Saturday, June 16, 2012


First we need to take care of some unfinished business.

Yes- I’ll admit- yesterday’s prediction failed.

The post warned of a possible sell off in the market [I guessed around 100 or so points- nothing real big].

But- the market went up around 100.

If I have learned anything in life- it’s when you blow it you need to fess up-  come clean- in Christian lingo ‘confess your sins one to another- so you will be healed’ [James].

So- to all who read this site- I have one thing to say.

My account was hacked [Anthony Weiner?]

Okay- let’s move on.

Actually- most of everything I posted was [is] still true.

I don’t want to do another whole post on economics- but some analysts think the market went up- not because we had good news [yesterday stats showed factory orders were down in May from the previous month] but because we had bad.

Like I wrote- if investors think things are bad- that makes them think the Fed will act [put more money into the system] and Walla- the Dow goes up.

There are a few other things too- like the Greek vote on Sunday [whether or not they will stay in the Euro] but overall I still stick to my post- absent that one line that was hacked!

Okay- did we have any other ‘big’ news yesterday?

There were a few things- some ‘bigger’ than the media [or the administration] would like us to know.

The president did a funny thing yesterday- he sent a letter to congress saying he ‘declassified’ info about our terror [drone] campaign in Yemen.

This is the first time he did this [as far as we know?] since he’s been in office.

Why does this really look suspicious?

His administration is under criticism right now- it looks like they have indeed been ‘leaking’ these stories to the press.

The whole recent scandal of national security leaks.

Of course he has denied it.

But- if he [and his political people] were behind it- then they obviously had a strategy about how much would come out each month.

This ‘late Friday’ release- seems to go along with this theory- it looks funny to me.

The president also did his ‘kinda’ executive order- by giving some type of cover to some illegal aliens.

For the record- I’m liberal when it comes to this subject [for those who think I’m too far right!]

I want for our nation to work out some type of deal for the kids of illegal’s- who were young when they came to the country- who are in school- basically grew up just like you and me- I don’t want these kids to be afraid of getting sent back.

I also realize the need to have some type of border enforcement- I just want to say I’m not against the principle that that the Pres laid out.

Of course it was politically timed- I mean you’re in office for 3.5 years- and now you do it.

In actuality there really is more ‘politics’ to it than meets the eye.

When the president’s real plan for immigration was shot down- The Freedom Act- he simply blamed it on the Repubs.

But something unsuspected happened.

Marco Rubio [the Cuban American Republican from Florida- possible V.P. pick for Romney] began working on a Repub plan to allow the minor kids of illegal’s to stay in the country.

The same basic thing that Obama wanted to do.

Okay- to the surprise of some- he seems to have convinced enough fellow Repubs to sign on.

Now- the part you don’t see is this.

What the Pres did- and the other Democrats- was they saw how bad it would look if the Repubs actually passed a law that favored immigrants- that if Rubio succeeds- than it will look like they did something Obama was not able to do- pass immigration reform.

So behind the scenes Obama and the Dems have been telling fellow Dems ‘don’t agree with Rubio!’

Some have jumped ship and simply said ‘look- we want reform- we [the Dems] had total control of the govt. for the first 2 years- you [our leader- Obama] spent all your capital on health care- so we don’t care if it’s Rubio- we simply want TO HELP THE KIDS AND GET THE REFORM DONE’.

Okay- that sounds principled to me.

So- Obama realized he was gonna look bad if the Rubio thing goes thru- and he came out- after 3 and a half years- and said ‘I must act now’.

He pulled the rug out from Rubio [which in reality hurt the long term solution- which would have been much better for the Hispanic kids].

And gave an ‘order’ to Janet Napolitano [the lady that oversees the immigration laws] and said ‘put a 2 year hold on deporting the kids of Immigrants’.

Now- there’s more to it- but this is the short story.

It really would have been better to just let the Rubio idea pass- because the new plan from the Pres still leaves the kids in limbo- they simply get 2 years to not get deported.

That’s politics.

Okay- lets end the week with a few verses.

I have been reading Isaiah chapters 26- 30.

Some notable verses ‘your dead sons will arise- together with MY DEAD BODY shall they arise’.

This week the more historic/traditional churches celebrated the Eucharist [communion- the actual term means Thanksgiving].

This past Sunday was a church memorial that always sticks in my mind each year it comes up.

It’s a special day that celebrates the Feast of Corpus Christi.

This feast is a celebration of the Body of Christ- but because that’s the name of my city- I usually make note of it when it comes up annually.

I like the above verse- I have quoted it every week for years [it’s one of the many prayer verses I have painted in my yard].

It’s a prophetic verse speaking about both the future resurrection of all men- and it’s also speaking about the Lords Table.

At the last Supper Jesus gave his men [and us] an ongoing memorial of his death for us.

‘Take Eat- this is my Body’.

He broke the bread and poured the wine.

We as believers have been keeping this memorial for 2 thousand years.

The apostle Paul told the Corinthians ‘as often as you do this- you do show the Lords death until he comes back’.

I love the celebration of the Eucharist- the Catholic scholar Scott Hahn says something I like.

He says ‘Jesus said DO THIS in remembrance of me- not- write this’.

His point- to us ‘scholarly’ types- is that we often emphasize the bible- the written word- while Jesus told us the doing of the memorial was what would ‘show his death’ till he comes.

I like that.

So- for you non church goers- maybe tomorrow [or in the near future] you can make an effort and go to church and celebrate the meal.

Isaiah said ‘your dead men shall rise- together with my dead Body they shall live’.

Gather ‘together’ with the confessing church- celebrate the meal- lets all live TOGETHER. 

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