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Let’s cover a few of the top stories of the week.

Yesterday I heard a report- from NPR radio- not what you would call a ‘right wing’ show.

They were covering the debacle in Libya.

That the country is in a shambles- that the terrorists that now run the place are holding the family members of Gadhaffi- and will not turn them over to the U.N.

That they bombed one of the ‘peace keeping’ vehicles.

And that the massacre of/by BLACKS continues [Blacks have been killed- and they are now fighting back].


  I covered this underreported story before.

In Libya you had a strange situation- Gadhaffi saw himself as a savior for the Black men/women on the continent.

For whatever reason- he stood up for the Black Africans- more than any other leader on the continent.

When we did our so called ‘no fly zone’ and bombed the hell out of the country- we were fighting Gadhaffi- and a huge militia made up of Black Africans [who spoke French!] who were from the Sub Saharan part of the continent.

These Blacks supported Gadhaffi.

So- when we toppled the leader for political purposes- we unleashed a torrent of violence against Black women- men- and children.

They undergo forced castrations- women raped- men murdered- kids raped.

We did this- the U.S. allowed this to happen.

The ‘winning’ side- made up of lawless thugs roaming Libya- see ALL Blacks as those who sided with the former leader.

Okay- this has been going on since the toppling of Gadhaffi- and if you’re Black- you’re in danger every single day of your life.

Why is it important for you to know this?

Because this administration is indeed responsible for this.

If this were a White president- a Bush- who did this- this would be the number one story on the nightly news.


Enter the attorney general who got grilled yesterday by congress.

The calls for his resignation are growing- and it does seem like a storm is brewing.

What’s the big deal?

Holder has been involved with all types of shady stuff- the Fast and Furious cover up is just the latest.

[Holder sought and recommended the pardon of Mark Rich. Rich was a billionaire who fled the country because he was a tax evader. Rich knew Clinton- Bill ‘knew’ Richs’ wife.  Rich had connections to Clinton- and Clinton got a pardon for Rich- Holder did the dirty deed].

Holder will not release the documents that will show- one way or another- how far up the chain this went.

These are the papers that deal with the murder of border patrol agent Terry.

At his death scene- we found the guns that Holder and the justice dept allowed to be there thru the sale of illegal weapons to drug guys from Mexico.

This was the botched program called Fast and Furious.

What we have been trying to find out is who authorized this deadly program- and how far up the chain did this go.

 It seems like Holder is covering something up.

Now- some are calling for an independent counsel to look into the national security leaks- Holder just appointed 2 U.S. attorneys to check it out.

The Dems are raging ‘how dare anyone call for an independent counsel’.

Won’t the attorneys be fair?

Let’s see- one of them was a political worker for Obama- he was on the team that picked vice presidential picks for Obama.

Yeah- I’m sure there will be no conflict of interest.

So- McCain and others are calling for an independent counsel.

What’s hypocritical is the fact that Obama and Biden were some of the loudest voices calling for an independent counsel under Bush.

Okay- the Repubs calling for the counsel are wanting to investigate the leaks of classified info that came out the last few months.

These are high level national security secrets that some think were leaked for political purposes.

When Obama and Biden called for this special counsel during Bush’s term- they were investigating the Valerie Plame name leak.

I have written on it before- for the most part this was a silly issue.

Valerie Plame was a woman whose husband was sent to Niger [back to Africa] because he spoke- well French!

Yeah- just like the Gadhaffi guys.

How did this happen?

Africa [Niger and other spots] was colonized in the past- and one of the colonizers was France.

So- during the Bush years when he was making the case against Iraq- one of the big pieces to the puzzle was whether or not Iraq was trying to obtain nuclear materials from Niger [called yellow cake].

So- some guy- Joe Wilson- goes to Niger [cause he speaks the language- this is how his wife got him the gig- she recommended him] and comes back and writes a piece in the N.Y. Times that said ‘Cheney sent me to Niger and I came back with proof that they were not selling yellow cake to Iraq’.

Well- for some guy- that nobody really knew who the heck he was- to write a story like this- raised lots of eyebrows.

[note- congress investigated the whole thing- and one of the conclusions was that Joe Wilson lied about Cheney sending him].

The biggest brow being that belonging to Cheney.

He asked ‘who in the h.. is this guy claiming I sent him to Niger’.

They found out he was the husband of Valerie Plame [this was the real reason Plames name came out- people wanted to reveal that Plame got her hubby the job- that he was a liberal Dem who had his own agenda- that Cheney never sent the guy to Niger].

A lady who worked for the govt.- and in the past held a ‘secret’ security type clearance.

Okay- a reporter- Bob Novak- wrote a story about the incident- and named Plame.

The left [dems] went nuts- and charged ‘Bush and Rove leaked the name of a secret Agent- AHHH!’.

Was she really secret?


Everyone knew her by her real name- she appeared on the cover of a magazine- and she was no longer a secret agent.

Never the less- her name should not have been outed.

During the investigation- by the special counsel that Obama called for [Patrick Fitzgerald] they found out- early on- that the name WAS NOT LEAKED by any Bush politicos.

The guy who inadvertently coughed up the name was Richard Armitage- someone who the Dems actually liked.

He worked for the dept of defense.

But- nobody knew this yet- only the insiders.

So- instead of dropping the case- the special prosecutor continued pursuing the Bush guys- and finally got one.

Scooter Libby.

He was asked ‘do you remember when you first heard the name Plame’.

He said ‘I think Tim Russert told me’.

Russert [former Meet the Press guy- now dead] denied it.

They convicted Libby for lying about Russert giving him the name- and gave him a prison sentence.


 You mean even though he [and no one else] ever purposefully leaked any name- yet- the prosecutor- who Obama called for- tried to send a Bush guy to prison for this.


Bush commuted his sentence [but did not pardon Libby] and till this day- Cheney’s pissed that Bush never pardoned his friend.

Okay- if something as stupid as this required a special counsel- what about the serious national security leaks that have endangered the lives of many.

How so?

Someone leaked info about the Bin laden killing- they leaked that a Pakistani doctor had a secret vaccination program that obtained DNA from a family relative of Bin Laden- this DNA was used to identify Bin laden after we killed him.

Within days this doctor was tried for treason and is now doing 35 years in prison.

Pakistan has since shut down their nations child vaccination program.

His wife and kids are in constant danger.

Is this worse than saying ‘I think I heard Plames name from Russert’?


Iran has been under a ‘covert’ attack for the last couple of years.

Their nuclear facilities have been blown up- their top scientists have been killed in the streets- and they have been blaming Israel for it.

Israel has not admitted a thing.

We leaked the fact that Israel and the U.S. were behind the computer virus that attacked the nuclear centrifuges in Iran

We just ‘outed’ Israel.

And we have also leaked the Drone attacks- top secret info about them.

Should we have a special counsel look into these leaks?

Obama and Biden were for the imprisonment of a man whose crime was ‘I heard the name from Russert’.

They were vocal advocates ‘we need a special counsel- this leak rises to the level of a special counsel’.

But Holder and Obama seem to think these leaks- that caused real national security dangers- that these don’t rise to the same level.

Do you think these leaks rise to that level?

I don’t know- why don’t you ask the doctor-  sitting in a Pakistani cell for the next 35 years- maybe he can clue us in- maybe?

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