Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Good morning everyone. 

Some of my friends are rejoicing today.

Others are flying the flag at half staff.

Yes- most of the pundits were right- those who were following the polling- Obama did indeed win- as most of the polls showed.

Now- why were some [on the right] skeptical of the media/polls?

One reason is- they had good reason to be.


Most every morning when I get up- I listen to NPR radio news.

They have a reputation of being liberal [part of the big bird thing- Public Broadcasting- you know.  One time I heard Alex Keaton- Michael Fox [Family Ties] berate his dad for working at a ‘not for profit’ company- Keaton could not even conceive of the idea!]

So yes- NPR has been a target of the right for some time.

Now- as a media guy- who listens/reads/watches lots of media- I do catch the left wing bias every so often.

But it’s tricky- that is you don’t even know for sure if those engaging in it even realize they are doing it.

Just about every morning these last few weeks- their top of the hour news coverage- which gets repeated every hour- started with either an actual re-play of an Obama ad [free ad time] or some report about how Romney lied.

Now- the undiscerning hearer might think they were actually doing news coverage- and in a way they were.

 But all the coverage was favorable to the president- and none of it [that I heard] favored Romney.

Okay- was I mad?

Not really- but it makes me think how many people- not realizing the imbalance- wind up hating one man [who seemed like a good man- are you mad that I even say this? About Romney- then maybe you have also swallowed the hate bait].

Yes- when you hear this it affects you.

I watched some of the coverage on MSNBC- I think Matthews does not even realize what he says.

They were gleefully referring to Romney as a liar- someone who does not care for people at all- a man who does not like minorities or women.

It went on and on- at the same time they were covering the right wings ‘attack’ on the voting rights of all people.

There were actually multiple reports- not fake either- that many people [tens of thousands?] were actually voting for Romney on the touch screen- and their machine registered a vote for Obama.

When MSNBC covered this- they laughed at the republican official who used ‘strange’ language when registering the complaint.

Yet- they could care less that many thousands of people were tricked by rigged machines.

Then they went on and spoke about how the Repubs were attacking the rights of voters- in the same breath.

That’s media blindness- that’s why many are skeptical of them- and that’s why many on the right simply did not believe the polling as the day of voting began.

Now- I was not really skeptical- that is I saw some polling that was off- but as I listened to multiple sources- I got the feel from even some on the right-That they felt they were in trouble in the battle ground states.

And at the end of the day- they were [the Repubs].

Where are we at now?

I personally will continue to pray for the president over the next 4 years- by name- twice a week.

I mention him and his family as well as other world leaders- this is mandated in scripture- we are supposed to do it- I do it.

And I don’t do it grudgingly either- I have done it for all the presidents for many years- be they Repub or Dem.

The left- the media- they did indeed divide the country by their coverage.

They often accused those who did not support the president of racism.

Yet- once again- in Philadelphia- the racist group Black Panthers- were out in force- standing at the polls- looking like they might beat you with a bat.

Yes- the same group that the justice dept. dropped the charges against [its illegal to intimidate voters] were out again- intimidating voters.

Any media outcry?


Yet- the same media who would not mention this- at the same exact time- were calling Romney and his people actual racists- and calling this media/election coverage.

Sad indeed.

If Romney won- and there were multiple reports of people voting for Obama- and the machine registered Romney- there would be an uproar.

If you had White supremacists- whose leader has called for the murder of Blacks- actually intimidating Black women and elderly Blacks- the second election year in a row- the media would be calling for the arrest of these thugs.

Yet- all these things did happen- but because they happened on the side the media supports- it was not an issue.

And not only was it not an issue- the same media called the other side racists- while this was going on.

Yeah- it does not surprise me that many went into the Election Day skeptical of the media.

I had a feeling Romney was in trouble- I kinda saw it in the ‘read between the lines’ stuff.

But what the media did yesterday- well- that’s a sign that we as a nation are in trouble.

Yeah- for the media- fly the flag at half staff.

For the president- I will continue to pray for him and his family- and I hope we as a nation can try and work together.

Lincoln said ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’.

He was quoting another great leader of days gone by.

The man- Christ Jesus.

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