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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Breaking News- Blogger just executed by cops- South Texas region-
.PD central
.Toomey case- will CCPD reveal the undisclosed location- we are waiting Chief Markle- for real answers!
.Corpus Christi- aka ‘Little Mexico’
.Was it really suicide?
.Too many hangings in our local jail- why?
The Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it.

 Will CCPD come clean about the Toomey case?-
.You Tube and Phone hacked?
.Come on boys- you can do better than that!
.Will CCPD explain why they told Toomey not to call 911- or they will arrest him?
.Then the tragic killings
.Will they ever be held liable for this gross negligence that lead to the deaths of innocents?
.Nina- Pinta and Santa Maria- is it a sign?
.Yes- the sinking ship
.Don’t keep pouring money into a sinking ship- first make sure the ship works
AriseO God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

I just heard Chief Markles voice- Chief did you say ‘I’m going to kick John’s ass’?
.I have a question for you chief
.Yes- I just heard his voice- honest!
.Grass is not the problem

.Shooting at Corpus Christi Wal Mart last night
.Cop killed in Texas today
.Request for feds to come in

The dog-
.The dog was killed
.Who do we blame?
.The utter incompetence of this area of our country?
.The back water mentality?
.The inability of having competent people in positions of authority?
.Maybe all this plays a role
.Human life is more valuable- and we often treat it like a joke

At the end of the day I like to walk by the water. As I parked the car I saw some brother struggling. He was rigging up a lawnmower to a bike.
He seemed to know me- and I stopped and hung out a while.

As I walked away I felt I should make a video- that's titled WOODY.
 I made that video after I left.

On the way back he was still there- so I had him say a few words- that's titled HERE’S WOODY.
After I turned the camera off- I stayed with him for almost an hour- just helping him with the bike.
It was really ready to go- but I think he just wanted to hang out for a while-

Which was fine.
That's it for this day-
We will see what happens next-

NEW- I want to be brief-
 Today the big news story was the tragic killing of a cop in Texas- [Texas Tech]- We also had a brutal shooting of a victim here in Corpus Christi- at a local Wal Mart.
 If I add all those links- it will take away attention from the case I focused on today.
Toomey tried to call the CCPD multiple times- on the last call they told him if he called again- they would arrest him. After repeated attempts to have the highly paid CCPD to simply please come- please help- please simply do your jobs.

He took the law into his own hands- and killed 4 people in the trailer park where my daughter lives.
He was then beaten by the CCPD- brought to an undisclosed location- and later found dead in the county jail.

The death was ruled a suicide- but it is indeed questionable.
As you look at the case- the shooter is obviously responsible- but it is also obvious that the inability of the CCPD to once again- simply perform their job- played a role.

So- we mourn the death of the cop in Texas- we mourn all the deaths of people- those who died at the hands of other people.
Some times justified shootings- other times not.

In the killings that take place- we want open investigations- on all sides.
If authorities hide facts- lie about the dead victims- and cover up- this too is a crime- yet society often just views it as óh- they lied’.

Can you imagine if we applied this standard to the killing of a cop?
If we hid video of the kid who killed the cop- then lied on all the official reports and insisted that the victim was at fault.
And then after 2 years they released a video- and sure enough- the kid was the real culprit.
Then the nation would be outraged- justly.
But we never see that outrage when the victim is a civilian- and the killer a cop.

LAST NOTE- I debated to add this-
Because people have a hard time with me smoking-
But- because of what happened when I got home- I figured I would.

When I was helping Woody with the bike- he lit up a cigarette- as most of you know I give away- a lot- to my friends.
So I told Woody ‘I’m going to go get a cigarette out of my car’ I leave them in the car when I walk- the car was right there.
But Woody gave me one of his-

He needed a light- so I lent him my Zippo-
Then I remembered my friend Mike gave me this Zippo a few weeks ago- and I thought I should let Woody keep it.

So I gave it to him.
Now here's the part that made me tell the story.

I have a Zippo at the house- my daughter bought it for me years ago- it says ‘Happy Fathers day’ on it.
But I filled it with fluid a while back- changed the flint- and the wick was still good.
But I could never get it to light!

I have tried many times- just wouldn’t work.
So yes- I prayed ‘I gave the Zippo to Woody- please let mine work’.
It did- so that's why I added this at the end.

Below is a short clip from the ruling that denied Toomey family a settlement-
Toomey had his pants tied around his neck and was unresponsive. Jail guards and medical staff attempted to revive Toomey, after which he was transported to a hospital and pronounced dead at 12:19 a.m. on September 19. The cause of death was later determined to be mechanical asphyxiation. The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office subsequently conducted an internal investigation into Toomey’s suicide and found that “no violations of customs, regulations, or policies . . . contributed to [Toomey’s] death.”

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