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I was going to post this morning on ‘secondary causes’.

That in nature- and the created world- there are what we call secondary causes.

That means God does not ‘create’ everything you see- as he did the original creation.

We see trees- plants- fish- even humans- and even though it is proper for us to refer to these as Gods creation- yet we can also examine the natural process of reproduction- seeds falling to the ground- and even ‘test tube’ babies- and this is still a creation from God [man can’t duplicate life- even in the lab] yet- these creations are not direct- as the original creation.

Anyway- maybe I’ll do this tomorrow.

What I want to do today is simply re hash some of the posts from the last year.

The other day when I checked my site [Face Book] I had a few comments about my political posts.

At the time I did not realize I knew the person.

She is a good friend who was an original church member form the church I started years ago in Kingsville.

I did feel bad a little- that I responded to the comments- not in a bad way- but without first saying hi.

Then after thinking ‘geez- this name sounds familiar’ I realized it was my friend.

Actually – she does have a good story to tell.

Janie met her husband- Emit [or Emmet? I never knew the correct spelling] at our little church.

Emit was one of the first ‘drug addicts’ that joined our church.

He was a friend of Elias [another addict I met while preaching at the jail] and our little home church was made up of these families.

Anyway- Emit- and Aunt Bee- the aunt who raised Emit- and Emits son [Emit Jr.] were all church members.

Emit Jr’s wife- Veronica- and her mom- Yolanda- all came too- I mean Kingsville is a small town- and after a while you meet the whole crew.

I was happy to see Janie and Emit meet- and later marry.

I would visit her and the boys [she has lots of boys- and a sweet daughter- Rhonda].

I knew these kids when they were young- I’m sure they look different today.

Janie and Emit and the family made a nice family.

Then one day I heard Emit died.

As far as I knew Emit was clean- not on drugs anymore.

And his son told me his dad died because his liver was bad- after all the past years of drugs.

I don’t know the whole story- but this was what his son told me.

By the way- Emit Jr still keeps in contact with me till this day.

So- before I get into the political debate- I wanted to tell the story of Janie and her family- it really is a good story to tell.

Okay- in some of the comments- it’s hard to re-tell all the posts I did last year- and the comment section on Face Book is too small to really do it justice.

One of the debates was over whether or not Gadhaffi slaughtered his people.

Did we [Obama] intervene in Libya because the leader was slaughtering his people?

I disagreed- and this is the reason why.

There was an ongoing policy debate within the administration [the president’s team].

There were some on one side- Susan Rice, Samantha Powers- and the other side was pretty much made up of the defense secretary and the military folk.

I remember reading/hearing about this particular debate- because some in the media made it sound like ‘the women’ won over the men.

Basically the debate was ‘should we- the U.S. - and the Obama presidency- should we set a new precedent that says- we will use military force- BEFORE a slaughter takes place’.

What you had in Libya was a very public ‘civil’ unrest.

90% of the population lives right off the Mediterranean coast- in the West you had the capitol city- Tripoli.

In the east the main city was Benghazi.

The rebels from the east rose up against Tripoli.

Gadhaffi and his men were attacked by the east- they made it all the way up until the western stronghold of Tripoli.

[Note- these guys raped- killed- and committed ‘crimes against humanity’ on the way- that’s a  fact]

After a few weeks of fighting- Gadhaffi re grouped and began his trek east- and wound up at the gates of Benghazi.

Okay- was there a slaughter that took place?

No.  It was GOING TO TAKE PLACE- at least that’s what the threat seemed to be.

Gadhaffi was saying- very publicly- that he would go in and go from house to house and get all those who are siding with the rebels.

Some think this was just a threat- that he wanted the city to abandon the rebels cause- and this was simply bravado.

Anyway- on both sides- there was killing- but no slaughter [slaughter is what took place in Rwanda- a million dead].

President Obama and his team admit this- this was their argument ‘we acted first- before the slaughter took place’.

Now- I don’t want to re hash the whole thing- nor do I think it profitable to get into debates like this- with my friends.

It’s just some of the comments said I basically was an idiot and had no idea what I was saying- and I felt like I needed to respond.

I actually am on the side of Obama right now- in his decision to not act in Syria.

There are those calling for military intervention- but we [the U.S.] have intervened too much already- very rarely does military force do the job.

In Libya- before we acted- people living in Tripoli had a good life.

I used to see actual documentaries on the open markets of the city- venders selling olives and fish and all the wonderful produce form the Mediterranean region.

You had doctors and professors- kids going to school- you went to the hospital- just like here in the U.S.

After the killing of Gadhaffi- that city is ruined.

If you take your kid to the hospital now- there are opposing militia groups [terrorists] who walk through the hospital- carrying guns.

They are all saying ‘we are in charge- no- we are’.

I heard this from an interview from a doctor- it was on NPR radio- a very reliable news source.

The non Black leaders that were from the east- the group we sided with- they have taken the Black women and children and have made them- well- slaves.

The leaders we backed- they hate Blacks- with a passion.

I explained why this is in the past- basically Gadhaffi loved the Black skinned Africans. So the ‘friend of my enemy is my enemy’.

There are many reports that these wonderful Black people- I mean some were doctors and school teachers- you need to see how bad this is.

These Black people are now actually doing slave labor- they have them cleaning up the streets and working as slaves- these are reports I heard from multiple reliable sources.

I mean how would you feel if the U.S. came to your city- and your Black kids were used like this?

Taken out of school- their future gone- their dads castrated.

This has been going after the death of Gadhaffi.

How can anyone think this is good- that we helped these people?

Libya- Egypt- and yes- Iraq- they are all worse off than before.

This debate is not about whether or not someone’s favorite president did better than the other president.

It’s about U.S. intervention- it’s about the use of force.

 It’s about the plight of the Blacks in Libya.

No- Obama did not go in because Gadhaffi was slaughtering his people- he went in to prevent what he said would be a slaughter.

Either way- we ruined that country- for good.

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