Saturday, November 17, 2012

1948 WAR OF THE WORLDS [or world views?]

Once again I end the week with the dilemma of either writing on a bible chapter [Hebrews 9] or discussing world events.

Let me start with a few news items.

I find it funny how the media has been covering some recent events.

I also find it degrading that MSNBC has begun a new era- yes- for the first time I can remember- they are now continuing to go after the losing side’s candidate- even after the race is over.

Yes- They have been doing shows- I guess we should start calling them skits [they are performers you know].

And they are blasting Romney for anything he says- even as a private citizen- and they are using his life- I guess for ever- as a talking point.

I guess we will continue to hear about Ann Romney’s MS- her use of horses- you know- O’Donnell can’t stop mocking the woman.

Her kids- watch out- MSNBC will get you too!

This is so sad.

Chris Matthews had on Jim Clyburn the other day [a Dem congressman] they were discussing the issue of Susan Rice [UN ambassador].

She’s under fire for her statements about the Benghazi attack.

To be fair- it does seem like some on the right misread it- Petraeus did testify yesterday that she did not change the Talking Points.

But they were ‘scrubbed’ by the Intel community- not the White House.

This was the big issue- who removed the part that said Al-Qaida were part of the attack.

Anyway- Clyburn tells Matthews that- don’t forget- they are going after a young ‘BLACK WOMAN’.

Matthews says ‘go on’.

Very sad indeed.

There were [still are] very legitimate questions about what Rice said.

Why did she present talking points that basically said the opposite of what they knew? [even if she’s not at fault- they were still not accurate].

She did go on in the Sunday interviews and say Al-Qaida was on the run- yet the truth was they were part of the attack.

Even if she is innocent- yet she did present a false narrative.

If this is business as usual- than we still have a problem.


I was at the mission the other day and some girl asked one of the older guys who works there ‘what are you reading’.

He told her a news article from the NY Times about the Palestinian- Israeli fighting.

She asked him why Israel was bombing the Palestinian area.

He really didn’t have a good explanation- right at hand.

So I contributed a brief synopsis [which he later thanked me for- as well as the girl- just to say it wasn’t rude].

I told the girl that Israel began this recent action [it’s the largest military action against Hamas- the group that they are fighting- in years].

Because Hamas started shooting rockets into Israel about a week ago.

They sent around 300 rockets in- with no response.

Now- as someone who has tried very hard to be unbiased about the middle east question [for instance I have written in defense of the Palestinians many times- something that is the minority position in Evangelical circles].

Israel had no choice but to respond.

But some in the media are making it sound like Israel is to blame.

CNN said ‘this all began when Israel killed the top Hamas leader’.

Yes- many of you have seen the dramatic video of the guy being taken out in his car.

But this was not the ‘start’ of the violence.

If someone bombed your house- say 3oo times- and then you shoot them with a gun.

Well- who started it?

There is a very important story that should be told- that takes a little time- but the media is not telling you.

Let’s give it a shot.

First- I’m not blaming Obama.

But elections do have consequences.

Over the many years of the fighting about the Palestinian question- Hamas- the group that won the election a few years back- took power.

Now- they are actually branded as a terrorist group by the U.S.

They now feel emboldened to act- to make an all out attempt to raise world awareness- by these initial attacks- and they are hoping for their own Arab Spring.

Why are they doing this now?

Understand- Hamas is actually an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood- the group who has now risen to power in Egypt.

The new Egyptian president- Morsi- has already sent a team to the Palestinian areas- and they are backing Hamas.

Obama has been very friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood- and very cold to Israel [though he denies it].

After the re-election of Obama- it’s only natural for Hamas to think they have much more leverage now- see?

Now- that took a couple of lines- why couldn’t the media have told you that narrative?

Fahreed Zakariah- a CNN analyst who I actually like.

He was asked about the release of a guy who killed some Americans- Iraq was holding him- they let him go.

He blamed the problem on Bush [yeah- you can use Romney on MSNBC- CNN will use Bush].

He said that Bush was too willing to work with the radical Islamist groups- and he allowed them to gain some power in Iraq- and that’s why this happened.

He also said Obama came in and tried to fix it- but it was too late.

I find it interesting that Fahreed- who advises the president- has been part of the entire ‘new approach’ to the Arab world.

Yes- Obama [for good or ill] had very high hopes of starting a new relationship with the Muslim world.

He sincerely felt if he could reach out to certain groups [Muslim Brotherhood] than he might be able to change the tone in that part of the world.

He has made more effort- at normalizing relations with Muslim groups- than anyone in the history of the presidency.

I just showed you how some of these efforts might be the root cause of the aggression right now with Israel and the Palestinians.

Yet- in the middle of the greatest effort ever made to reach out to- and work with radical groups.

One of Obama’s top defenders said ‘the reason Iraq released the guy who killed our men- is because Bush was too cozy with radical Islamist groups’.

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

I try to be fair in my analysis of these things.

When you are simply a cheerleader for either side [MSNBC on the left- Fox- some- on the right].

Then you lose all credibility- because people know they can’t trust you with a fair analysis.

But if we can’t- as a nation- as a globe- see behind the lines- see what’s really going on- then we will continue to blame one side- or the other- while not really seeing the root cause.

Yes- there are questions still to be asked.

Maybe the president’s noble attempt at reaching out to radical elements was doomed from the start.

Maybe one of the reasons we are seeing some of the worst violence in the Palestinian areas has to do with this.

But for one of the president’s biggest cheerleaders- who has himself criticized Bush many times for his hard stance and ‘unwillingness’ to see the Muslim side.

For him to say one of the problems is Bush was too chummy with radicals- it’s beyond belief.

Yeah- but if we don’t blame Bush- who else could we blame?


Just switch to MSNBC- they’re still blaming Romney.

Yeah- that will work.             

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