Thursday, August 09, 2012


Okay- let’s talk.

Before I forget let me finish a note on one of the pictures I posted last night [Facebook].

I posted an old pic from a fellowship we had at a ranch in Bishop- at Eli’s house.

The reason I have posted some of these blurry pics- taken from a very old cell phone- is because they have friends in the pics who have died and I will never get any new pics from them.

In this photo there was a shot of Shelby- who passed away a few years back.

Henry was also there- these are my friends from the streets of Corpus Christi- and the Bishop fellowship was one of the few times that the 2 different groups met- one group from the old days in Kingsville/Bishop- when we had our little home church.

And the later days- the guys who I now work with each week- the homeless guys.

Part of the note that got cut off was one night I was driving Homer home- he was Eli’s- Bebe’s and Rudy’s dad.

They all came to the church.

And Homer told me how happy he was to see all his boys in church.

I am still in touch with these Kingsville/Bishop guys- some are on the site [Facebook].

I plan on making a trip soon [so if you guys are reading- let me know the best day- I’ll bring a few street guys].

Okay- that finished that.

I also had one of those strange experiences.

The other day while I was praying for all the different guys- I also prayed about the ‘jail’ ministry.

For many years I used to preach at the county jails in Kingsville.

When I moved to Corpus- I tried to get in at the one here- but they had certain rules that made it hard for me to get in.

I usually do stuff like that thru the name of our ministry- corpuschristioutreachministries.

But this time they wanted me to go thru another church- so it didn’t work out.

I left it at that- I mean I still have plenty of other guys to work with.

So- as I was praying I asked the lord if he wanted me to get more involved- then he would have to show me.

It was only a day or 2 and I got the letter from my friend in prison- in N.J.

So I felt this might be an open door.

I mentioned that I was suspired to get a letter from Jersey- and the next morning I wrote a post and ‘unwittingly’ titled it I KNEW A LITTLE GREEK.

Just a play on words [the post is a few back- I was talking about the Greek language].

Later in the day I realized that this buddy who just wrote me- he is the only Greek friend I have!

So- that was cool too [you know- the first letter in years- just happened to be the only Greek guy I know].

Okay- let me quote another verse from Isaiah-

 ‘Behold- I create new heavens and a new earth- the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind- be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create’.

This verse is also found in the book of Revelation.

Here in Isaiah God is speaking about a new future for his people- a time of restoration.

God’s people went thru years of struggle and hardship- and he is telling them ‘look- those days are now over- yeah- they served a purpose- a lot of it was stuff you reaped from making bad decisions- and to put it bluntly- sinning and messing up. But no more- this is a new time- rejoice- be glad- this is a new season’.

Got it?

For those of you who need it- just take it- no charge!

And I’ll end with the tragic news event.

Yeah- I’m sure you have all heard- Romney kills women [to my less astute political readers- I kid.]

Yeah- Obama’s people put out an ad- I watched it.

It sounded very sincere- the guy said he worked for the company that Romney’s firm eventually shut down.

He then said ‘when Romney shut us down- I lost my insurance- soon after my wife died of cancer- we had no more insurance thanks to Romney’.

Now- by just watching the ad- you would have thought that the guy’s insurance covered his wife- and thanks to Romney- the lady died.

The truth is- the lady was not covered by the husband’s ins.- she had her own.

When the guy got fired- his wife still had insurance.

She finally lost hers- and later- 6 years later [after Romney left the company] the lady got sick and died.

I mean if you want to blame somebody- why not the employer who she worked for?

This whole thing is stupid- they now found out that this guy also did another ad for Obama.

That’s a big no no.

The latest ad was by one of the super pacs- and the actual campaigns are not allowed to co-ordinate with the super pacs.

It looks like the Obama people might have screwed this one up- big time.

I also liked the other Romney story I read the other day.

Some guy smashed his wife’s lap top.


 He saw a picture of Romney on her Facebook page- and thought she was a ‘cheatin’
 on him [he did not know who Romney was].

Yeah- he hit her and broke the computer- all because of that darn home wrecker- Romney.

Wow- he kills women with cancer- he wreaks havoc in homes- homes he has never been in.

Yeah- that Romney is some piece of work- a reincarnation of the American Gigolo- way to go Romney- way to go.           

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