Thursday, August 02, 2012


I dropped my daughter off at the San Antonio airport [by the way- we do have a nice Corpus airport- but the flights are cheaper if you fly from the Alamo city].

The next day [yesterday] as I was catching the news- I saw that they locked down the airport- they had a bomb scare at the same time we were there the day before.

Glad I missed it for sure.

Okay- there are always a few current event things to do- lets hit some real quick.

The Chick- Fil- A debacle.

As most of you know the president of the restaurant got into some hot water by saying he was for traditional marriage-- not ‘gay’ marriage.

Then you had the ‘left’ go ballistic ‘how dare you hold values different than ours'!

The mayor of Boston [Menino] and Chicago [Emmanuel- yeah- him again] were outraged.

So outraged- that they said they were banning the chain from opening up restaurants in their cities.

Wow- what noble ethics these guys have.

If the CEO of a company simply holds traditional values- you forbid him to operate in your city.

Even though gay people actually work for the company- and they also serve gay folk.

No- if you say your view is different- you’re out.

I like Old Emanuel [not really].

The other day he teamed up with Farrakhan- he said they were going to work together to combat the killings that have taken over the city ever since Rahm took the reins.

So- let me get this right- you are not only willing to let Farrakhan operate in your town- but you give credibility to the man by publicly teaming up with him.

His values?

Jews are lying cheating bastards that need to die.

Whites are the demon seed- the kids of satan.

This nut job has spewed the most racist stuff that you could ever imagine.

Yet- Rahm refuses to let Chik- Fil- A operate- because ‘we do not share their values’.

Great job Rahm [and the political strategists of Obama- who were probably behind the whole thing].

Okay- enough of that ;stuff’.

Now that I have my new ‘smart phone’ I have been noticing the commercials and stuff about the phones.

I actually have learned a few things from just watching the commercials [sad- I know].

So the other day I’m watching the news with Dianne Sawyer [ABC] and they do a piece on all the injuries that have increased because of these new devices.

They do the stats on the increase of broken head/face bones [people walking off stuff].

All the neck injuries and stuff.

Then they show a clip of a guy walking into a bear- he’s not looking- he’s got his face in the phone.

Some person walking off the subway rail tracks.

A few other ‘smart’ phone folks walking into walls- or the pond thing in the middle of the local mall.

I mean it was funny in a way- I just didn’t realize I was getting into another high danger field- just by purchasing a phone!

I remember years ago at the fire house- all the younger guys were getting the latest phones and stuff.

I never was the type to update something just because the next new thing came out- I kept the laptop and phone for years before I would upgrade.

But you had the guys walking around the fire dept with the hands free thing- you know they are walking- talking- and nothing in their hand.

I thought they were talking to me- or themselves.

No- they were just doing the hands free thing.

Then we all got new pagers- and we had to wear them- all the time.

You know- just in case the chief needs you.

At a fire?



So- I would be at the scene of an emergency [fire- car wreck- heart attack…]

And sure enough- the ‘darn’ pager would buzz.

‘gee- who could that be- after all I’m just inside this house- on fire’.

I look at the pager [after the smoke clears].

It’s the latest scores for the college game [Basketball?]

I was ready to chuck the thing in the fire.

Yeah- we had pagers that went off every time the sports channel did an update.

So- we live in this strange new world of technology.

We also have Dem mayors refusing to give business permits to restaurants- at a time when people are dying for jobs.

And these same mayors- who refuse on the grounds that ‘they don’t hold my values’.

They are teaming up with leaders of racist movements who call for the deaths of Jews and Whites- way to go Rahm!

Yeah- it’s a strange new world.

Okay- that’s it for now- need to upload some of the S.A. pics I took the other day.

You know what that means?

Yeah- I’ll be using the phone- pray for me- please!

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