Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday morning I caught NPR radio news.

They were talking about the presidential campaign- and how the Repubs are using the accusation that Obama was/is part of the corrupt political machine that has existed in Chicago for decades.

In Chicago politics- just like where I grew up [N.J.] you had a lot of illegal- strong arm type stuff going on.

If you felt it was to your advantage- you would ruin a person’s life- or hurt them- just to make an example.

Now- the NPR show was discussing this- and a woman reporter said that Obama was not really a part of the corrupt ‘machine’ of Chicago.

Then- an older male reporter- I recognize the voice but don’t know his name- said ‘I am going to have to disagree with you’.

I was surprised- you normally don’t hear it that blatantly.

Then he went down the list and actually covered a brief history of Obama’s time in Chicago politics.

He seemed like he knew his stuff.

He brought out the fact that the machine was made up of men like former mayor Bill Daly- and Rahm Emanuel.

The Daly family was an institution in Chicago politics- and they were ‘the machine’.

Of course we all know that Daly actually went to work for Obama in Washington- and Rahm Emanuel was his first chief of staff- Daly eventually replaced him.

The reporter also brought out the fact that Obama was the man that the corrupt machine backed in Chicago.

He ran against another prominent Black leader- Bobby Rush.

The Black community backed Rush- the machine backed Obama- Rush won.

It was simply a short lesson that contradicted the false media narrative that somehow Obama was connected to all these guys- but was never really ‘a part’.

The reason I bring this up is if you realize this- then you might not be surprised that the president has indeed crossed the line- many times.

One of the reasons that many believe the president is behind all the leaking of national security info these last few months is because of the way he ‘shut down’ all unauthorized leaks in the first couple of years of being in office.

How so?

Now- this is where you need to ‘see’ the Chicago machine.

In all administrations- you have leaks.

Some hurt you- some help [actually Obama’s recent leaks have helped him].

But- you did have some the first 2 years that were real leaks- leaks that people usually believe will bring sunlight into a corrupt- or wrong practice.

How do presidents deal with them?

It’s their choice- it ranges from letting the person off the hook- called forgiveness.

To firing the person.

And in rare occasions- you press federal charges against the leaker.

For instance- the Watergate ‘scandal’ and other exposes' were the result of leaks- most liberals thought it good.

Okay- in the first 2- 2.5 years- president Obama has sought to try- imprison- and yes- execute leakers.

This is no joke.

President Obama has used the strictest federal law to go after leakers- the Espionage Act [usually used on real spies] and he has used it 6 times.

‘Okay John- what about other presidents- have they used this act’.

Sure- 3 times- total.


Yeah- all former presidents of the U.S. - combined- have only used the act 3 times to go after people like this.

This is amazing- this is astounding- this is the Chicago machine- but you don’t see it.

One case I heard/read was an outstanding man [maybe a Dem?] who was also a university professor.

So- in the long tradition of men who leak- and take the risk of maybe getting fired- he did what he felt was right and leaked something about some program, that he felt was unjust.

Okay- he took the risk- if worse comes to worse he might get fired- from Washington- and go back to work at the university.

What happened?

Obama pressed the highest charges against the man [the Espionage Act] and put him away- if I remember- for life.

Yes- he sent the man to prison.

The man’s wife and kids [he had 2 daughters in school] begged the govt. To ‘please not do this- please just treat us- like say- BUSH’.

The family has been ruined.

The man is in prison- divorced- his kid’s lives are ruined.

Now- this is one case of 6.

In another case- a ‘gay leaker’ at that- the president- thru Holder- raised the offense to the level of an executable crime.


Are you kidding me John- I have never heard this.

I know- the media don’t like telling you this.

Yes- to the shock of many- even many inside military men- the president raised the charge on this gay soldier to a charge that would merit execution.

Unbelievable- never- ever- in the history of the country has a leaker been charged like this.

When you use the Espionage act- it’s usually used for real spies- not for leakers.

Even one of our countries worst spies- Jonathan Pollard- who spied for Israel- against us- even he did not get the Ax.

Yet- Obama has sought to charge this soldier with this type of crime.

It should be noted- that Holder said ‘even though we are seeking this charge- we probably will not ask for execution’.

Gee- what a nice guy.

I remember an instance when some person- an insider- stole- and leaked info on Bush.

When they caught the person- Bush simply forgave the person.

I am telling you these stories because the average American has no idea that the president has operated like this- this is the most ‘strong arm’ presidency in the history of the nation.

I mean the death penalty- for things that others simply lost their jobs over- if that.

You see- when the lady NPR reporter said ‘no- even though Obama was in tight with all these Chicago guys- he does not play their game’.

The older male reporter corrected her- he does play the game- a lot better than most people realize.

[One last note- many reporters- who were really Obama supporters at the start have seen this- and they will tell you that it is impossible to get real leaks anymore about anything.  These insiders see the volume of recent leaks about national security stuff and they know these are being done behind the scenes with the full permission of Obama- I mean after the first 2 years- who in their right mind would leak anything without the permission of the White House?]

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