Thursday, December 06, 2012


Its story time again kiddies!

Come- gather at the media carnival- they have another great fantasy for us all.

Yes- that’s the way I feel often- when seeing new narratives emerge.

The past couple of days I have been hearing ‘he might use chemical weapons- against his own people’.

Heaven forbid it- oh my- we could never have that.

Yes- that’s the way they want you to respond.

I’m talking about Syria and the ongoing tragedy of the civil war taking place in their land.

Now- I’m certainly not a supporter of Assad- the son of Hafez Assad- who ruled with an iron fist for 40 years.

Hilary Clinton called the son a reformer- a good man who was for change.

Now he’s a murdering thug with a bent on using the most horrid thing in the world- chemical weapons! Oh my!!

Yes- for those of you who don’t know- the standard method of killing- shooting lead [or other metals] into the bodies and skulls of folk- smashing their skulls as the bullet goes in.

In many cases leaving the wounded person to die- in great agony.

Well- this method is humane.

Or say dropping a nuclear bomb on hundreds of thousands of Japanese women and children.

You know- giving radiation poisoning to tens of thousands of moms- many who were pregnant.

These kids dying of radiation sickness- their limbs melting off like charred meat from a chicken bone.

Yes- this is ‘humane’.

But chemical weapons- against HIS OWN PEOPLE- o my.

I guess it would be okay if it were other people?

Did you know our great Winston Churchill used- and advocated for the continuation of them- during the war?

Bet you didn’t know that little tid bit.

My point?

I don’t want anyone to use any weapons- ever.

And yes- chemical ones are very bad.

But when you see the western media saying ‘against his own people’.

Watch out- they are trying to develop a narrative that will excuse our involvement [via NATO] to go in once again and ruin another country.

Right now- as I write- the guys who killed our ambassador in Benghazi are walking the streets- freely.

There are reports that no one has been questioned- everyone in town knows who did it [Ansar Al Shariah].

Yet till this day the U.S. has so badly dropped the ball- that these guys roam the streets with impunity.

This week I heard an ‘expert’ on Arab affairs describe the ongoing protests in Egypt as simply a healthy expression of Democracy.

That the Egyptians were suppressed for so long- that now that they have freedom- they just can’t get enough of this new expression of rising up in their streets.

Wow- what a great story.

O- but I forgot- the women have been raped openly in the famous square- by the great Muslim Brotherhood.

All of these things are examples of the media wanting to make things look/go a certain way.

It would be terrible if after all the praise about the Arab spring- the open support we gave to Morsi [Egypt’s new pharaoh].

If after all this- we now realize that we were part of a revolution- that simply became anarchy.

That’s why they tell us the story thru this lens.

That’s why they say ‘chemical weapons- against his own people!’

So you would think ‘of course we had to intervene- we had no other choice’.

When the so called rebels [Al-Qaida] attacked a hospital in Syria and killed innocent victims and doctors- was this called an attack ‘on their own people’.


When the Al Qaeda group in Libya hunt down the former relatives and friends of Gadhaffi.

When they torture and kill them.

When the free roaming militias terrorize blacks and women- do we say they are ‘terrorizing their own people’.


We don’t say it because we backed them.

The guys running Libya are guys we put in power.

So when the various atrocities take place- against ‘their own people’. We don’t say it.

But when it’s time for the west to intervene again- well watch out- we start saying ‘against his own people’.

All war- and weapons of war- are sad- tragic.

It’s sad that many young Arab- Persian and Muslim kids have grown up in this mess.

Its’ sad that some have embraced radical expressions of their faith because they see no other way out.

It’s sad that Morsi turned out to be no better than the guy before him [Mubarak].

It’s sad that the U.S. has put its hand to many times to try and make a certain outcome happen.

Maybe we have done this meaning well [maybe!] but the end result has not turned out well.

If we go in and depose Assad [Syria].

That country will fall to Al-Qaida- that’s a fact.

I don’t want to see chemical weapons used either.

But don’t fool yourselves.

They are all killing- both sides- using very bad things- against THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

The only innocent ones are the true protestors who have not resorted to violence.

Those in the square of Egypt today- who are not violent- they are noble.

Those in Libya- Syria- all the other hot spots in the Arab world.

Those who reject violence- they are noble.

But if you take up a weapon- be it chemical or any other- then you have chosen to live by the sword.

A great man once said ‘if you live by the sword- you will die by it’.

His name was Jesus Christ.

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