STATS 10-5-22

STATS-  10-5-22  -    Views- 9,737,122   Followers/Friends [connections]-  649,019


Note- I leave the deleted sites on, because some sites delete you after you reach a high number. Hopefully this will deter that. Some show no posts- that’s because they removed them [Steemit- Dtube- Etc.] or after I post they don’t leave it up. I do not start sites just to post once or twice.


Connections= On some sites both followers- following.



Links to my sites here and the bottom of every post- Most updated at bottom. 








Views- [I don’t update them all each time- some views are actually higher]  776,735 Views    192,000 Views  180,000 Views  11,250  Views  15,000  Views  3,295  Views  6,822   Views  9,000  Views  21,000  Views  142,500  Views  [In below figure] [2,945,000 Text Post and Video views]  72,000  Views  26,000 Views [Actual views around 500,000- I get this number from the hit counter from the other sites I post Youtube videos on- which is much higher than what Youtube shows]

Youtube note-  2,000  Views [Closed]  60,000  [Site canceled - 2nd site had 300,000- both were canceled by Ello]  1,300  4,500

 Flipboard 40,000 Interactions [VK video views] 5,200

Text posts- 450,000 [Text- Link post views] 204,700  [Link- Text post views]150,000 [Includes previous site linkedin deleted by accident- 7,500 posts]  5,000

Spacehey-  2,100 [Profile] 2,820,000 Views [33,300 Tweets- More now- only updating views]

Hifiven- ccoutreach87 

Wimatch app- ccoutreach 





Africa- ccoutreach87 

Palscity- ccoutreach87 

Me- ccoutreach 

S Sermon text posts  

Group Link 


Updeed  [Connect John Chiarello]


Upmanch- India 

Twellit- ccoutreach87 

Social Cross- ccoutreach 

Buzzbii ccoutreach 

Wespeak- ccoutreach87 

USA ccoutreach 

Yubnub- ccoutreach 

Coldcast- ccoutreach 


Pinterest[about 12,000 posts- low estimate- 75,000 views]


22,100 [Low estimate]


21,420 posts- 338,400 Page views

Palscity- ccoutreach87[Africa]

2 million views- Note- This is a new site and I am giving the number they show. I have another new site that last time I checked it says 999.9 MILLION! Ok- I’m not sure if they do this because they see I advertise there sites on all my posts- I just can’t believe it would have that many- so I did not add that number on this Stats page] Update- I have removed 1 million from the above total- 5-27-22. Update- I removed all views from total as of now- on some sites the viewer Icon is the same as the time you logged in to the site [1m is both 1 million or 1 minute on many sites].

Patnet- John Chiarello 

Streetloc- ccoutreach  1555 profile


Plurk [Japan- Taiwan]


Snac-  [Korea]





Ghana [3rd African site]

Ccoutreach87- Liberty

Ccouttreach87- Maghub 

[connect ccoutreach87- app]

Ccoutreach87- retalk 



Bbuz- John Chiarello 

Ccoutreach87- tbook 






Yorespot- 2nd site 

Mumblit- 2nd site 

Gettr- 2nd  78,000

OBT- Africa 



Waveful- ccoutreach87 

Unsilenced- John Chiarello 

Milky- ccoutreach87 [Download app]

John Chiarello- ccoutreach87 

Tiktok 3,000


Irl- ccoutreach87 

Earth Hub- ccoutreach87 [App] 

Clouthub [site] 

TLB- ccoutreach87 

TruthSocialChat- ccoutreach 

Milky- Follow ccoutreach87 


PublicSq  connect ccoutreach87

Ccoutreach87- Truth Social 

Ccoutreach87- DD

ProA ccoutreach 

Litt- ccoutreach87 

Connectzing 2nd Site

John Chiarello 

Locals- ccoutreach87 



Luup- ccoutreach87 

Gettr  205,242  Based on 1 week average from 7-21 to 7- 22


Ccoutreach87- blogger 3500 Views

Pepul- ccoutreach87 [India]

Parler 2nd 



More- ccoutreach87- Africa [Download app]  6,500 views




Friends/Followers  4,800  Friends   8,401  Friends  5,000  Friends  1100  Friends   14,050 followers 13,900 connections  9,000  connections  5,800  connections  1,194  Followers  890 connections  500  Friends  4,000 connections  2,400  Followers  5,600  3,600  Friends  4000 connections  900 [Canceled] 400 [Canceled] 150

Connect on SpaceHey 750

Connect on Freedom book  500  1500 [on my personal page]  50 [Closed]  130  100  145   5,400 connections

Ccoutreachministries 326

FBU  45

Wegatta 5 [Closed]

Mumblit 300 [Closed]

Likabout 430

Chaino 23,400 Con [Counted 1 time below]

Xephula 420 Foll- 430 friends

Clouthub 6,600 connections

Spreely  3,800 Friends

Silority  1,032

Wimkin 9,000 Friends

Solikick 470 Friends- 460 followers

Gettr 123,000 connections [Followers- Following]

Yorespot 500 [Closed]

Talksos 30

Onespace 32 [Closed]

Orby’s  1138 Friends

Codias 900

Quora  3,815

Mypraize 200

Faithsocial 4,400 connections

Saviorconnect 921 Friends

Gloryfier 1200 connections

Tree [Connect John Chiarello]

Uhive [Connect John Chiarello] 13,500  connections

Tell  20 friends

Chaino [Profile- active] 23,300 44

Slug 10

Hifiven- ccoutreach87 

Wimatch app- ccoutreach 

Inlinx 91

Sovren 25

Goodwall 4,150

Freespace  1,223 connections

Africa- ccoutreach87  110 connections

Palscity- ccoutreach87 33,500 connections

Me- ccoutreach [50]

S Sermon text posts  

Group Link 


Updeed  [Connect John Chiarello]

Brightccoutreach87 6,700 con.

Upmanch- India 11,000 connections

Twellit- ccoutreach87 350 Con.

Social Cross- ccoutreach 3,000 connections

Buzzbii ccoutreach 240 fr

Wespeak- ccoutreach87 

USA ccoutreach 1,110 fr

Yubnub- ccoutreach 50

Coldcast- ccoutreach 58 Fo- 55 Fr

Rightccoutreach 1,900  

Patnet- John Chiarello 120

Streetloc- ccoutreach 124

Magccoutreach 526 Fo- 539 Fr

Plurk [Japan- Taiwan] 500

Safechat 1,900 connections [Followers- following- friends]

Snac-  [Korea]

Connectzing 240 Friends



Wego 10,500 connections

Ghana [3rd African site]

Ccoutreach87- Liberty

Ccouttreach87- Maghub 

[connect ccoutreach87- app] 956

Ccoutreach87- retalk 



Bbuz- John Chiarello 240

Ccoutreach87- tbook 

Friendser 90

Heroes 195



Worldnoor 80

Yorespot- 2nd site 2141 Friends

Mumblit- 2nd site 427 connections

Gettr- 2nd  87,500 connections

OBT- Africa  1200 connections

Truthbook 1200 connections [Followers- following- friends]

Freetalk 900

Waveful- ccoutreach87 380

Unsilenced- John Chiarello 

Milky- ccoutreach87 [Download app]

John Chiarello- ccoutreach87 



Irl- ccoutreach87 2400 friends 672 followers/group members

160 connections [Profile and Group]

Earth Hub- ccoutreach87 [App] 

Clouthub [site] 4.443 connections

TLB- ccoutreach87  150

TruthSocialChat- ccoutreach 457 Friends

Milky- Follow ccoutreach87 

Bangladesh 3,132

PublicSq  connect ccoutreach87

Ccoutreach87- Truth Social 13,300 connections

Ccoutreach87- DD 3,000 connections

ProA ccoutreach 

Litt- ccoutreach87  4,105 Connections

Connectzing 2nd Site

John Chiarello 

Locals- ccoutreach87  4,000 connections


Unifyd  1,424 connections [Followers- following]

Luup- ccoutreach87 440 friends

NBOM 250

Ccoutreach87- blogger

Pepul- ccoutreach87 [India] 31,000 [Connections ]

Parler 2nd 26,285 Con.

Wink 1,000

Peoople  7,530

More- ccoutreach87- Africa [Download app] 25,000



I left out a few of the smaller sites- they are still important, but just wanted to have an overall page for me to work from over time.  John


Below are some of my best sites that I have posted to from the start. They have no hit counter- or way for me to see the hits. So I’ll add them all together and give a low estimate.



100,000 views would be a low estimate.


[Note- I do many cloud sites- none of those views are here- Just updated- 313,000 estimate- Including all clouds- some that are now closed]






649,019   Friends/Followers [connections]


Note- When I first started this page- some sites tell you how many views you have- that's simple. Others tell you how many views each post gets- and the total posts [OK- Ukraine site]. For some sites it showed the amount of views each post gets- and the data for a week or month [total for the month] but had to figure how many actual posts are on the site. So I used the site OK as a baseline. It showed 6,000 posts and I simply used the low post number as a base line for some of the sites. Then I got to twitter and it showed 33,300 posts. Which meant I went very low on some of the total views. I did not go back to fix it. I say that so people would know I am not over inflating the numbers- but possibly under inflating by many views [Million?]. I also leave the low number on some of these as I update over time- the purpose was to have my own independent ‘hit counter’ for every site. I have no ‘Hub’ or main site any more. The strategy is to be De-centralized. Every post on every site has a link to every post on every other site. In the world we live in today hackers shut down sites by simply attacking one site. This makes it difficult for hackers to shut a site down. I have been targeted before in this way. So this Stats page is a hit counter for all my sites.


 Note- I know some think it wrong for me to say ‘My sites’ on the posts. I had to do that because over time some of the sites I’m on think I’m simply promoting these other platforms. Like sharing links to other web sites for people to use. That’s not what I’m doing- all those ‘other sites’ are ‘My sites’ meaning I’m posting on all of them. Okay- hope this helps.  John


NATIONS- These are sites located in other nations that I am on.

Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany,Korea, Africa [ 3 sites], India [2] and maybe a few others I can't recall right now.


These are sites that are popular to people in those nations that might not be on Facebook or other social media popular in the Western world.


Over time I also went thru the world map and connected to the major cites of the world as well as every nation on the globe. These are simply groups I joined on regular social media [Facebook- Linked in- etc.] The purpose was to have a witness in every nation. Many of the groups I joined are in all the nations on the globe. So I think we at this time have some type of outreach to every nation. I of course could not mention them all here. The main objective was to have a connection in all of them over time. I think we have achieved that goal. I mapped this out on a world map- I also targeted every major city in some states [Texas- New Jersey- etc.] This made the most use out of the more popular sites- being able to join/follow thousands of groups on those sites.


7-8-22 Note- finances? There is no income at all. Expenses? I pay for some sites/cloud’s, I give 70 a month to the homeless and support a Black girl in Africa for many years [35 a month]. I worked 25 years at the Fire dept- yet my retirement is quite low- about a 3rd of what most would think. Why? I retried young [48] took out about 40,000 to pay off my house- and that’s why.

I sell nothing- or claim any giving on my taxes.

I want to make 1 exception here- if you live in a 3rd world country- are a Pastor or in ministry in any way, or simply a poor person. You can sell my stuff if you need to. Download/copy and sell it to support yourself or help the poor in your country-  John


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