Saturday, December 22, 2012


As we end the week- lets hit a few hot topics.

By the way- the chapter for the week was Jeremiah 33.

Okay- we are still here.

Yes- the Mayan calendar thing did not pan out.

I always had my doubts- especially after I saw a short clip about a year ago.

Some guy was interviewing an actual Mayan expert [priest?]

He was the real deal- dressed up and all.

The documentary was a serious thing- not some comedy central skit.

The priest was asked ‘and what do you think about the end of the world prediction’.

He says- I kid you not- 'that’s a bunch of crap’.

Form the priest!

So- I always had my doubts.

Did you hear what the preacher said?

He couldn’t believe people could call for stuff like this- yeah- you tell em Harold [Camping].

Okay- the news.

The other day I posted about Boehner’s Christmas present to Obama.

The Repubs were trying to pass a tax raise on millionaires only- and kick the ball down the road on the other stuff.

Now- that would have been a great deal for the Dems- they said that’s what they want [but they really don’t].

Because when the Dems saw what Boehner was doing- they hooped and hawed and swore they would never pass it in the Dem controlled senate.

And if it passed the President swore he would veto the thing.

So- some Repubs in the house bailed out- and Boehner never passed it.

O my- you would have thought the world was coming to an end- again.

The Dems were on all the shows- saying how this is one of the greatest failures of all time- the Tea party are even holding their leader hostage.

On and on.

So- last night Obama says ‘lets just pass an extension of the tax cuts for the middle class- and 0 yea- lets extend unemployment insurance’.


Was this not the basic plan Boehner just tried to pass- and you swore it was a disaster?

Sure was [Obama’s quick fix would have raised taxes on lower incomes than Boehner’s- but still- it was the same basic thing].

He only wanted to beat the Repubs in the house- if he were serious he would not have threatened to veto their bill in the first place- that’s a fact.

Okay- last night the NRA guy came out with their delayed response to the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook.

 I’m not an NRA guy- never was.

I actually listened to most of the speech- on PBS.

He advocated for- be careful now- putting cops in the schools.

Yeah- he was careful with the language- he said COPS.

Okay- do I think his plan will fly?

Not on your life.

Does he think it will fly?

Probably not.

Then why float it?

They want to turn the conversation from just gun control to a broader one.

They want to talk about kids being raised with video games that kill people.

Hip Hop songs that talk about shooting cops.

They want to extend the conversation beyond more gun laws.

Sure enough- MSNBC had short clips on the screen ‘NRA WANTS MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS’.

Stuff like that.

I guess they equate having armed POLICE with ‘more guns’.

So- according to this line- if you call the cops after a school shooting- you are irresponsible- you are calling for more guns on the scene?

See- I don’t support the NRA view- but when a media outlet purposefully lies- misleads the people- they destroy as much as any right winger ever did.

One clip showed the words of the NRA speech.

They then went to some mayor who is the head of ‘mayors against illegal guns’.

The clip of the speech said ‘lets put cops in the schools so if another deranged person comes in to kill kids- the cop can be there as a deterrent’.

Okay- have cops stopped people from shooting people before?

Just about every day.

When a cop comes to shoot a bad guy- do we usually call that ‘bringing more guns to a spot that already has too many’?


So- after the clip- the mayor for gun control said ‘how insane- he thinks the answer to having too many guns on the street is more guns’!

Actually- what the mayor did- and Msnbc and the others- they answered their own question.

The NRA guy did not say he thought this was the solution to having to many guns on the street.

He said it might prevent another shooting- which- in reality- it just might.

But the media- the mayor- they wanted you to think that the NRA- the ‘right wingers’ that they want more guns in schools.

That they want ‘security guards’ in schools.

Yeah- MSNBC did not use the actual term ‘More cops’ no- they wanted you to think ‘security guards’ and teachers- and who knows- even arm the kids!

Yeah- keep playing the game- nothing gets solved- you breed dissension in the country- and at the end of the day- you harm the country.

So John- you are for the right wingers?

No- in no way.

I’m for telling the truth- on both sides.

I am not against a ban on the 30 round clips.

I am for the ban on ‘assault weapons’ [though in reality- they are simply semi automatic guns- they just look more like a military weapon].

I’m for having fewer guns on the streets- but we live in a country whose founding document gives the right to have guns to its citizens.

Because of this- we will never be an Australia that bans all guns.

So- in the Sandy Hook shooting- the kid got the guns from his mom- who legally owned them.

She lived in a state with some of the most strict gun control laws in the land.

So- when sick people decide to get a gun- they get it.

If we totally banned all guns- would that reduce the threat?

Yes- because the deranged kid would have to use another weapon- and if he did not have a gun to steal- then yea- he would not be able to do this type of damage.

So- there are points to be made on both sides.

But when the media- when MSNBC describes the position of the right as wanting more guns- more guns in schools- more guns for teachers- and heck- the right thinks the answer is more guns for everyone!

When all the man said was ‘lets have cops in the schools’.

Then we will get nowhere.

Because the uninformed [the viewers of MSNBC] will have no idea what the real debate is about.

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