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Before I get into the news- let me mention that the bible chapter for this week was Isaiah 26.

Once a week I like to focus on a chapter- and if I have time I do a post on it.

But being I want to cover some news stuff- If I don’t get to it- that’s the chapter for this past week.

Okay- what’s going on?

Yesterday I was amused as I went thru a few news papers.

As most of you know- my prediction that the DOW would be in the 12,000-s has come true.

But why?

The news shows came out right away after the president was re-elected- and said ‘the dow is down because people are afraid that CONGRESS and the president will not make a deal’.

Okay- one of the arguments made by Romney for his election was the reality that both the pres and congress are in gridlock [true] and that- regardless of who you blame- more than likely if you re-elect Obama the gridlock will remain.

Now- in his case- he did not place blame [smart] he simply used this as a talking point- like Obama saying ‘Romnesia’.

But- here’s the catch- the media and the Obama people said ‘false’.

That it made no difference who got in- you would still have gridlock [the Dems would also be in gridlock against Romney].

So- after Obama got in- the DOW took a dive.

Okay- was it only because of the Fiscal Cliff [which the media blame it on- because that gives mutual blame to congress and the pres].

No- not at all.

Listen carefully- if the Romney argument was false- and the media were right- then it would have made no difference [according to their view] who got elected.

Because business and the economy watchers all would have seen gridlock- no matter who got in.

If this were true- then why wait for the election for the DOW to tank?

Come on folks- are we that dumb?

If it made no difference [in this particular scenario] then why wait till Obama got in?

Yes- it did make a difference- like the Romney people said.

Okay- sour grapes here?


  Just trying to show you the system- how the media jumped to say that Obama getting re-elected had nothing to do with the stock market tanking.

Okay- I read 2 or 3 more articles- and they were all trying to give you the same narrative- that it was better for the country- and the world- that Obama got in.

How so?

O- Let’s see.

One page [yes they had a whole page comparing the differences- the heading said ‘what to expect’ now that Romney lost and Obama got in]

I laughed.

One paragraph was ‘that Democracy will be promoted in the world’.


This was juxtaposed against ‘what to expect if Romney got in’.

I guess Romney would have promoted communism?

Another article ‘the re-election of Obama means there is now an opportunity to save many Syrians by trying to get peace in Syria’.

Again- this is ONLY an opportunity- now that Romney lost [see- a Romney win would have meant the killing of many more women and kids- got it?]

It went on and on like this- for the unsuspecting reader [the media must think people are all fools] you would get the impression- without realizing it- that Romney would have destroyed civilization- all the while using language and innuendo that made you think Obama will save the world.

Fact check;

Many in the business/financial world do see Obama as anti business.

Now- I’m not giving you talking points- I’m telling you from personal experience- and being a reader of all things- including global economic stuff.

Over the past 4 years- in all my years as a Texan- I have never seen a president/justice dept. attack cities/states like this one.

I have read- on more than one occasion- how my own city was being sued by the justice dept [which means this White House] for various stuff.

Some had to do with the oil producing industry- and regardless of what side of the aisle you are on- these multiple lawsuits have killed many- many jobs.

I have seen it.

Now- this has been the style of president Obama- for all types of political reasons- this has been ‘ground truth’.

Okay- Fiscal Cliff.

What is it?

The president and congress did not come to a deal on cutting spending and increasing taxes- so they passed a law that said if they don’t get a deal by 2013- then automatic cuts will go into effect.

These are very deep cuts that both sides really don’t want.

Okay- it is amazing- but one of the things that will negatively affect the economy is if this Fiscal Cliff hits- then all the Bush tax cuts [which have been demonized by Obama] will expire.

So- both sides are saying- if you lose all the Bush tax cuts [which those on the left say are bad] that it will negatively affect the economy.

Look- if you have been saying the Bush tax cuts are bad- then go ahead- let them expire.

If you say you want to cut defense by huge amounts- then go ahead- do it.

But- if you argue for all these things [which Obama has done many times over the years] and then say ‘no- congress- if you let this happen you are ruining the economy’.

Then which one is it man?

Before the president got in office- he made a statement- on video tape [you pretty much have to catch him on tape- or in writing in his own books- to pin him down].

He said he wanted gas prices to be high- around 7 dollars or so a gallon.

At the time- this was [still is] a prevailing view among some environmentalist types.

Obama ran with that crowd- that’s why he said this.

Okay- he also said- if he ever had a chance to be pres- to implement these types of things on a large scale- that he would make it so hard on the oil industry [coal operating plants]- that he would put so many fines in place- that if some company wanted to start a new coal plant- that they could do it- but because of all the new govt. regulation that he would put in place- that they would go bankrupt.

Okay- these things are all real things the president has said.

Then- after he got in- one of his top environmental guys in Texas started going after the oil industry in Texas- I have seen it- with my own 2 eyes.

The guy Obama had in charge- was caught on tape [yeah- if it’s not on tape they deny all the things they said].

He was caught talking about their policy in Texas.

He said ‘like the Romans- when they went into a city and crucified the first rebel- that sent a message’.

He was saying that they needed to hit certain oil businesses in Texas- hit them so hard [maybe even prison for the executives?] that all the other oil companies would see it and either shut down or never get a new business going.


That’s the exact same strategy the president had said he would use if he ever had the chance.

Now- not only has he said this- he has done this.

But- if you listen to all the statements he makes on this stuff- he makes you think he is more pro oil than Bush/Cheney.

See- that’s the problem- that’s part of why the DOW tanked [plus the E.U. crisis- a global slowdown- Fiscal Cliff- see- there are many reasons- and one is the anti business policies of the president.]

I’m not saying Obama is a bad man- nor am I excusing a congress that might at times simply be obstructionist.

But I’m saying it did make a difference who got in- it did indeed have an impact on the markets and the fear that some in business have because of the polices of the president.

This post is not a defense of the right- or left.

It is intended to show you how quick the media were to downplay the real negative effect that the re-election of Obama did already have on the economy.

Look- you might agree with his policies- maybe even on his anti oil stance- fine.

If you agree- agree.

I too hold very liberal positions on many things [I’m very pro immigrant- I was also for a national health care system- yeah- true Canadian style].

But I want you to see how the media played this.

I wanted you to see- that Romney was indeed correct- a least about this one point- that the re-election of Obama would continue gridlock [regardless of who you place the blame on- that was not part of his argument].

Yeah- some of these things came true- sad- but true.

But then again- according to the paper.

If Romney got in;

More Syrians would die [women and kids mostly].

Democracy would not be promoted.

And world peace would elude us.

Gee- I guess the trade off was good then- the DOW went down- but there will be peace on earth- and good will toward men- all because of the re-election of the president.

Thanks media- thanks news papers- I feel better already.

Just try not to crucify any more of our oil executives- because it’s tough on those looking for work in the Lone Star state if you do.

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