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Let’s cover the recall election in Wisconsin and a few other news events.

I read an article the other day- by the AP.

It said ‘the Republicans could extend the tax cuts if they wanted to- but they don’t want to help the President so it’s unlikely to happen’.

I’m sure many unsuspecting folk believe this- even though it’s a lie.


The Republicans have actually said they want to extend the cuts- the President is threatening a veto if they do.

The Pres wants to let the Bush cuts expire at the end of the year- all of them [except for those making under 250,000 a year].

Some Dems [Pelosi, Schumer] want them to expire on millionaires and over [because they have a lot of rich folk they represent- and they don’t want to raise taxes on their people who make over 250,000 a year].

So- the lines are drawn.

Yet- the paper said ‘the Repubs don’t want to extend the tax cuts and help the Pres’.

Okay- that’s what you call ‘the main stream media’ they lie often- and could care less.

Now- Walker won his recall challenge and the media also went nuts.

Ed Shultz- the nut on MSNBC- has been a strong supporter of the unions and has followed the recall closely.

Now- for full disclosure- I am a member of the IAFF [international firefighters union].

I was involved with collective bargaining my whole life- I know the scoop.

When Walker became governor he dropped the right to bargain for some union people.

 They still had their unions [something Rachael Maddow needs to learn- another MSNBC person who is misinformed. She thinks that dropping bargaining is losing the union- wrong].

The Unions in Wisconsin got mad and did a recall election.

After walker won- the exit polls showed that 38% of union households voted for walker.

Schultz was incensed- he said ‘how could you vote for him! He hates you- he wants to destroy you!! I guess Obama was right- you folk who cling to your God and guns- you never learn’.

Why liberals allow the liberal media to trash them- and keep watching- is beyond me.

What’s the MAIN reason Walker won?

Some say lots of outside money came in and swayed the vote.

Others say the people are ignorant.

In Wisconsin- like many other states and cities- one of the major expenses is the pension benefits for retired public sector workers.

In some states [Rhode Island] it’s almost half of the entire budget- they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Yesterday San Jose and Sand Diego were in the news- they too have cut the benefits for their retired workers.

In San Jose- the union is suing the mayor- a Democrat- over this.

In these cities/states- when you look at the budget- you have no other choice but to reign in the cost of the benefits to the retirees.

Now- many in the media said ‘Walker is balancing the books on the backs of the average Joe’.

But- if this is the largest expense to the city/state- then you have no other choice but to cut there.

Some say ‘just raise the taxes on the rich/corporations’.

Actually Cali and N.Y. and other places tried it- and many businesses left the state- they lost more income then they made by doing this.

So- the people in Wisconsin saw this- and they voted for Walker.

Okay- there are other ‘side reasons’ too- but for the most part they saw the numbers- and are not stupid.

But when the media says ‘they must be stupid- that’s why they voted the wrong way’. That’s just condescending.

This same media- who thinks you are dumb- reported about a Japanese dock that landed on the shores of California yesterday.

Of course we have all the debris from the Tsunami that’s been making its way over to the U.S.

We have had lots of cases of stuff already washing up.

So the report [CNN?] said ‘mystery dock- will the mystery ever be solved’?


Yeah- they went on to show the dock- they explained that some people who have been following the aftermath of the tsunami have said things this big should not have arrived yet.

There have been reports of Japanese boats also showing up close to our shore- wrecks from the disaster.

Now- they went on for about an hour talking about this ‘mystery’ as in if it was an alien spaceship.

 What’s the mystery- we have debris floating from Japan- it’s been landing on our shores- and this is debris from Japan.

After about an hour I’m sure some producer said ‘get that stupid headline down’!

Yeah- the mystery has been solved.

Now- these are the same media that think you are stupid- that you [some of you] voted for Walker because you cling to your ‘God and guns’.

I’ll end with Jack Cafferty [CNN].

I kinda like old Jack.

I grew up in the local media market where Jack got his experience.

So last night he did his rant about the debt- yes- he’s mad that we have a 16 trillion dollar debt and ‘nobody wants to fix it’.

He talked about the real threat- and he said we are in an election year- and therefore both sides wont act.

Now- I’m not a conservative nor a tea partier.

But let’s do a little history here.

When Obama came into office- for the first time in memory- we had one party controlling everything [White house- Senate and House].

You also had what’s called a Super Majority- in the senate.

They had a 60 vote majority- a filibuster proof majority.

So- after the first year being wasted on Obama care- as they ended their session a reporter asked Harry Reid ‘are you going to pass a budget being you have the majority all the way around’?

Reid's response was- no- let the Repubs do one and they can get the blame for it.

What? The Repubs were a minority- in both houses.

It seemed ludicrous to think this way.

Then we had the midterm elections- and it was a blowout- the Repubs took the majority in the   House- the Senate held.

So the next 2 years the Repubs passed budgets in the house- actual budgets that made tough choices- they did cut the growth of entitlements and made an attempt to balance the books.

The Dems simply used the budgets as political attacks- they did exactly what Reid said 'let them get the blame for it' and they were the chief 'blamers' [anybody remember the Dem ad that had Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff?]

Okay- we have had 4 years of a Democrat Presidency- 2 of which the Dems held the majority in both houses.

They never passed a budget.

 The Repubs came to bat the last 2 years- even though they are still a minority- they simply have a majority in the house.

Yet- they still passed a budget- and it was shot down by the Dems. in the Senate.

Okay- to Mr. Cafferty- one side has made an attempt to fix the thing- the other has not.

As we end the first term of Obama- after 4 years of ‘kicking the ball down the field’.

He has said ‘if you elect me once more I will pass a budget- this time’.

If you had 4 years- and by law are required to pass one- and you did not do it with a super majority- how do you expect us to believe you will do it now?

The odds of losing the Senate are possible.

You will never get the house back.

And you had 2 years of a super majority to do it.

The only possible solution- in my mind- is to elect a majority of fiscal conservatives [some Democrats fit this too- look at all the Clinton 'gaffes’ these last few days].

I mean if you made excuses- when you had one of the greatest majorities in the history of the country- then there is no way you will do it now.

So- people are not stupid- they see the debt- the writing on the wall.

They saw it in Wisconsin- they see it in San Jose- San Diego and Rhode Island.

They are making the tough decisions- even the Democrat mayors and governors [Cuomo in N.Y.]

It’s not that we hate the unions- or that we are clinging to ‘our God and guns’.

No- it’s simple common sense.

Or you can still keep listening to the main stream media- you know- the ones who can’t seem to explain that mystery dock.

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