Thursday, May 17, 2012


I read an article the other day that got me mad.

It was a news story about a prisoner of war- one of our guys- who was taken captive in Afghanistan in 2009.

He has been held in Pakistan by the Taliban/Al-Qaida for the past 3 years.

As I read the article it was ‘slanted’ to make it sound like it was the parent’s fault that their son was still captive.


The article stated that the parents just came out and finally ‘broke their silence’ which finally ‘freed the hands of the President to work to free the man’.

Now- as a media critic- it took no time at all to see that this journalist was simply lying to make it look like Obama was just- and the parents themselves were to blame for their son’s imprisonment.

What do you think would make the parents ‘keep silent’ for all those years?

Obviously they were told that some type of negotiations were going on- and to keep the thing private.

Then why do you think they would come out now?

Because they probably felt like the administration was dragging their feet.

So later in the day I saw multiple stories about the case- and that’s exactly what happened.

The parents have been trying to meet with the President for a couple of years and he has refused to meet with them.

They spoke publicly because they feared for their son’s life.

Okay- this particular media bias upset me more than usual because they printed a nationwide story- that blamed the parents for their sons fate- all in order to spin the story to benefit Obama.

The other day I heard a montage of statements from an NBC news man.

These were various statements made over the last couple of years about the President.

‘His I.Q. must be at least 160’

‘That smile is worth 5-10 points alone in the election’

‘His body is in great shape- just look at that lean body’

‘I feel a tingle go up my leg when I hear him speak’

‘A star is born’ [after the election]

Okay- I’m not one of those ‘far right’ guys who thinks the President might actually be the anti Christ [or the Messiah- false].

But what would posses any news man to talk this way?

I have gay friends- I don’t condone the lifestyle- but I have never even heard them speak about another man like this.

The point?

When the media does this- when they are willing to slander the parents of a POW- and make it sound like they were the very ones who 'tied up Obama’s hands’.

Then it’s very difficult to trust anything they say.

The N.Y. Times just did a poll that said over 60% of the American people believe that Obama’s ‘new’ gay marriage stance was a political calculation.

Now- believe it or not- I don’t hold this view.

I wrote on this a few posts back- and I do believe that Biden simply did what he does best and forced the president’s hand by blurting out that he himself was for gay marriage.

So why do over 60 % believe his decision was political?

A day or 2 after the decision to come out in favor of it- the Washington Post [or times?] put out that now infamous 5 page- front page story about Romney being an anti gay bashing bully- who packs scissors!

Okay- this was a 5 page story- they obviously didn’t just come up with the thing in a day.

They were sitting on the story- probably waiting for the best time to deliver it- and because Obama just came out with his pro gay stand- they might have thought let’s do it now to contrast Romney as being anti gay.

Either way- the timing looked coordinated- people are not dumb- it’s an insult when the right or the left treat people like this.

It’s an insult to make it sound like the parents of a POW were ‘tying up the hands of the President’ and they were the ones who were putting their sons life at risk- as the President was sitting in the Oval Office wringing his hands over it.

Yes- media bias exists- we all want to give people the benefit of the doubt- but after a while people become suspicious- they see so many news stories that lean to one side- that they simply begin believing the worst.

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