Thursday, November 15, 2012

1947 DAYS OF OUR LIVES or General[s] hospital?

Okay- lots to cover today.

First- the growing fallout over the Benghazi debacle has now entered a phase that can only be described as having a sort of soap opera aura.

Most of you know that right before the election some radical militants attacked our counsel in Benghazi [Libya] and killed 4 Americans.

One of them being our new ambassador to the region.

Now- within days of the incident- Susan Rice- our U.N. ambassador- went on the Sunday morning talk shows and said the attack was a response to an anti Muslim video.

In fact there were multiple protests that same day- Sept. 11th- around the Arab world.

So- Rice sort of lumped the killing of our ambassador with the video protests.

Now- what we now know is this;

That the Libyan attackers were not simply part of a protest that went out of control- but were one of the many militia groups who operate in Libya.

The counsel [embassy type compound] at Benghazi was under a real threat.

It was bombed before- and the Red Cross- as well as the British pulled their people out of there because the place was a sitting duck target for these radical militia guys.

We also now know that our guys at the embassy warned about the growing threat.

They made requests for greater security- which were denied.

And that by all accounts- the administration failed in the sense of not providing adequate protection for our guys.

Now- those defending the president say it would not have mattered if there was more protection- that a military style assault would have been effective either way.

Then let’s pull the guys out.

Some say if we had around 10 Marines- with automatic weapons- that in itself would have been enough.

Either way- the facts are that the British and the Red Cross pulled their people out.

Why didn’t we?

Some think that Susan Rice and others purposefully made it look like the attack was part of the video protests because that would have gone along with the political line that Obama has Al Qaeda ‘on the run’.

Enter David Petraeus.

Petraeus was the guy in charge of the CIA- a former general who some say had great success in Iraq and later Afghanistan [he was the guy who did the Surge strategy- more troops to finish the job type thing].

Okay- as head of the CIA he actually went to Benghazi and interviewed his men.

Yeah- we have CIA guy’s right there near the compound.

What did he find out?

Was there more going on than meets the eye?

Petraeus got back and testified before congress and gave the same story as Susan Rice- that the attack was simply a protest that went out of control.

Okay- here comes the soap opera part.

A few months ago- some lady in Tampa Fla. was receiving what she felt were threatening emails.

The lady- Jill Kelley- was involved with the local military there in Tampa- and by chance knew Petraeus and the top generals [Allen being one].

The U.S. has a military post in Tampa where the top generals and their families go.

So- she had a friend at the FBI [because she was also sort of a civilian FBI cadet- you know- these programs where anyone can get into as a civilian. We used to do these things at the Fire Dept. sometimes the people that get involved are wannabe’s- that is they sort of fantasize about being the real deal].

So- Kelly tells her FBI friend about the emails.

And he starts the ball rolling to find out who is sending the emails.

The emails basically said to leave Petraeus alone.


Lo and behold- the emails were sent by Paula Broadwell- a lady who wrote a biography about General Petraeus [whew- this gets tiring!]

The story breaks that Broadwell was a lover of the general [in more ways than one]- she sent the emails as sort of a jealous lover type thing. She knew Jill was friendly with Petraeus and was telling her to leave ‘her man alone’.

And when the story hits the fan- Petraeus resigns abruptly- right after the president gets re-elected.

Now- no one in congress [and supposedly the president] knew anything about the affair until after the election.

The problem is Petraeus was supposed to testify about the Benghazi attack in a few days.

Some on the right think his abrupt resignation has to do with this.

Broadwell's father has said ‘you aint seen nothing yet’ [or something to that effect] - indicating that this whole scandal has much more to it than meets the eye. [More than this? I don’t know if I can take much more?]

So- we have one general gone- the other general –Allen- a top military guy- who was up for another position- which now looks like it’s on hold because during the investigation over the emails [you know- the Tampa socialite].

It was discovered that Gen Allen sent a load of emails to Kelley- some reported that they were ‘sexual’ in nature.

Nah- no way- our generals?

 Do they even know the word?

Okay- all the reporting on the women- that is the stuff about their lives- showing the picture of the mistress right next to the wife of Petraeus [Holly] all of this makes for ratings- but really has no value.

Last night CNN’s Cooper was reporting on the credit card debt of Jill Kelley and her doctor husband.

He went into their mortgage problems [not paying their mortgage on their million and a half home].

That they started a cancer charity- and things look fishy with the charity.

Peirce Morgan reporting that she is a sort of flirt with all the military guys.

One report said she was a ‘lune’ [loony].

None of this is relevant- nor should the media be getting into the ladies credit card debt.

She is not a public [elected] figure- leave all that stuff out.

The real news is the fact that our guys were killed.

Did the administration and his team purposefully make the Libyan attack look like a video protest gone awry?

Did they mislead the public about the deaths of our people because of political reasons?

If so- then that’s a huge scandal.

Now- in defense of their side [Obama].

We did have Intel that said the many protests that took place on that day were in fact over the stupid video.

That’s true.

And the Libyan attackers did use the same day to attack and kill our guys.

One of the statements that Rice and others made was that the militia guys took advantage of the protests and did a more organized attack.

Looking at all this stuff- that statement is not really that off.

So- yes- the attacks were not simply a protest gone awry.

But- it is more than likely that the attackers used the other 9-11 protests as an opportunity to attack.

One more thing- after it became known that Paula Broadwell was having an affair with Petraeus- the news outlets of course went thru all their old video’s of her.

She has appeared numerous times on various shows.

One recent clip had her saying that our embassy grounds in Libya also was holding some Libyan militia guys as prisoners.

She said this was inside knowledge [then why say it in a speech?]

And she hinted that might be the real reason for the attack [some think she might have had inside knowledge because of the affair].

Now- by law- the CIA is not allowed to hold prisoners.

Petraeus was the top CIA guy- who just got back from Libya doing his own personal investigation.

Then he quits.

Yeah- some see something fishy with the whole thing.

I have no idea which side is right [maybe there is some truth on both sides?]

But we do need to get to the facts.

We don’t need to know what Jill Kelley’s credit debt is.

Or why the FBI guy in Tampa sent her a shitless pic of himself [and was thus removed from the case].

Well- just be reassured- after all- these are the guys that are running the country- they are the protectors of the flame.

Yeah- Obama kept saying ‘we have them on the run now’.

I just wonder who ‘them’ is.                          

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