Monday, September 24, 2012


Read a news article yesterday morning.

It was the State Dept. blasting CNN for an ‘unconscionable’ [yikes!] report on the ‘private journal’ of the dead U.S. ambassador who was killed in the Benghazi attack.

If you just read the headline- it seems as if CNN were the bad boys [and girls] and the U.S. govt. were most holy.

But- as you read- you realize- once again- that what should have been one of the biggest news stories of the year- has become a non issue because of political propaganda- by the media networks themselves [minus CNN].

Okay- the story.

The last few days you have read more than one post by me- about the reality that the Libyan govt. - and our ambassador himself- have told our govt that they were in danger- that the security of the embassy in Benghazi was not good.

Then- you had the U.S. kill a top Al Qaeda guy- with a drone- and Al Qaeda said they would seek revenge.

Now- the last year- because of the political campaign- you have had the Obama team talk much about the death of Bin laden- and a sort of ‘boasting’ about how many Al Qaeda guys we are killing.

In a few weeks a movie is coming out- probably timed in co-ordination with the Obama campaign [though they deny it] that is going to glorify the killing of Bin Laden.

Why all the glorying?

The reality of politics is you focus on what you think the candidates strength is- and one of the strengths of the president is seen to be his policy on killing Al Qaeda guys.

Okay- now- if you simply put 2 and 2 together- is it possible that the killing of Stevens [our ambassador in Libya] was a direct retaliation- by Al Qaeda- for all this darn bragging we are doing about killing their guys?

Of course it’s possible- and more than likely a reason why they killed him.

Then why would the media- and the Obama administration push the initial story line that this killing was nothing more than outrage about a movie ad- on line?

Because if the fact is- that we were warned- over and over again- that our security was bad.

And- that Al Qaeda were growing tired of our bragging about all the drone killings.

If this were [is] the case- then not only did you just lose one of the main strengths of your campaign [if you’re a Dem].

But you also might have ‘provoked’ the killing- by all the bragging.


Okay- why the feigned outrage by the state dept?

CNN found the journal of the slain ambassador- and in the journal he wrote that he- as well as the Libyan govt. - all feared an attack.

They warned the state dept. - over and over again- that this might happen.

And it did.

The State dept. was basically outed for their failure.

And in response- they said that CNN ‘broke its pledge’ to the family by releasing this info.

The state dept said CNN took evidence form a ‘crime scene’ [the journal] and shamelessly spread it around.

The State dept. called this ‘disgusting’.

The truth is- CNN- who in my view have done the best reporting on this story- read what the ambassador himself feared- and they backed it up with interviews from other people who knew Steven’s.

They then reported- only on-line [not like the top news story of the other night- the Romney gaff].

That the ambassador feared that the security that the state dept. was providing was inadequate.

This story should have been reported- much more in my view- because it shows that the U.S. govt. dropped the ball- after many warnings.

It would be like finding a journal in the World Trade towers that said – ‘we have been warning Bush that this would happen!’

This is a big news story- yet the response of the state dept is that CNN shamelessly revealed the secrets of a dead man- and also ruined a ‘crime scene’.

These are stories I see all the time- both in the print media- and on the tube.

Many have debated whether or not the news media actually coordinate with the Obama people [actually a report just showed that a govt. person emailed a group- Media matters- and this ‘non profit’ group contacted the major networks- and they ran the story on the news that night].

I don’t know how ‘planned’ this type of bias is.

But- you can see it exists.

The point I want to make is when you have an important story like this- one in which it’s quite possible that the ongoing bragging about killing Bin Laden might be actually leading to counter killings of our people.

Then we need to ask ‘should we keep bragging’.

When the Muslim ‘world’ rose up in anger- according to the Obama people- because of a video that might have antagonized them.

The Obama people condemned the video- and did all they could to discourage the release or making of any other movies that might incite violence.

Then if this is so- should the American movie makers release the Bin Laden movie [that portrays the President in a favorable light]?

When I read the above article about CNN’s ‘reprehensible act’- at first I thought they really did a terrible thing [just by reading the headline].

But as I read- they simply reported- what should have been a big story- in a minor way [on-line].

Don’t be fooled- this happens all the time- we live in a day where the blogging community- and the free on line news sources can now ‘correct’ it- but there are many who will never read the correction.

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