Monday, September 17, 2012


I had a talk with John the other day.

I was at the mission- by the way- there are now about 4 Johns that I’m friends with- so this John is the guy who used to work at the Navy base right around here.

I have known John for many years- he seems to be a real nice guy.

Different form some of the other guys- you can tell that John was not a ‘bum’.

That is there are lots of guys who simply spent their whole lives around the missions- they have mastered the art of getting free stuff- many- many of them are able bodied people [actually healthier than me!].

Yet- by the thousands- they are all on SSI.

Just the other day one of them was telling me how his lawyer was getting him on disability- because he takes medication for his depression.

So- that’s the scoop.

But John worked for the base for 17 years- at 20 bucks an hour.

He was buying his own home- had a nice Harley- was living the dream in a way.

He got laid off- he lost his home- and he also did a lot of drugs.

He now lives in a broken down RV- a dump.

If he can’t come up with the 200 a month rent- he mows the grass for the owner- she owns about 8 rental houses.

As I talked with John- somehow I told him I was reading the book of Revelation- and I knew that some of it applied to him.

I told John that Revelation speaks about those who have overcome the mark of the beast- his image- and his number.

The apostle John [who wrote the book] said he saw these people ‘standing on a sea of glass mingled with fire’.

These were those who overcame the image that the beast wanted to brand them with.

I explained to John that in life- we all have good and bad times.

Often times- much of the battle is how others perceive us- that is we allow the ‘image’ that the accuser [the beast- satan] puts on us to affect us in a negative way.

I told John that when Jesus was baptized [the sea of glass imagery- get it?] that as he came up out of the water there was the voice of God saying ‘this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased’.

I told John that we- as children of God- are also seen the same way.

That God too is pleased with us- not on the basis of how we perform- but because God accepts us because his Son died for us.

I told John that this is much of the battle in life- overcoming the image of the beast- and accepting the image of God- our father.

In the New Testament it speaks about a baptism of water- and fire.

One time when the disciples were arguing over who would be ‘the greatest’ [image- see?]

Jesus asked them ‘can you be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with’?

They said yes.

He told them they would.

What baptism was Jesus referring to?

Probably the suffering he was going to go thru- the Cross.

Suffering is in a way a baptism ‘of fire’.

The baptism of the Spirit can also be called a baptism of fire.

Now- when John the apostle said he saw these people standing on a ‘sea of glass mingled with fire’.

It’s possible that he was speaking about the church- the community of people who would ‘arise’ from the baptism of water and fire.

Peter said ‘it is not only appointed unto us believe on him- but also to suffer for his name’

Yeah- as I spoke with John- as I told him about the battle to overcome the image of the beast- to accept the ‘mark of God on our fore heads’.

He understood this.

He kinda of invited me to preach at the street church for brother Rey.

I told John that Rey has asked me in the past- but I don’t do that anymore [I have many radio shows that people can still hear on line- I have preached for many years- I think I should leave that to others now].

I think John understood what I was saying.

Someone who had in a way lived part of the American dream- and then lost it all.

I encouraged him to receive the image that God has for him- the one that says ‘you are my Son in whom I am well pleased’.

Yes- there is a company of people who ‘stand on the sea’.

Don’t forget- this sea also has fire.

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