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Much to say- little space.

Before I forget- the chapter for the week was [is] Luke 21.

Okay- the last few days I have seen an interesting thing- this is how you know what’s really going on.

You listen carefully to those who support the view that they are speaking about.

Example- Gloria Borger is a news reporter from CNN.

I have seen her lots of times- she’s fairly good- and she is a supporter of the president.

The other night she gave a short report about the current fiscal crisis [called the Fiscal Cliff].

She said that Obama and the Dems are feeling justified after the election- and they seem more willing to not negotiate- for real- and to let the blame fall on the Repubs.

Now- as she talked- you could tell there was a sort of concern in her voice- like those who have supported the president might be worried that he might take the country over the cliff needlessly [remember- she was giving a sort of behind the scenes view of other Democrats- that they seem to think Obama is the one that might take the country over the cliff- even though he is saying it’s the Repubs- his own supporters kind of think he’s lying about the thing- get it?]

Why needlessly?

She [as well as a bunch of others] have now come out and said that the thing that’s holding up a deal is the Repubs insistence on Medicare ‘means testing’.

Right now the 2 sides [Obama and the Repub congress] are stuck because Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich- and the Repubs want to means test entitlements [Medicare].

Okay- Obama himself was for means testing- just last year he gave a speech claiming we could raise 1.2 trillion by doing this [it’s s simple adjustment to Medicare that makes the rich pay more].

So- those news papers and media outlets who have been behind the president 100% are now saying that he needs to agree to it.

Why are they all out in force like this?

They realize that he was [might still] purposefully blow a deal- because the blame will go to the Repubs.

But isn’t that petty- isn’t that wrong- isn’t that dangerous?

Sure- but that’s the honest read of this- that’s the only reason why you would have a bunch of more liberal leaning news media all come out at this time and try to force Obama’s hand.

When Boehner came out and said the deal the president offered was a joke- most insiders agreed- he was going to go over the cliff- no doubt about it.

Okay- the clincher for me was the infamous MSNBC- yes Ed Shultz had on Emanuel Cleaver [a Dem congressman who kinda looks like Richard Pryor].

Now- out of all the supporters of Obama- you would be hard pressed to exceed Shultz [now- I’m not saying it’s wrong to support the pres- I’m showing you how his supporters in the media have tried to shape the narrative].

Shultz was asking Cleaver about means testing Medicare [remember- this is the exact thing the Repubs want- and Obama’s side does not].

Cleaver gave quite a good view of why WE SHOULD MEANS TEST Medicare.


I thought that was the very thing the Repubs want?

That’s right- now you’re learnin’.

Yeah- Cleaver went on and explained why we should do means testing- he gave the entire Repub talking points- and he was right.

Wow- finally- you mean they might be admitting the need to compromise?

Actually no.

Shultz then said ‘but you will never be able to convince the Repubs to do this- because they will try and protect their rich friends who will pay the most out of means testing’.

And Cleaver agreed.

You see- they both purposefully lied to their watchers.

They both know that what they said was an outright lie- like all the racial accusations of those who had real objections to healthcare reform.

MSNBC spent the last year calling them all ‘under the cover’ racists- playing ‘dog whistle’ politics.

The fact is- the Repubs are the ones demanding means testing- not the Dems.

And they gave you a spin that said the opposite.

They do no service to the country when they do this.

Okay- lets hit a little from Luke 21.

This is an ‘end time’ chapter where Jesus speaks to his men about the end of the age.

Just a few points.

I only cover [read] a couple of chapters a week.

The last year- I don’t think I read a single ‘earthquake’ chapter at all.

I have found the chapters I’m covering to have significance.

Just yesterday [or the day before] Japan was hit with another huge earthquake off its Pacific coast [Luke 21 says at the time of the end- outcome- there will be earthquakes.]

It was the same size of the one that leveled the area a few years back.

Pray for Japan.

Jesus gives us some of the signs that will take place at the time of the end.

I kind of ‘spiritualized’ my reading of the chapter this week- you know- looking for some practical things that are speaking about the here and now.

So- one of the things that spoke to me was what I posted about the other day- the post on ‘the dead ones’ remember?

I talked about praying for inmates on death row.

Okay- this practice became a habit a few years ago- and I felt like the Lord was in it.

While reading Luke 21 Jesus says- at the time of the end [or outcome] of these things- some OF YOU will be put to death.

In a strange way it fit what I sensed the Lord saying- sort of like ‘John- now that you have adopted these dead ones- these on death row- they are ‘some of you’- you have embraced them- this happens at the time of ‘the end’ the time of the outcome of all things.’

Get it?

Okay- there are a few more things I got from the chapter- but I’m trying to give you a sense of how God can speak to you ‘outside’ of the text.

Now- when you do this- read with a personal idea in mind- you should never make it doctrine.

That is- what I just showed you is fine to do in a devotional kind of way- trying to hear God about personal direction- but that’s not the actual teaching itself.

The actual teaching is about the end times- and also the destruction of the city of Jerusalem in a.d. 70.

I shared this with my friend who I’m doing the halfway house with.

I told him about ‘adopting the dead’.

He told me an interesting story about this.

Now- I have told John David's story many times over the years- so I won’t do the whole thing again.

But John David killed his best friend in Dallas many years ago.

A very brutal shotgun killing that made the headlines- his brother told me one day that when they picked up the dead body- he had shotgun pellets under his feet.

David kept shooting even after his friend was down.

John David got off for this crime- his mother got the same lawyer who defended Jack Ruby [who killed Lee Harvey Oswald] - and he got David off scot free.

Okay- that’s the story.

David told me the night he was in the Dallas prison- he was with another inmate who also just killed someone.

They were both puking up beer- sick as dogs- and sitting in the same cell- as murderers.

David was walking out of the mission here a few years back- and he randomly saw a news paper article- it was the execution of the Black cellmate that David was with that night[some of you- but not all will be PUT TO DEATH].

David relayed this story to me because I told him about the Lord leading me into the ‘adoption’ of the Death Row Guys.

He felt it fit- I might have even prayed for this guy he was with.

Yeah ‘some of YOU will be put to death’.

Yeah- I got it.

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