Homeless- Prison art

Homeless/Prison art


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Homeless friend made this one- he used to paint over them to have new canvas to paint on! I bought this one before he painted over it.



My homeless friend made this one for me by request. I wanted one from the hurricane we had that year. He did a great job.



Same homeless friend made this as well. His name is Mike



These were from my friends  who went to prison. I used to do bible studies with the guys at the county jail. If they did time later in prison I would write them on a regular basis and they would send me art from time to time



David made this one. He too was one of the guys I did bible studies with at the jail- he did many years in prison. He has been out for years now and is a counsellor in Corpus Christi. David helped me a lot in the church I stared in Kingsville. He has a great testimony today.



These were from Elias- He was a Veteran who became a heroin addict. He later became our worship leader at the church I started in Kingsville. He went on to become a Pastor of the Victory Outreach in Kingsville. One night while working the ambulance at the fire dept. we got a call- it was to Elias’s home. He died that night of a brain bleed. He was clean and sober- yet the years of drug use took their  toll. I was glad to have known Elias.


These are just a few of the many the guys sent me over the years. I just wanted to add these so my friends could be able to see them- they tell a small part of the story. These were all friends of mine for many years. Some from the streets of Corpus- Others from the early days in Kingsville. These are just small tokens of the times I spent working with these guys. Some stories end well- other times not. But if you give your life to help others- it’s worth it in the end.


Hope you enjoy this quick page that I just made in about 20 minutes- on a whim.



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