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This week we were treated to the singing cowboy- I think from Texas?

I’ll admit- I don’t watch American idol- or any of the other shows like that.

But because the cowboy made the news- I saw the scoop.

What happened was you had this talented singer- who stuttered.

He was interesting- fit the Mel Tillis style.

 When he was asked about the stutter- he said he got it when a grenade injured him in action in Afghanistan.

Of course the judges- and the audience- loved the story.

The only problem was- he made the whole thing up.

So last night I saw a news report- he seems to have been faking war injuries for years.

Though he did serve in Afghanistan- for a month- yet he seemed to have some issue with his hearing- and was sent home.

As he was being interviewed- after the story came out- he was crying- yes stuttering- and he said ‘this is my truth- this is what I have believed’.

Sort of like truth is relative- if the story ‘helps’ you out- then it’s ‘your truth’.

I remember the old days of listening to classic rock on those vinyl albums. 

Yeah- you put them on the ‘turntable’ and the technology was so advanced- you even had that little lever that you pulled to make the Album replay- all on its own!

I still remember the cover to my Thin Lizzy album- I mean those guys rocked.

You might remember the hit song ‘the boys are back in town’ there was another song on the album- called ‘The Cowboy Song’.

Yeah- our stuttering cowboy knows how to sing- and tell tall tales at the same time.

There have been a few news stories of importance this past week.

One of the top ones was the leaking of all the national security info.

I was surprised to see both Dems and Repubs calling for an investigation.

Diane Feinstein- the Dem senator form Cali- she said she has never seen the level of leaks this bad in her 11 years on the Senate Intelligence committee.

What are the leaks?

These are leaks that show the president in tough situations- doing all he can to fight terror- and basically making him look like a tough guy.

The pres denies- in a Clintonian way- that he ‘authorized the leaks of classified material’.

When I first heard the denial- I thought ‘he knows about it’.


As someone who really liked Obama at the start- I have followed him these last few years- and he has done lots of ‘tricky’ stuff- that at first I brushed off- but after a while I realized- well sometimes ‘cowboys like to tell stories’.

As I listened to both sides- McCain, King- a few other Senators and congressman have showed that some of the leaks had to have come from inside the White House- from the small group of people around the pres.

They were detailed accounts of what Biden said- or what Obama did [shuffling the cards that have the names of terrorists].

They brought out the fact that much of the detail- that came out in the N.Y. Times- were things that only a few inner circle people would know about.

While it is true that many people knew about some of the other info- like the Stuxnet virus.

Yet only a few- inside the White House- would know the details of what Biden said- when there were only 5 or so people in the room.

Also- the paper that reported the leaks- said the sources were from the White House [as opposed to the FBI- or CIA].

Now- some of the leaked info is bad- we ‘leaked’ that both the U.S. and Israel were indeed responsible for the Stuxnet computer virus that ruined the nuclear centrifuges in Iran.

Last year Iran had their nuclear facilities damaged- at the time they did not know for sure that it was a virus- and they did not know- for sure- who did it.

Now they know- someone leaked it.

There are a few other things that came out- details of the Bin laden killing- stuff about the underwear bomber.

The thing that makes people question whether or not Obama [his political team] are actually behind it- is all the leaks put Obama in a good light- a terror fighting man.

He even had some movie makers who were covering the Bin laden raid- in some secret meetings- when they were discussing the aftermath of the raid.

It was reported that the Intelligence people were shocked that they sat in on the meetings.

Okay- more than likely he [his team] are behind the leaks.

The denial?

It was done in a way that if it comes out that he did know about them- that he could say ‘I denied authorizing the leaks of classified materials’ and simply say when he gave the go ahead to release it- he ‘declassified’ it.

Now- like I say- I have watched/heard the pres these last 3 years- he does do this stuff- lots.

Just a few quick examples.

It came out this week that Obama was indeed a member of a political party in Chicago called ‘the new party’.

This is a left leaning group- socialist- that advocate for a European type govt.

Okay- in 2008- a news reporter- Stanley Kurtz- reported that Obama was associated with the group.

 He vehemently denied it- it was all lies from some ‘racist guy who hates Blacks’.

The whole thing- you’ve heard it before.

So now we find out- that he was indeed a member.

It came out in an investigation of another group- Acorn.

It was in the minutes of the meeting where he joined- pledged allegiance to the group’s ideals- the whole 9 yards.

Are they denying it now?


What’s the big deal?

If you are running for pres [2008] and a top candidate is known to have been a member of a socialist group- that usually would kill your chances.

So he simply lied- not a big crime- but one of many.

Obama wrote 2 books- autobiographies no less- in his early 40’s [late 30’s?]

Now- for your only 2 books- at a young age- to be about you- does say something.

In the books there were ‘cowboy stories’ if you will.

Of course- when writing the books- you think ‘who will ever go thru them with a fine tooth comb’.

But when you become pres- some will.

So- some people on the right did indeed do this- and they found lies.

The pres denied it.

Yet now- after many years of denials- a biographer who is currently doing a friendly book on the pres- well he ran into some trouble during his research.

He could not verify some of the stories that the pres told.

Just one example.

Those who critiqued the original books- the president’s critics- said he made up stories about some White girl he was dating- that the places and events that he said took place- were actually fake.

These same events were told earlier- by a man named Bill Ayers [who the pres has tried to distance himself from].

They said Obama simply made the whole thing up.

He adamantly denied it ‘how dare you say he lied- you must be a racist’.

Okay- the new biographer- David Marranis- found out that the pres did indeed make the woman up.

Then they spun the story to say ‘he made a composite woman from various women thru out his life’.

Then you had the Obama defenders- like historian Doug Brinkley- saying ‘the purpose of biographies are not to be factual’.

Wow- thanks Doug.

The point is he denied making up the story for years- now he says it was not true.

This is one of many- I don’t want to give them all.

But after seeing this happen a lot- I simply doubt the things he says.

I don’t hate him- I’m not a racist- but this has happened- a lot.

When the president had to distance himself from his former pastor Rev. Wright.

He said ‘he didn’t know the man held to these extreme views’.

That he was shocked to find out all the stuff Wright said- for 20 years.

When he threw Wright under the bus- he told the country that this was a man he did not really know [like Bill Ayers].

Yet the president had written/spoken about Wright- that he was one of [if not thee] most influential men in his life.

He said Wright baptized his kids- performed ceremonies for their family- he even titled his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ after a line from Wright.

He attended the church for 20 years.

He had lots of wrights’ tapes and C.D.’s that he listened to.

He even said [before he threw him under the bus] that he could no more disown Wright than he could his own Father or family member.

His own testimony was that he knew Wright- loved Wright- was influenced by him- more than other man alive.

Then he said ‘I never really knew the man’.

How can this be?

I guess I’ll end with Ayres.

Bill Ayer’s was the terrorist that blew up a bomb in the 60’s, 70’s- I think a cop got killed by the bomb.

Anyway- he was a radical left wing guy- involved with a lot of the social unrest at the time.

The bomb case was thrown out of court because the govt. messed up some way in the case- Ayres has never denied his involvement.

Okay- Ayers and Obama were said to have been friends.

People that knew them knew this.

But during the campaign Obama denied knowing the man.

He sat on a board with Ayers- but said ‘people sit on the same board with other people all the time- that doesn’t mean they know them’.


He lived on the same block.

The excuse was ‘Chicago is big- you might live on the same block and not know someone’.


Then it was revealed that when the pres launched his political career- it was from Ayers house.

How did that happen?

It just happened to be some strangers house on the block that had lots of room.

I mean nobody would ever get away with doing stuff like this- not when your running for president.

Yet- till this day- Obama says he barely knows the man.

Okay- when the critics went thru Obama’s books- to find the stuff.

One story was Obama walking down to the Hudson River one day- he saw some kid and said ‘see how the mighty river flows in and out’ and he went on to give a sort of parable about life.

This same exact event is in Bill Ayres book- but it happened to him years before.

The same exact event- with the same words.

Many people have said that Ayers Ghost wrote the Obama book.

Yet the pres does not know the man.

I’m sure our singing Cowboy meant well when he said ‘this is my truth’.

But after you tell ‘your truth’ one too many times- it becomes questionable.

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