Thursday, August 16, 2012


It’s been a few days since Romney picked Ryan as the V.P.

And I find it interesting how the media has covered it.

Last night I caught Blitzer [CNN] grilling a Repub on all the votes/positions Ryan has held since being in congress.

I mean the media have been doing this since day 1.

So- Ryan and his defenders have spent time saying ‘look- when someone is picked to be the V.P. - he realizes that the top guy on the ticket is the one who calls the shots’.

Is this true?

Of course.

As a matter of fact- I never heard one reporter ever pose a question like this to Biden.

When Obama picked Biden- Biden had cast tons of more votes than Ryan- he has been in the senate for years.

Yet not a single question- not one- about Biden casting votes that were contrary to Obama.

Yesterday we also had some bad news- a shooter walked into a political opponent’s office [he held the opposite views of this organization] and opened fire.

Yes- the shooter was associated with groups on the other side- politically- of the people he shot.

Now- where were the Bryan Rosses of the world?

You know- the reporters who were going thru the shooters background- even reporting that they found people with the same name as the shooter [Jim Holmes] who held the opposing political views of the people he shot [Ross falsely associated the batman movie shooter with a Tea party guy].

No- for the most part yesterday’s shooter got little coverage.


He was a left leaning Democrat- active in all types of liberal causes.

Now- Biden just came out and made the now infamous ‘they are gonna put YOU ALL back in chains’.

You all- the Black folk in the audience.

How lovely Joe- you just keep hittin' them out of the ball park ole buddy.

So- when you have a shooter ‘shoot’ at some type of Democrat type organization- or at some type of liberal leaning organization [abortion clinics].

The media spend days- weeks- asking the question ‘do you think the language of ‘the right’ is responsible for this’.

Yet- you have Biden- Obama- and the entire left side of the aisle spending the last few months demonizing rich folk- business people- people who hold to conservative views.

And not one single question [that I saw] asked about whether or not this type of incendiary language [their words- when covering the right] might have caused some unstable person to shoot at the Focus on the Family people.


As the media can’t seem to stop covering every vote Ryan made that was not 100 % in line with Romney- I saw a short report last night from the local NBC affiliate.

It portrayed Romney as being angry- mad- unable to handle the tough campaigning.

It showed Obama and his team as good natured folk- people who live and let live.

Yet- as I have been watching the news- I have not seen Romney openly angry- stressed out-  or frustrated to no end.

No- as a matter of fact- many on the ‘right’ are upset with Romney- because he is not doing this.

Let me make a point here to some of my Christian friends.

I know most of you know Romney is Mormon- and has played a very active role in his church.

Did you know Romney was what we consider a Pastor for many years?

People that know him will tell you straight up that he is the basic pastor type person in all of his dealings.

That in all his business dealings- even if you disagree with him financially or politically- they say he is a very honest guy.

So- when the NBC report was painting a narrative that said Romney was this stressed out angry guy- I knew they were telling ‘their story’ and theirs alone.

Then- at the end of the piece- they added in the recent comment of Biden that Romney wants to put Black people back ‘in chains’.

Which was what you saw in the clips they played of Romney- his response to the latest attack.

I also saw another interesting news story.

It was on one of the world news shows that come on at 5:30 in Texas- 6:30 in the east.

They were talking about the wildfires out of control- they then mentioned the global warming thing- how it is behind the fires.

Then- they showed a picture of Palm trees burning- all by their lonesome.


They then insinuated that global warming is so bad- that palm trees are ‘spontaneously combusting’ from the heat.

I kid you not.

Now- did these trees just ignite- by themselves- because of the heat?

As a firefighter- who worked 25 years in a very hot state- days of 110 degrees- with many palm trees.

We never had a case of a palm tree doing this.

So what was the news doing?

More than likely- they were showing you some trees- that probably did ignite- but they were not showing you they were about 100 feet from the rest of the blaze.

Yes- in fire science you learn that the heat from a fire- many more times hotter than the actual temp- even in the worst ‘global warming’ spot on the planet.

The heat from a fire can heat up a close object to its ignition temp.

Now- the fire has to be real hot [your talking thousands in degrees- not 110!]- and the object has to be pretty close- like the fire in the above scenario was probably right out of the picture- on purpose.

So- the news story can say- with some truth ‘this palm tree spontaneously combusted by the heat’ and in the same breath talk about global warming.

They did not outright ‘lie’ but they gave you a narrative that mislead you.

The media do this day in and day out- with everything.

So- as we watch the media go with a fine toothcomb thru every vote Ryan ever made- as they portray Romney as this angry cult leader- who is unable to deal with the stress of a campaign.

Yes- as they show us the palm tree that spontaneously combusts- because those damn Repubs won’t stop global warming!

Yes- as we view all this thru the looking glass of the tube.

Just remember- that when Biden [or Obama] accuse the other side of wanting to put ‘you all back in chains’.

Or wanting to kill grandma while rolling her off the cliff.

Remember- when the left uses this language- and a Democrat walks in to a Christian ministry and starts shooting- remember- this has absolutely nothing to do with the man’s act.

But when some nut shoots and wounds a Democratic senator from Arizona- Gabbie Gifford’s- the media spend an entire week asking if the use of the word Target- by Sarah Palin- was responsible for the shooting.

Yeah- that’s the good ole honest media for ya- you know- the ones who just happen to spot palm trees spontaneously goin’ up in smoke.

NOTE- I kid you not- right now- just as I wrote ‘up in smoke’ I look up- and yes- my desk top [wood] is actually on fire- for real.


I have a habit of burning candles- lighting my own home made lamps [bottles with wicks in them- filled with lamp fuel].

And burning incense.

So- my wife keeps telling me ‘your gonna set the house on fire one day’.

Sure enough- I had a candle burning- and it lit some spilled wax on the desk top [I have a spot where I burn candles and the wax gets on the wood].

I look up- the thing is in flames.

 If I had the time I would have clicked a pic!

I put it out with a towel- but I almost had to grab the garden hose- let’s hope my wife does not read this one [or one of my daughters squeals on me! You know- Biden style.]

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