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Okay- we spent the last few days talking about the Todd Akin comment.

Akin is running for senator in Mo.

He said that ‘legitimate rape RARELY produces a pregnancy- because a woman’s body has ways of shutting that stuff down’.


So- the national media has spent days on this.

Last night I caught a short clip of ABC world news with Dianne Sawyer.

It teased an upcoming special 2 DAY coverage of Mormonism.

So- I figured instead of my usual channel surfing- I would watch the entire 30 minutes of ABC news at 5:30.

It was revealing.

For their political coverage- they showed a few negative ads about Ryan/Romney [none of Obama].

They covered the abortion views of Ryan.

Then they said ‘okay- that’s it for political coverage’.

Was that political coverage?


It was free ad time for the President.

How so?

Many of the web ad’s that are produced- by both sides- only produce them for the purpose of various media outlets picking them up and showing them on their shows.

Yes- nothing wrong with the strategy.

But- when the so called unbiased media only plays the ads of one side- they are spending hundreds of thousands giving free ad time to one side.

What about the Mormon coverage?

ABC began a 2 night ‘world coverage’ of Mormonism.

Like I said before- I am very aware of their teaching- I have Mormon friends- but quite frankly- the media realize that if they high light the religious beliefs of Romney- it will hurt him.

So- during the coverage they used words like-

‘strange- peculiar’ [fits in with MSNBC’S mantra of referring to Romney as weird- member of a cult]

‘imposing temples’

‘secret rituals’

‘all male leaders’


Got it?

Now- you might ask ‘so John- if these things are true- then what’s wrong with the media exposing it’.

That’s the point.

When President Obama was running in 2008- his church background had almost no coverage at all.

The little coverage it did get was by Fox- or those in the media saying his religion is off grounds.

Matthews [MSNBC] kept accusing the conservatives of imposing a ‘religious test’ on Obama.

So- the church Obama belonged to was a Black Liberation church.

Now- for the record- much of what you read on my site has a very strong strain of liberation theology in it.

Yes- my defense of the poor- the illegal alien- many of my themes are indeed found in liberation theology movements.

In the past I covered this teaching- how it rose from the Catholic bishops in Latin America- how the Catholic church had debates within their church over it.

All in all- in some ways I actually defended Liberation Theology- and even Rev Wright [to a degree].

So- having said that- what were some of the beliefs of Obama’s church?

Rev Wright [Obama’s pastor for 20 years] believed that AIDS was created by the White man [the govt.] for the purpose of infecting Blacks to kill them.

Wright worked closely with Farrakhan in Chicago- and they often espoused hatred for the White race.

How much of this did you ever see on the news?

Did ABC do a 2 night ‘world coverage’ of the ‘strange beliefs’ of Obama’s church?

Now- how much of this affected the President?

Obama’s defense was he never heard Wright say any stuff like this- though he said Wright was one of the most influential men in his life.

He was married by Wright.

Wright baptized his kids.

And Obama titled one of his books after a phrase from the pastor [The Audacity of Hope].

Now- as a listener of both the right and left- I also get to hear [radio] stuff that you don’t hear on the news.

These are actual quotes from President Obama 

‘White man’s greed rules a world in need’ [he was quoting from his own book- he did an audio version of it]

‘White’s move into the suburbs because they don’t want to pay for the education of inner city kids’

Does he really believe this?

If you are White- and you move out of the city- he says you did this because you are racist.

Not because you want to escape the crime- pollution- have a better school for your kids.

No- according to the Presidents own words- it’s because you don’t want your money going to educate inner city kids [mostly Black kids].

Why are these actual quotes important?

They show you that the beliefs of rev. Wright did indeed affect the President.

Yet- you never heard any of this from the media- they would not dare cover the religious beliefs of Obama.

They said it was outrageous that anyone would ask.

As I watched last night- I was reminded of all the comments I heard these past few weeks by the media.

Bashir [MSNBC] said outright that Christians should not vote for Romney because he denies the Trinity.

A major Democrat funder said Romney does not give to charity- but to ‘his cult’.

On and on.

I personally do not believe we should pick a candidate because of his faith.

Other Christians do indeed differ- I have friends who will not vote for Romney because he is Mormon.

The point I’m making is this is what you call media bias.

You would never see a so called news man say ‘you should not vote for Obama because he is a Black Liberation Christian’.

Now- you will hear that from others- but never from the news itself.

Yet- we have heard all of the above from so called main stream news sources.

If we- as Citizens- are expected to  make informed votes- then we either need to know all of the above- about both sides- or none of the above- about both sides.

I assure you- if the world news covered the statements- of the president himself- and the beliefs of the church he attended for 20 years.

That the 2008 election would have been much different.

But the media had their man- and they did all they could to cover him in a favorable light.

Now- they are covering his challenger in an unfavorable one.

They are outright saying he is a cult member- that he denies the Trinity- that his church is strange- weird.

They are covering Romney’s religion nonstop.

Yet- the church belief that the White man created AIDS to kill Blacks- well that’s a personal religious belief.

We have no right to know that.

O- Sorry.

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