?

Obama pressed the highest charges against the man [the Espionage Act] and put him away- if I remember- for life.

Yes- he sent the man to prison.

The man’s wife and kids [he had 2 daughters in school] begged the govt. To ‘please not do this- please just treat us- like say- BUSH’.

The family has been ruined.

The man is in prison- divorced- his kid’s lives are ruined.

Now- this is one case of 6.

In another case- a ‘gay leaker’ at that- the president- thru Holder- raised the offense to the level of an executable crime.


Are you kidding me John- I have never heard this.

I know- the media don’t like telling you this.

Yes- to the shock of many- even many inside military men- the president raised the charge on this gay soldier to a charge that would merit execution.

Unbelievable- never- ever- in the history of the country has a leaker been charged like this.

When you use the Espionage act- it’s usually used for real spies- not for leakers.

Even one of our countries worst spies- Jonathan Pollard- who spied for Israel- against us- even he did not get the Ax.

Yet- Obama has sought to charge this soldier with this type of crime.

It should be noted- that Holder said ‘even though we are seeking this charge- we probably will not ask for execution’.

Gee- what a nice guy.

I remember an instance when some person- an insider- stole- and leaked info on Bush.

When they caught the person- Bush simply forgave the person.

I am telling you these stories because the average American has no idea that the president has operated like this- this is the most ‘strong arm’ presidency in the history of the nation.

I mean the death penalty- for things that others simply lost their jobs over- if that.

You see- when the lady NPR reporter said ‘no- even though Obama was in tight with all these Chicago guys- he does not play their game’.

The older male reporter corrected her- he does play the game- a lot better than most people realize.

[One last note- many reporters- who were really Obama supporters at the start have seen this- and they will tell you that it is impossible to get real leaks anymore about anything.  These insiders see the volume of recent leaks about national security stuff and they know these are being done behind the scenes with the full permission of Obama- I mean after the first 2 years- who in their right mind would leak anything without the permission of the White House?]

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Supreme Court came out with a few rulings yesterday- the big one was their decision about the Arizona Immigration law.

Most of you know that the governor [Jan Brewer] has been fighting with the Justice Dept. [Holder] over their stringent immigration laws.

Arizona- like other border sates- has had a problem with illegal aliens for some time.

So- they passed new state laws that made it tougher if you were an alien in the state.

If you applied for a job- and you were an illegal- you would get arrested.

If you got stopped by the cops- they could ask you for your papers.

A couple of other things that went beyond the federal law.

So- Eric Holder [attorney General] did what he does best- he sued Arizona.

 [As a side note- this is not a joke- he has sued states/cities ever since coming into office. He just threatened to sue the Fire Dept. here in Corpus Christi. They settled for hundreds of thousands of bucks- why?

 We were ‘discriminating’ against women.


Some of them could not pass the physical exam- you had to do things like pull a dummy- the weight of a person- to show that if you were in a fire you would be able to rescue either your partner or a victim.

Many times women would fail this part of the test.

Okay- so some depts. changed the test.

But lots of women do- by nature- have a hard time passing this requirement.

If you ‘dumb’ down this part of the test- you are putting people’s lives at risk- both the woman as well as those she would need to rescue.

Holder threatened to sue- Corpus settled.

He also sued 2 north eastern depts. a couple of years back.

He said they were not hiring enough Blacks- he told them to change the exam.

They spent about a million bucks redoing their exam.

Some Black applicants failed.

He then ordered the dept. to lower the passing score to 60.

Finally- the BLACK firefighters union said ‘ENOUGH- YOUR GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED HERE- Blacks and Whites!’

So- Holder does have a penchant on suing cities/states when he perceives a racial issue.]

What did the court do?

They struck down some of Arizona’s law- but upheld the most controversial part- the cops can still ask for your papers at a stop.

I found it interesting that Justice Kennedy- who wrote the majority decision- seemed to side somewhat with the more liberal argument.

One thing he mentioned was when dealing with illegal immigrants- we need to keep in mind that we are dealing with people.

I know this seems obvious- but when issues become politicized- we have a tendency to forget this.

I live in an area where over the years I have seen lots of Illegal’s coming thru.

The Fire Dept. that I worked at had calls where illegal’s would accidentally start a brush fire- they maybe had a camp under a bridge and lit a fire to stay warm- stuff like that.

I had friends- Mexicans- whose families gave them food and water when they saw them in the fields.

The point is- the immigration problem is a real problem- and it is true that all countries need to be able to control their borders and have a system of legal immigration.

At the same time- we need to also look at the person issue- the above verse was a reminder to the Jewish people that they too were illegal at one time- when they were staying in Egypt.

In all these debates- we tend to forget that we are all ‘aliens’ in a sense- our country is made up of immigrants [the American Indian is the only group that can claim non immigrant status].

I personally have a problem with the amount of lawsuits that Holder has launched against the states.

He is suing Florida over their voter registration ‘purge’.

The governor- Rick Scott- has made an attempt to get non citizens off the voter rolls.

Okay- should we be letting non citizens vote?

Of course not.

Then why is Holder suing?

He sees [like others] this as a racially motivated purge.

He argues that what Florida is really trying to do is get the minorities to not vote.

Okay- the governor simply asked the justice dept. to give them a list of non citizens- those they know to be illegal.

Holder refused.

Why does Holder- and others think that Scott is anti minority?

Because after they checked the data base- the majority of those who were non citizens were indeed minorities.

So- according to Holder- this is racist.

But who else would be on a ‘non citizen’ list?

I mean do we have a massive migration of say- polish folk who are washing up on our shores?

Not yet- unless this E.U. thing gets out of hand.

So- if you are ‘purging’ the voter list of people who are not citizens- by its very nature you are going to get more minorities on the list.

Yet Holder sees this as racist.

So- both sides need to be honest- and fair.

The Right side of the aisle needs to keep in mind the above verse- that in the end we are all aliens- yes- our grandparents came legally and it’s not the same as those who are coming illegally- I hear that- but we are still dealing with humans [Kennedy].

And the left- if Holder keeps suing fire dept’s- and thinks that his role in life is to use the justice dept to accomplish some type of political agenda- then I think the words of my fellow Black firefighter should be kept in mind.

If you keep this up- ‘your going to get us all killed’.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Let’s recap the week’s news.

The lines are drawn- the pres has asserted Executive Privilege- for the first time.

And Pelosi has come out and accused the Repubs of outright racism.

Chris Matthews- the most dangerous man alive [sorry Ken Shamrock] has also jumped on the bandwagon.

He had on 2 Black Dems and said those who want Holder to release the documents on fast and Furious are racists.

The other week Matthews was defending the right of Asian Americans to abort their baby girls because they preferred a boy.

Yes- he took the other side when the Repubs wanted to outlaw sex selection abortions.

Now- he claimed he was not for it- but argued against the passage of the law- because he said it was only a problem in the Asian community.

So- he thought ‘why outlaw it- only Asian girls are dying’.

This is the same guy who sees racism in the Holder affair.

About a month ago I said to myself ‘let's see how long it will be before the media begin re running the Watergate movie nonstop’.

To my surprise- not only are they running the movie- but all the major networks have come out in full regalia- ‘celebrating’ the 40th anniversary of Watergate.

I also read an article the other day- some Texas professor wrote Holder- demanding the release of the other documents from Watergate.

Holder responded in a way that sounded like ‘there is no longer any good reason to continue the cover up of Watergate- by golly- the truth must show!’

Let’s see- did we celebrate the 20th- 30th anniversary?


Do you normally celebrate the 40th anniversary- of anything?


Your normally have a big bash on the 25th- and 50th.

But the media have actual real time scandals- the cover up of the murder of 300 hundred Mexican citizens- and at least one border patrol agent.

The Solyndra scandal that revealed that the presidents own men [All the Presidents men?] actually told him- in a memo- that what he was about to do looked illegal.

This was said- in a memo- by his own men.

What he did was changed the loan to Solyndra- in order for his top fundraiser- who put money in the company- to get paid back first if the company went bust.

This loan change was not done for any other person/company- only for the loan that his top fundraiser made.

When this was first revealed- a mainline news reporter [Sharyl Atkinson] who broke the story said it looked like this might bring the presidency down.


This was all revealed on a Friday- after months of denying any involvement in the scandal.

For it to be revealed that your own people thought what you did was illegal [not just knowing about an illegal act- Wateragte- but actually doing it!] and you did it anyway.

And you did it for your friend- against the actual law that regulates the loan- which said you can’t do this.

Well- even a mainline reporter thought it as bad- or worse than Watergate.

What happened John- Nothing.

The media simply kept silent.

Now- in the current scandal- you know- the ‘race haters’

In this scandal- when congress asked the Justice Dept. if they had any knowledge about the Fast and Furious program- they sent a letter to congress denying involvement/knowledge.

This was the beginning of 2011.

Now- when you go on record like that- the investigating team usually drops the case- because you would be lying to congress at that point.

Holder left the letter out there for most of the year- claiming they had no knowledge of the program.

When congress continued digging- Holder pulled the letter back.


Because they did indeed know about the program- this in itself is enough for a resignation- this in itself is a Watergate.

Congress just tried Roger Clemens- twice- for lying to congress.

I’m glad he got off- they found him not guilty.

Did he lie John- and use steroids?


But for this crew to be trying people for lying- well that’s laughable.

So- Holder basically already admitted that he lied- whether he knew it or not at the time we don’t know- but we do know they said- for around 9 months ‘we had no knowledge of the program’.

Then he pulled the letter back.

At the least- we need to know what changed- who was lying- why?

The parents of the dead agent- Terry- went on the news this week- they too think Holder and Obama are covering up- by all accounts- it does look like they are covering up.

Are the parents racists?

According to Pelosi and MSNBC- yes.

We have very real scandals- things that rise- easily- to the level of Watergate.

Watergate was the cover up of a botched break in of a political office in a hotel- the name of the hotel was Watergate.

The cover up of fast and furious involves the murder of at least 300 Mexican citizens [the Mexican govt. by the way does not see this as a joke- they are outraged over this].

And the murder of an American law enforcement officer.

The Solyndra scandal was presidential involvement [not just knowledge!] to change a loan- illegally- even said to be illegal by the president’s own people- in writing!

He changed the law so his number one fundraiser would not loose money- and he denied it- until he was caught.

These lies- these scandals- they outrank Watergate- I said it at the time- but the media tried their hardest to make these things look like nothing.

I’ll end with one last ‘lie’.

This week I read some of the Leaks that are believed to have come from this White House.

These are the leaks of all the classified intelligence info that outed Israel- got the Pakistani doctor put in prison for 35 years- you know- no big deal.

When I looked at the leaks- I mean they were laughable in the way they were made to portray the president in a favorable light.

Most leaks are simply info coming out- lots of time from good men who see wrong things and are trying to expose the corruption.

We call these people Whistle Blowers.

But as I reread some of the recent leaks- I mean they are saying things like ‘As the president sat there in his chair- debating on which terrorist to kill next- he contemplated his recent study of Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas- and he acted with righteous indignation’.


St. Thomas and Augustine.

I mean these are 2 of my favorite Catholic scholars.

Augustine- the 4/5th century Bishop of North Africa- and Thomas- the great 13th century Doctor Angelicas [Angelic Doctor].

Yes- these are some big players in Theology and Philosophy.

So why have the media reported that the pres used them in his war strategy?

They are also famous for the development of the Just war Theory.

Yeah- people for centuries have appealed to these great thinkers in their justification for war.

But Obama- how does he find the time to read these guys?

I mean- unless their names are on the golf balls [he just played his 100th round!]

I don’t see him having time to read them.

So why mention it?

Because he fumbled the ball with our Catholic friends [who just began a 2 week prayer and fast against the repression of religious liberty- because of the presidents demands that they provide birth control thru their institutions].

And he needs to make amends- so lo and behold- he loves reading the Catholic scholars!

If you put all this together- the ongoing scandals- not just one.

The actual lies- the ones they have been caught in- on paper.

I mean even a mainline reporter could not believe that the revealing of this was ‘no big deal’.

And now- the fact that the pres came out the other day and addressed the nation ‘me and my Whitehouse have not released any CLASSIFIED information’.

‘It’s an insult to think this’.

Then- one week later- on Friday- they sent a letter to congress- declassifying the drone war
in Yemen.

They were basically saying ‘yeah- we were behind the releasing of all the info- it’s just we ‘declassified it’ first’.

He is going to say when he released the info- his office first ‘declassified it’.

But when he addressed you- and me- he was outraged- he made it sound like he was not aware of the leaks.

And 99 % of the public took it this way.

Look- when you get caught doing this- over and over and over- I mean this is not a one time affair.

Then it does make the public wonder about everything else.

And when the public asks for answers- and you respond by playing the race card- then it’s time for some people to resign.

Holder needs to go.

Whoever else has lied about their involvement also needs to go.

And if Nixon had to go because he lied about his knowledge about a 2 bit break in- then what about the possible cover up of your knowledge about the murder of a U.S. border patrol agent and at least 300 Mexican men, women and children.

But wait- I forgot- we don’t have time to cover these present scandals- no- we are covering the golden [or brass?] 40th year anniversary of Watergate.

Drink up.

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