Saturday, November 24, 2012

1951 ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE [and the media write the script]

This past week we have seen media bias on an unusually large scale [that is it’s rarely so blatant].

The current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been reported in the strangest of ways.

Say if you had 2 kids throwing apples at each other.

You would ask ‘how did this start’.

And say if we found out that Timmy had small apples- and Billy had big ones.

Now- Timmy knows Billy has better apples- that he can launch them with greater precision and power- yet Timmy thinks if he plays his cards right- that maybe Billy won’t throw in response [Or that his new friends might come and help him].

So Timmy throws about 300 apples in a short period of time.

Finally Billy has enough- he takes his precision throwing skills to the table and slams Timmy.

After a few days of getting slammed- Timmy’s friend [little Morsi from around the corner- lives on Egyptian trail] gets involved.

Morsi says ‘damn you Billy- stop it- Timmy’s my friend’.

Billy has only one request- tell Timmy to stop throwing.

Morsi is really not a go between at all- in all his talks he keeps saying he’s on Timmy’s side- he calls Billy a cold blooded apple thrower- and little Morsi does not even recognize that Timmy actually started the whole thing [the recent apple throwing].

So- the big brother on the block finally steps in.

Yeah- the guys from USA Street enter the fray.

They have recently praised the guy from Egypt Street- they have made all sorts of statements saying he’s really a heroic figure- he’s willing to reach out to both sides and play the mediator.

Yet- in fact- he has not done this at all.

But the boys from USA Street have to make it look that way- or else they too will look bad- after all- they were behind the Egyptian street boys rise to power [in many covert ways- like calling for Mubarak to step down ‘yesterday’].

So- USA boys have a plan- they have friends that write comic books [called news paper reporters].

These friends will write and say anything to help their friends who are currently the bosses on USA Street [the Obama team].

So- they wrote all types of articles praising the new leadership role of Morsi- they made it look like Obama and his risk in backing Morsi was worth it- after all- Egypt has emerged as the new mediator in these affairs.

Well the truth is- all of this is a big lie- a true comic strip if there ever was one.

Yes my friends- I have rarely seen bias on a scale so large.

These last few days the articles reported that ‘both sides have demands’ [Israel and Hamas].

They reported ‘a cease fire is now in place- but there are rockets that continue to be fired into Israel- will Israel use this as an excuse to be the first to break the cease fire’.


If the other side [Timmy- Hamas] are firing rockets after the so called ‘cease fire’ what do you call that?

You say ‘o- Hamas broke the cease fire’.

But no- the media made it sound like these rockets had a will of their own- they were fired into Israel- after the cease fire- which according to them- both sides were still abiding by.

I mean this stuff is laughable- they must think we are absolute morons.

The truth is- Israel and the Palestinians have a long feud- and this post is not to say one side is totally right- I at times have said we also need to see the true plight of the innocent Palestinians- yes- some are very good people- they are not all Hamas.

But- the recent violence is a direct result of Hamas deciding to send rockets into civilian areas of Israel.

No nation- that has the capability to fire back- would sit back and not respond.

Israel did the only thing that they could- they shot back.

Now- to then say ‘yes- the violence is a result of both sides having legitimate concerns’ is stupid.

Yes- the Palestinians do have real concerns- but the recent violence is a result of little Timmy starting the apple throwing.

I read a report that said ‘Israel’s demands are for the rockets to stop- Hamas wants an end to the embargo’.

Okay- I got that.

But when one guy starts shooting at the other- and the other shoots back- and you say ‘okay guys- what’s going on- what do you want’.

And when Billy says ‘I don’t want anything- Timmy just started throwing- I want him to stop’.

That’s not ‘both sides having equal demands’ no- that’s one side saying ‘quit throwing the apples’.

The truth is- this entire thing is a debacle.

President Obama should not have been in Asia- there’s too much going on at home [fiscal cliff] and he needs to have more involvement in the mediation.

Yes- when Bush was in office- and had an actual peace process on the table- when things hit the fan- Harry Reid- and many other Democrat leaders were on the floor condemning Bush for not being involved more.

This time Obama does not even have a peace process in place- he could not even call both sides ‘back to the table’ because there is no table.

One article showed a picture of the president on the phone- it said he ‘skipped dessert and rushed back to the phone’.

Making it sound like him and Morsi were these 2 jet setter type diplomats- in a world of ids fighting.

The reality is this thing was a huge foreign policy mess.

Hillary went in- she basically told Morsi what he had to do- and she [we] also made it sound like he won- he prevailed as a new emerging peace negotiator- this is all a false story.

Hamas agreed to stop firing [even though they were still firing!] because Israel has amassed a ground force and were ready to go in and demolish Hamas.

Yet- after the agreement- both the Palestinians- and Morsi- were celebrating a so called military victory over the ‘terrorist’ Israel.

Yes- Morsi and Hamas all held to this same line.

How can you call him a new peace maker- after he says and acts like this?

Yes my friends- we have seen the worst in media bias- in a long time.

We have seen the comic strip writers living up to their reputation.

Yeah- they all put on a big show for us- they wrote a script that had nothing to do with what really happened.

And they did all this because this time their friend was running the show.

The last time around [Bush years] well the script looked nothing like this.

NOTE- Why so hard on Morsi [the Egyptian president]?

Just yesterday he re wrote the ‘Egyptian constitution’ and took to himself more power than Mubarak ever had.

Many Egyptians took to the streets [they are there right now] protesting this power grab by an Islamic group.

Yes- Morsi and the group he’s affiliated with- the Muslim Brotherhood- promised to never do this.

There are Christians and other non religious secularists in Egypt who fear this move.

One of the reasons he did this was because he arrested- and wanted tried- many of his political opponents.

The judges in Egypt have a reputation of being independent.

Yes- they are not as good as our system- but they are pretty good- in that they are not simply tools of the leader- like in many other places around the world.

So- when Morsi wanted some of his political enemies tried- the courts said no.

They said there was not enough evidence to try them- or find them guilty.

So- Morsi made this move- and is replacing all the judges with his own men.

Yes- this move is worse than anything Mubarak ever did.

Yet- we find president Obama and his administration praising him as some sort of great peace negotiator.

Ah- what a web we have weaved in this mess.

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