Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Supreme Court came out with a few rulings yesterday- the big one was their decision about the Arizona Immigration law.

Most of you know that the governor [Jan Brewer] has been fighting with the Justice Dept. [Holder] over their stringent immigration laws.

Arizona- like other border sates- has had a problem with illegal aliens for some time.

So- they passed new state laws that made it tougher if you were an alien in the state.

If you applied for a job- and you were an illegal- you would get arrested.

If you got stopped by the cops- they could ask you for your papers.

A couple of other things that went beyond the federal law.

So- Eric Holder [attorney General] did what he does best- he sued Arizona.

 [As a side note- this is not a joke- he has sued states/cities ever since coming into office. He just threatened to sue the Fire Dept. here in Corpus Christi. They settled for hundreds of thousands of bucks- why?

 We were ‘discriminating’ against women.


Some of them could not pass the physical exam- you had to do things like pull a dummy- the weight of a person- to show that if you were in a fire you would be able to rescue either your partner or a victim.

Many times women would fail this part of the test.

Okay- so some depts. changed the test.

But lots of women do- by nature- have a hard time passing this requirement.

If you ‘dumb’ down this part of the test- you are putting people’s lives at risk- both the woman as well as those she would need to rescue.

Holder threatened to sue- Corpus settled.

He also sued 2 north eastern depts. a couple of years back.

He said they were not hiring enough Blacks- he told them to change the exam.

They spent about a million bucks redoing their exam.

Some Black applicants failed.

He then ordered the dept. to lower the passing score to 60.

Finally- the BLACK firefighters union said ‘ENOUGH- YOUR GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED HERE- Blacks and Whites!’

So- Holder does have a penchant on suing cities/states when he perceives a racial issue.]

What did the court do?

They struck down some of Arizona’s law- but upheld the most controversial part- the cops can still ask for your papers at a stop.

I found it interesting that Justice Kennedy- who wrote the majority decision- seemed to side somewhat with the more liberal argument.

One thing he mentioned was when dealing with illegal immigrants- we need to keep in mind that we are dealing with people.

I know this seems obvious- but when issues become politicized- we have a tendency to forget this.

I live in an area where over the years I have seen lots of Illegal’s coming thru.

The Fire Dept. that I worked at had calls where illegal’s would accidentally start a brush fire- they maybe had a camp under a bridge and lit a fire to stay warm- stuff like that.

I had friends- Mexicans- whose families gave them food and water when they saw them in the fields.

The point is- the immigration problem is a real problem- and it is true that all countries need to be able to control their borders and have a system of legal immigration.

At the same time- we need to also look at the person issue- the above verse was a reminder to the Jewish people that they too were illegal at one time- when they were staying in Egypt.

In all these debates- we tend to forget that we are all ‘aliens’ in a sense- our country is made up of immigrants [the American Indian is the only group that can claim non immigrant status].

I personally have a problem with the amount of lawsuits that Holder has launched against the states.

He is suing Florida over their voter registration ‘purge’.

The governor- Rick Scott- has made an attempt to get non citizens off the voter rolls.

Okay- should we be letting non citizens vote?

Of course not.

Then why is Holder suing?

He sees [like others] this as a racially motivated purge.

He argues that what Florida is really trying to do is get the minorities to not vote.

Okay- the governor simply asked the justice dept. to give them a list of non citizens- those they know to be illegal.

Holder refused.

Why does Holder- and others think that Scott is anti minority?

Because after they checked the data base- the majority of those who were non citizens were indeed minorities.

So- according to Holder- this is racist.

But who else would be on a ‘non citizen’ list?

I mean do we have a massive migration of say- polish folk who are washing up on our shores?

Not yet- unless this E.U. thing gets out of hand.

So- if you are ‘purging’ the voter list of people who are not citizens- by its very nature you are going to get more minorities on the list.

Yet Holder sees this as racist.

So- both sides need to be honest- and fair.

The Right side of the aisle needs to keep in mind the above verse- that in the end we are all aliens- yes- our grandparents came legally and it’s not the same as those who are coming illegally- I hear that- but we are still dealing with humans [Kennedy].

And the left- if Holder keeps suing fire dept’s- and thinks that his role in life is to use the justice dept to accomplish some type of political agenda- then I think the words of my fellow Black firefighter should be kept in mind.

If you keep this up- ‘your going to get us all killed’.

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