Saturday, November 03, 2012


The last couple of weeks- since I have been back from N.J.- It’s kind of been surreal to see all the video of the spots that got washed out in NY/NJ.

As I was watching the news with Henry on my big screen TV- I kept telling him ‘I was just at that spot’.

For the past 25 years I have been back to NJ many times- this last trip was the only time I took a tour of the city [NY]- I have been wanting to do a train/subway ride for the past 10 years- and simply ride the famous A train and see the city from the top of the tracks.

I got this idea in my head one year while watching a documentary about NY.

They showed you the history of the subway/train system- and the idea of a train ride was birthed at that time.

Yet- the last time I was up north- about 9 years ago- I missed out on the chance.

But this time- I finally did it.

I rode with my friend Patrick- to the last stop on this particular train- Rockaway beach- Queens.

As we walked the area- we walked right up to the boardwalk right off the Atlantic ocean.

For some strange reason I felt like I should walk right up to the ocean and splash some water on my face.

It was the first time I ever stuck my hand in the Atlantic ocean from the NY area.

Not many days later this very ocean would engulf the region.

We walked back to Pat’s brother’s house and had a nice visit for a few hours.

Then back on the train- back to the crossing where the subway goes under the Hudson and comes out on the Jersey side.

I took pictures from Rockaway to the Jersey side- we even saw Hoboken a little- the place I was born.

All of these spots- Rockaway beach- Hoboken- all the areas I toured- are some of the worst spots that got wiped out by hurricane Sandy.

It just was a feeling of ‘this was the last chance tot take the tour- before the storm comes’.

As we were watching the video at the house- Henry said ‘gee- you were like a messenger of wrath’.

To be honest- that thought came to me more than once.

I woke up yesterday morning with the guys still sleeping on the floor in the living room.

I got up early to post and get some stuff done before they got up.

Dirk- my good friend for years- got up early too.

He came into my study and told me he just had a dream- and he felt it was from God.

Now- with all of my friend’s problems and struggles- I know at times they have said things that are significant- that have meaning.

I was writing about some of the political things with Governor Christie- I of course have written about the storm- and in my office I have all types of world maps and stuff- plus a huge poster of NYC- and Jersey maps.

It just gives a sense of being in a ‘larger’ place.

Dirk begins telling me the dream- he says they were all at some place- and they had a friend that was- well- going to shoot himself.

He had a gun that was on a timer- and they all tried to tell him not to do it- but he wouldn’t listen.

Dirk called the gun thing- quote- ‘a suicide machine’.

He said after they left- the timer went off.

Now- Dirk felt that this dream meant something.

I told him one of the things that caught my attention was the phrase ‘suicide machine’.

I asked him if he knew where that term came from- what famous song.

He did not know.

I told him it was a line from the state song of NJ.

Springsteen's Born to Run.

‘mansions of glory … in the suicide machine’.

I told Dirk I have been writing about governor Christie [who has been to about 150 Boss concerts].

I have been thinking about- praying for NJ the past few weeks.

I have been back from the tour- riding the subway [machine] right before the storm hit.

That in many ways this dream has significance.

Next week we vote for the next president- I don’t know who will win.

One of my friends- who is on welfare- lives in public housing- gets a disability check [though he is in better shape than me].

He asked me who I was supporting.

I told him I don’t hate Obama- or love Romney- but just as a matter of the past 4 years- I am supporting Romney.

My friend said ‘no- he will take away my check’.

I think it was DeToquville who said that a Democracy will only last long enough until one party starts giving away free stuff and the majority of the people just vote for the free stuff.

Yeah- at that point we are all on a suicide machine.

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