Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last night we cooked late- so I let a couple of the street guys spend the night.

I have done this every so often in the past- not really a big deal.

But the reason I usually avoid it is because I have a ‘million’ homeless buddies- and once you go down this road- well you got the picture.

But I felt the lord wanted this.

The pics I posted last night [by the way- whenever I post pics during the day- I never check Facebook form my phone. So- if I take a trip to N.J. - I’ll probably post pics- but will not get on line until I get back- so for those who leave comments- I won’t see them till much later].

So- the pics from the day [or month!] before will get descriptions when I’m back at the lap top.

Okay- Andy and Huey spent the night- they watched the Green Mile [twice].

I asked them what channel they liked- to leave on all night.

They wanted the classics.

We never got a chance to see their brother yesterday- David.

He had triple bypass heart surgery- and we were gonna see him.

His nephew [Andy’s and Huey’s too] hitched all the way from Louisiana- just to see John David in the hosp.

That’s the son of an older brother who died.

I told Andy ‘bring Leon over in the morning’ they are sleeping on the streets- geez.

But Huey got a call as I was cooking- he left last night [hitching a ride].

We will go see John David later- Andy told me David even asked if I was still around.

Me and David became good friends after he quit the Ice [he was a huge meth addict].

When he got clean- and got right with God- he just wanted to get together all the time.

Like a new Christian- wanting to learn everything he can.

As the guys were crashed out on the floor last night- I of course caught my news fix.

I was surprised to see the very serious story about the Islamic protests in Egypt and Libya.

Just a note- this should have been the top story on every news network- it met the criteria of serious breaking news [which the networks now say about everything].

But the one station- at least at 7 pm- that did the right coverage- was Cooper from CNN.

Now- Fox of course covered it- and I guess MSNBC- but Cooper treated it with the coverage it deserved.

What happened?

At first it was reported in a deceptive way.

The coverage said that these protests- which killed 2 Americans in the American consulate in Libya- were a reaction to a negative movie put out by the now infamous pastor from Fla.

You remember him- the guy who started  trouble a while back.

So the way the news reported it- it made it sound like he just put out another negative Muslim thing- and that’s why the angry response happened.

But then they reported that this video was out for weeks [or months].

And that some of the radical Islamic sights were already calling for protests on 9-11.

So- for there to have been these types of very serious uprisings- in 2 countries that we had a major role in removing [or killing] the leaders- this is bad- real bad.

Fox showed a speech by the president- a famous speech he gave in 2009- called the ‘Cairo speech’.

It’s famous because critics of the president have used it to say he kind of sucked up to the Muslims.

As I heard the speech- in context of last night’s news- I agreed with everything the president said.

He did offer somewhat of an olive branch to the Muslim world- but he was very careful to say this branch was to those who reject violence.

He spoke about living peaceably in a world with other faiths.

I listened carefully- I agreed with everything he said.

But it is important not to miss the fact that we have never had our embassies assaulted like this in the past- and that these attacks took place under regimes that we backed.

This is not good.

I found it interesting that I ‘accidently’ spoke about these issues the last few days.

And here we are- it’s the big story of the day [week- month?]

The killing of 2 Americans at a consulate is very serious indeed.

The fact that it happened on 9-11 is very serious.

Today we do need to pray for peace- we need to of course respond in a proper way- either shut down our embassy- or whatever needs to be done.

But we live in a world where we have both freedom of speech- and responsibility.

When this Fla. Pastor first made waves- it was easy for the media to brand him as a nut- a crazy guy.

And I of course do not hold to this guys views at all- the way he ‘exposes’ Islam.

But- to react with violence- to kill people who even show a drawing of Muhammad [which has happened] this is not civilized.

If we [Christians, Jews- Muslims- etc.] are going to try and live in the world together- then we need to condemn these things.

Actually- if you want the right response- the way we need to move forward- just listen to Obama’s Cairo speech- that pretty much sums it up.

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