Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This past week I spoke with my Liberal friend from the North- yes- a real person- not a composite!

I always try and take the middle ground in these talks- showing my friend that to be too partisan clouds the mind.

One example- this friend has bought the whole media line that Romney- because of his wealth- is unfit to serve.

That his wife does just sit on the couch all day and does nothing- and they are unable to speak about real issues because of this.

Now- this person voted for Kerry a few years back.

I told my liberal friend ‘say if you found out that Romney actually never earned his money- but he married his wife- who also never earned it- but she inherited it from a rich father’.

And say if Romney was spending all of his wife’s money on yachts- expensive vacation homes- and all the ritzy stuff that Romney has [elevators for cars].

Of course my friend would be even more mad.

Yet this is exactly what happened to John Kerry.

He simply married a woman who was heir to the Heinz ketchup fortune.

Okay- does this make Kerry a bad man?


But this shouldn’t make Romney a bad man either- yet I never heard one story about Kerry being a free loader off of his wife’s money.

The point being we get mad at the other side- even though we allow those same things to slip by if it happens on ‘our side’.

Now- the other day I posted on the economy- that I felt we still had a ‘long hard slog’ ahead.

Others had too rosy of a picture in my view.

Now- economics/finances is like anything else- you look at the data and make the best ‘guess’ possible.

When I looked at the data at the end of last year- we had some bad signs ahead.

This year- the states and local govts [cities- towns] were not going to have anywhere near the revenue that they had for the past few years.


The federal govt. has cut back much of the funding that they gave to the states.

Obama care has also put a huge burden on the states.

One of the ways it ‘covers’ the uninsured is to simply mandate that the states put millions of more people on the Medicare rolls.

This is a tremendous cost to the states- money they don’t have.

Home prices.

Housing prices have gone down- in some places more than 50%- and the way most states/cities pay for their local expenses [schools] is this way [property tax].

So you basically have the states and cities having to come up with more money- and in reality they have nowhere to get the money.

Now- last night I watched the governor from Cali. say that the state is in almost double the debt that they we were expecting.

California is 16 billion in debt- not 9 billion as was projected.

Governor Brown- a smart guy- he once studied to be a Jesuit priest- they are top of the line intellectuals among Catholic priests.

 [just as a side note- this order rose up during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. A soldier by the name of Ignatius Loyola was wounded and recovering in the hospital.

He read about the life of Christ and dedicated himself to the Lord.

The Jesuits were the order he founded.

They evangelized all the way into Asia- an area that the Protestant missionaries avoided.

The Jesuits played a major role in the scientific revolution- as a percentage of how few Jesuits there were- they had a huge impact on the development of modern science.]

So governor Brown said his state has lived beyond it’s means for too long- they spent money they did not have- and now the chickens have come home to roost.

Brown is a liberal Democrat.

The governor of N.Y. said the same thing a few months back.

When he got elected he actually worked with the unions in the state and worked out a deal where they were going to cut the huge expenses that the retirees managed to bargain for over the years.

Cuomo- another Democrat- said it was impossible for the state to continue to pay out these lavish benefits.

After the union leaders made the deal- the rank and file rose up [like Greece] and simply elected new leaders who would fight the changes.

I heard a clip from Cuomo- he was yelling ‘we can’t keep making the rich/businesses pay- they are all leaving the state’- just like Cali.

So- with unemployment at historic highs- with state and local govts having to lay off tons of teachers and cops and firefighters.

While the cost to the states is going up- a lot [Obama care].

With all these things in the hopper- besides the ‘unknowns’ like the banks [Morgan Chase] still making risky bets.

Yes- in my view I could not see how some financial guys were talking a huge recovery- some have said they thought the DOW would be at 17,000 next year- nuts!

As I spoke to my liberal friend- they said ‘so- do you think Romney would have been able to create more jobs than Obama’!

They were mad- I said I’m really not a Romney supporter- but being I live in oil state I know from firsthand experience that Obama has cost us jobs.

When he got in office the regulations and the EPA came down hard on the state- they cost lots of jobs.

I saw a clip- video- from Obama the other day- it was from January of 2008- he said he wanted to see the cost of opening up coal powered plants go so high that any sane business person would simply choose not to do it.

Okay- if you have said these things- and have actually done them- then yes- there have been very real jobs lost because of these things.

I assume Romney would not have done this- at least not as much as Obama.

So yes- it’s quite possible that the president’s agenda has cost jobs.

I also explained to my friend that many business owners have put off hiring for 3 years now- because if Obama care passes many of them will be mandated to pay the health care- or a huge fine- for each worker.

Now- as noble as these things might be- they cost real jobs.

My liberal friend- who is a nice person- has lived off of govt. programs for a long time- has only worked a real job for a small part of life.

This person simply had no idea how the private sector really worked- they just listen to the media talking points- and the real world is so much different.

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