Thursday, December 20, 2012

1963 NO BULL

Let’s talk a little about this past week- and if I have time maybe hit on today’s House [of Rep’s] vote on the millionaire tax increase [which should be an Obama dream come true!]

Okay- over the weekend I had one of the street guys stay over.

Huey fell and probably broke a few ribs- he’s been struggling in the camp and called around 4:30 pm on Friday.

I was sitting at the halfway house- which I helped start with Huey's brother- John David.

I was talking to my friend who has terminal cancer- and was getting ready to go home and take the weekend off from ministry stuff.

That’s when Huey called- so to be honest it was a sacrifice to bring him home- and give the weekend to ministry stuff.

But- earlier in the day Henry mentioned the story of the Good Samaritan- how he put the man up- paid for his bill at the hotel [Inn] and went out of his way for the man.

When I got the call- I knew I was supposed to do it.

It’s funny- every time Huey comes over- if he leaves some type of trinket- there is always a sign to the thing.

Because he’s homeless- he has his stuff all over the area- maybe some clothes at another friend’s house- he’ll leave his guitar over here [hanging on the wall].

So- when I came back from my trip to N.J. - I brought back a walking staff/stick that I found in the park where I grew up.

I stuck it here at my house- in the room I use for the street guys.

I have all types of biblical nick knacks in the room- verses on the wall- stuff like that.

So- I was looking for a couple of little angel pins a few weeks ago- was going to use it on one of these walking staffs that I made [not ‘girly’ angels- but saint Michael the Archangel- you know- tough stuff!]

So- Huey spent the night a while ago- the next day I go I to clean the room- and sure enough- he left a hat on the stick- and the hat had 2 angel pins on it [I could not find them on my own by the way].

So- after this last weekend stay- before I clean the room after the guys spend the night- I usually write and do my blogging in the morning.

That morning I read some of the Psalms and wrote down a verse about Bulls.

It’s a common theme in the bible- it actually fits in with the posts I did last week.

The Psalm says God is more pleased with the sacrifices of praise and worship than he is with the offerings of ‘Bulls and Oxen’.

Okay- the point is God did not really want animal sacrifices- he wanted our hearts.

Today- in the New Covenant church that we all belong to- we have no more animal sacrifices- Jesus died for us on the Cross and he was the final sacrifice for the sins of man.

 The apostle Peter writes we now offer the sacrifices of praise to God- the same theme we read in the Psalms.

So- I write down the Psalm on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall.

I start cleaning the room- and Huey must have broke a belt buckle- he left the 2 pieces of the broken buckle in the room.

They were 2 Bulls.

After I hung up the Psalm- I stuck the bulls to the wall.

Yeah- true story- no bull. 

 [Actually ‘no bull[s]’ means we are now living in a new age of grace and praise- no more need for animal sacrifice- get it?]

Okay- I have not written much about the news lately- though there is always stuff going on.

I mentioned a few weeks ago it looked like the president was really not looking for a deal with the House Repubs- not like in the past.

He seemed to have abandoned the idea of serious cuts to entitlement programs- and simply wanted to win a political feud to raise taxes on- quote- ‘millionaires and billionaires’.

Now- in reality- the president and many other Dem’s have said that they just want to raise taxes on the ‘rich’ and not do any cutting.

But the Repubs have never agreed to this.

So- the last few weeks that’s what they have been haggling over.

It looked like Obama was gonna go over the ‘cliff’ and let the Repubs take the blame.

So- as a counter punch- the Repub house is going to try and pass a bill today that will raise taxes on millionaires- and that’s it.


In essence- the bill would let the Bush tax rates expire on everyone else- except ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’.

Look- I have watched this stuff for years- if Obama really means what he says- this is looking a gift horse in the mouth- this is what has said he wants- and in the past he would never- ever get a deal like this- without entitlement cuts.

Is he going to take the deal- by making the Dems in the senate vote yeah?


He said it’s a game- a ploy- and they are already saying it’s no good.

This tells me he really does not want what he told us- ‘millionaires and billionaires’.

No- at this point- he wants to win the game.

Sure- we all know just raising the tax rate on millionaires really won’t raise enough revenue- but he has not played it that way this last year.

He has the average American thinking all he wants is to raise taxes on millionaires.

Well- if that’s what you say you want.

Then Merry Christmas Mr. President- from John Boehner.

NOTE- in Revelation chapter 4 we read about a beast vision that the Apostle John saw- the image had 4 things to it- 2 of them were a Calf [bull] and an Eagle.

One of the church Fathers taught that these images are types of Christ- sort of like the 4 gospels can be seen in these images of 4 beasts.

I find it interesting that Huey has left me 2 of these 4 images already [Bull and Eagle].

Let’s see what’s next.

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