Friday, May 11, 2012


As we end the week- once again- we have had some ‘real’ stories- things that are important- and silly stuff.

First- a few days back the Obama administration spiked the football over the Bin laden killing and we had a few days of back and forth on it.

One of the things they did was released some of the secret memos we found at the time of the raid.

Now- you must understand that Obama makes the call- along with the intelligence people- on what to let out.

So- as I watched the various media outlets repeat- over and over again- the top lines- I could not stop laughing- very loudly- as they reported one of Bin laden’s desires.

Now- I did not laugh at the first part ‘we want to kill the president of the U.S.’.

No- not funny.

But the next part ‘and whatever you do- don’t hurt Biden! We need him to survive- because he will become president and he does not know what he’s doing- he will bring the U.S. down’.

Now- you must see that Bin laden's final plot- the mastermind of 911- his plan was to get Biden in the top seat and watch him bring the country down.

Okay- to me this was funny- to see the reporters doing this story while trying not to laugh.

How do you think Ole Joe took it?

Okay- this is my conspiracy theory- obviously he’s watching this story over and over again- knowing that the President made ‘the call’ to release this very intriguing tid bit.

And who knows- maybe Obama did it out of some hidden anger about Biden making so many gaffs in the first term.

So Biden’s response?

He goes on national TV and says how much he supports gay marriage- a position that the Pres did not make yet.


Now- the president and his people have to scramble to get the story under control- they at first try to ignore it- but after a few days Obama comes ‘out of the closet’ and makes the call- yes- he too is for it.

Now- some think this was all planned- that they wanted to orchestrate the pro Obama stance and contrast it with the next story- how Romney is a serial gay bashing bully- with a pair of scissors.

I don’t know- I think Biden just did what he does best- and spoke before he thought.

Anyway- as I’m watching the media coverage of the most serious story of the day.

The terrible Syrian bombing that killed many?


The very troubling revelation that J.P. Morgan/Chase [the countries largest bank] took a 2 billion dollar hit in the first quarter?


I’m talking about the most important story of the day.

That in 1965 Romney stalked some kid with blonde hair in his prep type high school- and he cut his Goldie locks!

Yes- as I’m watching this breaking worlds news- the news also comes out that Biden trotted on over to the White house and apologized to the boss.

Wow- they actually had to report this.

‘John- do you really believe Biden did this to get even’?

No- not really- but just know- it was Bin laden’s wish for Joe to get 4 more.

Okay- J.P. Morgan.

Yesterday morning I posted about my belief that most financial guys have tried to down play the Euro debt crisis- that they are not seeing the real danger it plays for the U.S.

Then during the day I caught the story that Jamie Dimon- the CEO of Morgan- held a conference call and let the cat out of the bag- that they made bad investments and lost 2 billion.

As I watched thru out the day I thought ‘I bet it has something to do with the E.U.’

Sure enough it did.

It looks like this bank made the same gamble that Jon Corzine and his investment group did.

The same thing that began our ‘great recession’ at the end of 2008 when Obama came into office.

They made certain types of investments- called Hedging- and they bet that the European bonds would get bailed out and all would go well.

Now- the fact is things look like they might go downhill- and that some of the E.U. countries will default on their debt and that the Euro currency might even go bust.

Okay- J.P. Morgan still did the kind of thing that led us into the huge financial problems we have been dealing with these past few years.

So the fact is ‘too big to fail’ is still out there- it can in fact happen again.

The reason we bailed out the big financial institutions was because all the insider guys who worked for Bush [and Obama] convinced the presidents [Bush and Obama] that this was what needed to be done- or else the global financial system might fail.

Now- after we did the bailout we were supposed to put in place checks and balances that would never allow a huge bank- that has FDIC insurance- which means if they fail the govt. bails out the depositors- to get into a spot again where we might have to do it again.

But we did not fix the ‘too big to fail’ problem- and once again we see that these huge banks are still ‘making bets’ with money.


Okay- in the morning I saw that the Washington post ran a 3 page story on Romney’s ‘wicked ways’.

Yes- when I was in high school we used to beat the hell out of people- in the school building.

We bought drugs- and used them- on school grounds.

And we engaged in all types of illegal activity during our high school days.

So- as the campaign heats up- the Washington Post did their due diligence and went and tracked down 5 of Romney’s classmates- from 1965- and confirmed the story that Romney was a serial bully back in the day.

Okay- as the article went on- it portrayed Romney as the ring leader of a group of brief case carrying youth [the article did say this] that were upset about this kid who wore long blonde hair at the school.

They said that Romney teased this boy- who might have been gay- and even called him a girly name.

So- after a period of time- Romney just could not take it anymore and he lead this group of fellow students to go and get the blonde kid.

Yea- the article states that as the boys held the kid down- Romney- armed with a pair of scissors ‘repeatedly’ [geez- not one snip!] cut the boys hair- as tears arose in the boys eyes.

Okay- did we really need to know this?

Did it really need to be a top story- right up there with all the real news going on in the world?

Look- I don’t want to say bullying is not a problem- but in 1965- if the worst thing you can find on Romney is this- then this guy is a goody too shoes!

I find it funny that the media were able to go back 50 years for this silly story- and they never managed to find the drug dealer who sold coke to Obama when he was in school [Obama admits using ‘blow’ back in the day].

Now- do I want to know who the president bought the cocaine from- not really.

But I sure did not want to know that Romney ‘packed scissors’ back in the day.

So you see what the next year will be like- a very sad thing indeed.

So as the week comes to a close we had some important stuff- and some not so important stuff.

We had a few apologies [Biden- Romney apologized too- even though the blonde victim died a few years ago- you know- those Mormons do have continuing relationships with the dead!]

And we had some serious stories as well- the Syrian situation is bad- many people are dying over there- and I do hope we can do something about it.

All in all it was a busy week- lets all try and take a break this weekend.

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