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I want to try and cover a little more on Apologetics- but just a few notes.

Yesterday my favorite news channel [you know I’m joking?] MSNBC once again showed why they have the lowest ratings around.

Lawrence O’Donnell- he did a report on Ann Romney's disease- she has M.S.

In the report he questioned her use of trained horses as a recommended therapy for her sickness.

By the way- a Cali news paper did the same thing a few weeks back.

For those who don’t know- some in the media mocked Ann Romney because she works with these ‘dancing horses’.

Yeah- it’s not what the average person does- and that’s exactly why they think its fine to mock the lady.

So last night O’Donnell said that he had his team investigate whether or not this is an actual treatment for M.S.  He then quoted some report- that it’s not in the top 10.


Well of course you would not recommend the average M.S. person to go out and by dancing horses at the rate of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I mean this is common sense.

But if you have the money- working with horses is indeed a legitimate treatment for all types of motor skill injuries/diseases.

The shameful thing is this network deems this as a legitimate story.

When Michele Obama got caught in disguise a few weeks ago- to be honest- this was very sad.


She went shopping- against the warnings of the secret service- and against the wishes of the president himself [you can’t do stuff like this- an unplanned shopping trip into town].

But there have been lots of reliable reports that Michele Obama has had a very hard time adjusting to being the wife of a president.

She initially wanted to stay in Chicago with her 2 girls- and simply travel back and forth to D.C. every few weeks/months.

Obviously this would look bad- so the president convinced her to live with him.

Now- when I heard/saw the story that she actually put on a disguise and went shopping- against the strong recommendations of the pres and the secret service- I knew there were real problems.

I did not rejoice over it- I pray- by name- for him and his family every Monday and Friday [those are the days I use for regular prayer intercession- I pray every day- but those days I mention world leaders].

Okay- if this happened to Sarah Palin- or any other top political figure from the other side- you would have had the late night comedians dressing up in masks.

You would have had MSNBC and the shameful crew laughing nonstop.

I mean an incident like this- is fodder for the ‘press’.

Yet I never heard one story like this- I simply saw the hard news story on it- and that was it.

Now- I’m sure the White House prepared- braced themselves for the jokes- none came.

I think it’s shameful for MSNBC [and the Cali paper] to have actually investigated the recommended treatment that Ann Romney uses.

They went- in detail- on how much insurance she holds on each horse- they mocked the fact that she used a lot of money to work with the horses- I mean they investigated her more than Obama- I mean the press never even read his autobiography!

When the media celebrated that 20,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s emails were released [many emails that were between her and her daughters- things that you would not want released].

They actually tried to recruit the public to ‘go thru them and see what you can find’.

Yes- at least one news paper asked this of their on line readers.

What did they find?

Absolutely nothing.

It was a shame that they did this.

They released- and put on line- emails that they did not even read yet.

Say if there was one that said her daughter had some type of sexually transmitted disease- the public would have know this- and it would have been out there for the world to see.

Yet the same paper- the N.Y. Times- did not release the emails about the scam that some global warming guys perpetrated.

These emails showed that some of them [not all!] actually rigged the data to make it look worse than it really was.

The Times said they would not report- or reveal- these emails- because- quote ‘the original writer did not intend them to be made public’.

Too bad they never gave the same courtesy to Sarah and her kids.

Right now- as I speak- the attorney general of the U.S. - Eric Holder- is ‘holding’ on to around 70,000 pages of emails and other info that would show us who was responsible for the program that resulted in the death- and cover up- of a U.S. border patrol agent.

Holder has released around 20,000 pages- and he’s trying to ‘bargain’ make a deal ‘how bout I give you so many more- and then you wont ask for the rest’?

Who are you bargaining for?

Why are you even trying to make a deal?

We are asking- we- the American people- are asking ‘who in the heck is responsible for the murder of agent Terry’?

No deals- no bargains- if the media rejoiced that the American public read everything about Palin and her family- email’s that spoke about family problems- the whole thing ‘we have the right to know!’

Then what about the right to finally find out who is responsible for the dearth of Terry?

The problem with politics- and the way we side with either side- is we begin rooting for things that are wrong.

Yesterday I posted about how our action in Libya has caused the Black people of Libya to be persecuted against.

Yet there are many supporters of Obama- who will not report this story.

These people are complicit by their silence- yet they claim to be on the side of the Black people.

I had a talk a few weeks back with a liberal friend.

It was during the time of the debate over Planned Parenthood.

I explained to my friend that the founder of Planned Parenthood- Margaret Sanger- was an extreme racist.

I wrote on this a while back- and even posted the on line info on her [you can Google her name and it shows up on the first page].

Sanger observed the Black race in major cities- and came to the conclusion that the Black race were like rodents- that the more they increased- the more they would be a drain on white society.

She looked at the Blacks in N.Y. and said if they keep ‘breeding’ they will eventually overburden the welfare system.

She wrote- using this language- in many of her published papers.

She said it was obvious that the Black race were an inferior race- who could not compete with the more enlightened White race- and that we need to find ways to eliminate the Race.

Okay- the first clinic opened in N.Y. - with the intent on cutting back on this ‘breeding race of rodents’ [her language- not mine].

Today- Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortion in the country- and Blacks make up their biggest client base.

Now- this is simple fact.

I am not saying that all the current workers know this- I’m sure they don't.

But when I revealed this to my liberal friend- the racist language and all- my friend tried to defend the woman by saying stuff like ‘well I’m sure she meant well- but maybe used unfortunate language’.

You see- we are so joined to either party- to either side- that when a real injustice is done- we will even defend ‘our side’ even if that means defending a true racist.

Do I think its ‘funny’ that Ann Romney does the silly dancing horse thing?

Not really- I don't think anything she does in her private life- unless its illegal- should be a platform for some immoral reporter like O’Donnell to shamelessly broadcast to the world.

To question whether or not her horse thing is a ‘recommended treatment’ for her disease.

If the media- and the comics- were able to ‘overlook’ Michele’s shopping trip- incognito- then let’s leave Ann alone.

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