Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Been going down to the mission the last few days.

Haven’t seen Dirks van- was asking around- ‘has anyone seen him’?

As I was standing there- my cell rang- it was Dirk!

He wanted to let me know that he and Julie- his girl- were at the state park in the Angelina forest.

It’s in Texas- he has told me about this spot many times over the years.

It’s one of his favorites- another place where he ‘lives’ for a part of the year.

He has collected arrow heads from the lake- Sam Rayburn [?]- He gave me a nice one many years ago- still have it.

I was glad to have gotten the call- I have maybe gotten 4 calls from Dirk in 25 years.

It was strange- I had just prayed for him in the morning- I thought maybe he got arrested- you know the guys park the vans all over- maybe it was one of those towing deals.

But he was happy- he had wanted to do this trip with Julie for months- to show her this part of his life- where he feels he’s not simply a ‘homeless guy’.

To be honest- I was surprised she took the trip [in her R.V.]

They were arguing a lot recently- and Julie really is a strong believer.

It’s funny- when I’m with Dirk- he shows me all the text messages she sends- verses and all- he ‘uses’ me to find ‘counter verses’ –you know- she’ll be fighting with him- send him a verse- and he wants one to send back- in retaliation.

For a few days he was asking me ‘hey John- where’s that verse about not eating the communion meal when you’re a sinner’?

Now- I told him it was in 1st Corinthians- chapter 11.

He asked me a bunch of times.

He wanted to quote it to her- because she took communion at the church- and he was telling her- well- that she’s a ‘sinner’.

So- I see him one day and he asks again- he remembered I told him Corinthians- so he read- right up to chapter 9 or so- just looking for it.

I looked in chapter 11- sure enough it’s in there.

So- that’s the extent of Dirks bible reading [to be honest- you would not think the guys even read the bible- some are regular readers- and are actually good Christians.  Henry is just one example].

Yesterday I posted a couple of pics.

The sign?

One of the guys was standing in the rain one day- he got up under the sign- and crawled in!

Yea- it has a lot of room- I thought you would like to see it.

The other picture is John- who I posted about last.

The little dog- a new girl who had the pup- thought the pup was cute.

And the guy in the hat- William.

William is a new comer- nice guy- we became friends over the last few weeks.

He was a welder for 35 years- has kids- is married- and when he retired he told his wife he wanted to travel- not just sit home and be a grandpa.

So he bought a van and has been seeing ‘the world’ [the U.S. - maybe Mexico].

He spent a few months on the beaches of Key West [Fla.]

Hemmingway’s land [the author].

He showed me a bunch of pics form Arkansas- where he lived for many years.

Great shots of catching trout in a river that ran right thru his back yard.

Kinda reminded me of the movie ‘A River runs thru it’.

Yeah- William is a nice guy.

He noticed a staff I have been using- writing on it and stuff.

He asked what I was carving- I told him just some bible verses.

Yeah- he knows this is ministry for me.

William is the type that seems like he would not listen- or usually talk- to someone who was talking about the Lord.

But we have become friends- and just in simple conversation- it does come up.

I want to ask you guys to pray for a few friends of mine.

Please pray for Brother Rey- he’s a street preacher who has had lots of physical problems the last few months.

Also pray for John David.

He’s my friend who had open heart surgery- he’s still recovering- and its tuff.

I told David that I will help him set up the half way house.

When he first told me about it- a couple of years ago now- I felt the Lord wanted me to help him.

I kinda dropped the ball to be honest.

But I took a look at the 2 story house he’s interested in- and God willing- in the next year you will be seeing pictures of us fixing it up and all.

David believes it’s his calling- I think it just might be.

See you later.

God bless you all.

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