Saturday, December 29, 2012


I want to try and comment on Micah chapter 5- an Old Testament prophet.

But first a few other things.

Last night I was watching Fox news- and Greta mentioned the top stories of the year.

Lots of the news shows do this every year.

I thought- in general- that it’s harmful to re-tell the school shootings- over and over again- right at this time.

In our media world there is a sort of voyeurism that takes place- we want to see- hear- the actual events- over and over again.

Sometimes after a tragic event- maybe it’s already a few days old.

And some network will get hold of the actual 911 call- and run that as the news ad during the day.

‘Hey look- tonight we have the actual call’.

Oftentimes it’s the call a parent made when she found her kid was killed- or some other tragedy.

We do not need to air that type of stuff.

Anyway Greta said she thinks that ‘Africa will be the top story of this new year- not the Arab Spring’.

Okay- I know my liberal friends are mad at me- some ‘un-friend’ me and stuff.

Because I have been hard on the Dems.

But this time I’ll be hard on Fox.

Who remembers the Arab Spring posts I did last year?

The 3 nations that ‘sprung’ were Tunisia- Egypt- and Libya.

All these nations border each other on the Mediterranean sea- on the North part of the African continent.

In short- all the Arab Spring nations are Africa- so far.

The only possible one that’s not African is Syria- and it hasn’t ‘sprung’ yet.

So yeah- we should not always believe what we see on the tube.

Okay- Micah 5 is the chapter for this week.

It has the famous prophecy that out of Bethlehem Jesus will come.

It speaks about Bethlehem as a small- po dunk type town.

‘You are the least in Judah- yet from thee shall he spring forth who is to be the ruler’.


Jesus hailed from the wrong side of the tracks in many ways.

Galilee was also a sort of underclass area- Jesus and his men spoke Aramaic- which was kind of a lower class language.

A sort of Ebonics of the day [ouch!]

Yet- from that spot where it seemed no good could come- yet good did come.

A couple of verses caught my attention.

‘Daughter of troops- gather yourself into troops’.

And ‘When the enemy comes into the land you will raise up against him 7 shepherds and 8 principal men’.

When I read these verses this week- I applied them to the halfway house ministry we started a couple of months ago.

Often times in scripture we read symbols- things that might use warfare imagery- yet they are not talking about ‘killing’ the way we think.

One of the tragedies of our time is we have too many religious people who have never made this distinction.

And even in the church we hold to many ideas- that come from images about war- that are only symbols- but some teach them as actual war.

In the book of Revelation the apostle John talks about the Christians overcoming the enemy.

It talks about a battle- Jesus on a White horse- a sword coming out of his mouth.

When Evangelicals turn these into actual war prophecies- they do damage to the truth.

I mean the image of a sword from Jesus mouth is understood as the Word of God.

So Jesus ‘slays his enemies’ with the word of God.

Does Jesus actually kill them?

No- when people accept the message of Christ- they get baptized.

Baptism is a type of death to the old man- and life to the new.

So- the images of those being killed by ’the sword from Jesus mouth’ should be seen in this way.

[Or as a type of end time judgment that Gods word carries out- Jesus said ‘the words that I speak to you’ will judge you in the final day.]

Revelation says those who ‘died the first death and had part of the first resurrection’ the second death has no power over them.

All who are in Christ have died a sort of ‘first death’ on these- the 2nd death [when you die] has no power.

The writer of Hebrews says Jesus delivered us- who thru fear of death were all our lives in bondage.

Those who have died the first death- who have joined themselves unto Christ and are 'crucified’ with him.

Yeah- on these the 2nd death has no power.

Okay- I could go on and on like this- but the point is we as believers need to be careful when we teach the verses that speak about killing- death and swords.

Often times they are not to be taken literally.

So- when I read that God raises up ‘7 princes’ against the enemy.

I realized- at the halfway house- there are a total of 7 of us working together in the ministry.

I liked that- God uses people- princes- to come against the enemy.


Okay- back to Revelation.

There is this image of Jesus with 7 stars in his hand- and it says these are the 7 angels of the churches.

Some see these ‘angels’ as church leaders.

The Greek word means messenger- and it can mean angels or people.

The point is- Jesus has these people- these chosen ones- and he uses them as ‘weapons’.

That is- those who are sent into the world with the message of the gospel- these are in a way soldiers for the Lord.

But they don’t go out and kill people in the literal sense- but when they carry the message of the Cross- and when others believe in that message- then yes- those who believe and are baptized have died in a way.

The apostle Paul says ‘I have been crucified with Christ- never the less I live- yet not I but Christ lives in me’.

So yeah- when the enemy comes in- God sends messengers against him.

These messengers too have ‘swords’ in their mouths- they speak the Word of God.

And yes- every so often they ‘kill’ people- that is- those who hear the message- they die a sort of ‘first death’.

They die to the old man- the old nature.

They are raised with Jesus also- to walk in a new way.

Yeah- on these- the next death will have no power.

NOTES- I also wanted to mention yesterday’s ruling by Supreme Court justice Sotomayor.

She ruled that the Catholic owners of Hobby Lobby must either provide birth control thru their company- or start paying a 1.3 million dollar a day fine.

I remember when the debate was going on about Obama Care.

Many good people—Bishop Tim Dolan from N.Y. and others.

They were assured by the president himself that the religious views of Catholics would not be trampled over by the new law.

Yet- since the law passed- many Catholics have already been affected by the law in a negative way.

As most of you know- the church teaches that birth control is not an acceptable practice for Catholics.

Now- being raised as a Catholic- and now a Protestant- I do realize that many Catholics do not obey this rule.

But- others do.

It is sad that the Obama Care law does indeed trample over the rights of Catholics.

When a law forces a Catholic to provide something that goes against their conscience- that’s wrong.

The president and his supporters swore that this would not happen- tell that to the owners of Hobby Lobby as they start writing checks for 1.3 million- every day!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012


I read a news article yesterday- it was ‘fascinating’ to say the least.

It talked about the evil congressional republicans.

[I’m an independent myself- just sayin’]

It explained that they have 2 choices that they must make as a direct result of Obama Care.

They either have to eliminate the Mortgage interest deduction- or eliminate the pre tax dollars for employer paid insurance.

I had this benefit for 25 years at the Fire Dept.

We called it the cafeteria plan- each year we signed up for it and we paid our insurance premiums with pre taxed dollars.

We never paid taxes on the money we spent for the insurance.

Okay- I remember during the health care debate- many who objected to Obama Care said that this would happen.

You had not one single Republican vote for Obama Care- it was a rare vote where major legislation that would affect the entire country would be passed by a strict party line vote.

So- the Repubs voted nay- Obama and the Dems voted yes.

Now- the point I’m gonna make is simply one of media propaganda- I am not ‘anti’ universal health care- I was for the more progressive [liberal] choice- I wanted health care- European style.

So- just letting you know my position.

The article yesterday made it sound like the Republicans are solely responsible for the choice of either eliminating the pre tax insurance benefit- or the mortgage interest deduction.

Yes- we have a Dem president- a dem controlled senate- and the Repubs are in the majority in the house.

Every single Repub voted against Obama care- yet- the actual people who did not want this- who warned that this would happen- are now depicted by the media- and the president and Dem senate- as the bad guys who are forcing a choice between the 2 options.

This is utterly amazing- that the media can have so much power- to actually blame one side for something that side never wanted.

And the other side- who wanted the law- they are actually teaming with the media to say that the Repubs are forcing this choice.

Now- for the average news watcher- they believe the propaganda- they hear this stuff- and let it affect them.

I posted last week that the Repubs were going to try and pass a tax raise on millionaires- and ask for not one single cut in spending.

This would have been a huge plus for the president and the senate- who were trying to not cut anything while raising taxes on the rich.

Boehner- the house Repub leader- got his base mad- yet he would have forced the vote anyway.

But you had a couple of dozen Repubs say that the president had already swore that he would veto it- and they would be stuck with a vote to raise taxes on the rich- which would have hurt them in the next primary.

So- they never passed the ‘plan b’.

The next day- the president came out and said ‘let’s try and pass a tax raise on the rich’ and we can settle the rest later.

The exact thing that the day before he swore to veto.

Then why did he say he would veto the legislation?

Because what he is doing is trying to win a game with the Repubs- he wants to gain the upper hand [not saying he’s wrong- both sides do this- just showing you the game].

If the Repubs passed the millionaire tax raise- which would have indeed hurt them with the Tea party guys- then Obama would have to sign it [if he meant what he has been saying ‘lets tax millionaires and billionaires’] and then he would have signed a bill that was passed by the Repub house.

So what?

He should have just signed the thing- not threatened a veto.

[by the way- this was the exact plan that both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wanted- they wanted to raise taxes only on millionaires and over- because they have rich districts that they represent].

Some of the Repubs said they would not vote for the plan- because even if they voted for it- and Obama vetoed it- the media would still blame the Repub congress.

They were right.

If the media are able to take a law that not a single Repub voted for [Obama care].

And then blame that side for the decision to either eliminate the mortgage interest deduction- or the Ins deduction.

And then the side who voted for Obama care- they are teaming up with the media to say ‘look what the Repubs are doing’.

Then yes- the media will twist the story to benefit them- the side that most of them vote for.

This is simply a lesson in the media- the bias that exists- at times- on both sides.

When I read the article yesterday- I saw right thru the game- because I write on this stuff- but there are many who simply have no idea.

I’ll end with one example.

I told a liberal friend the other day that I will wind up paying the Obama Care ‘penalty’ this year.

It’s about 700 bucks that I don’t have.

Why will I pay it?

When I retired from the Fire Dept in 2008- I had to drop my health Insurance.

It would have cost me 70% of my monthly retirement check to have kept it.

So- I dropped it.

And as the ball bounces- within a week- I noticed some stuff that really needed to be checked by a doctor.

I panicked and called my Ins people to see if I could get back on- then I tried to get checked thru the VA- I am a vet.

No luck.

So- after about a month of this- I got mad and said ‘the heck with it- whatever will be will be’.

So- how did I get treatment?

Okay- don’t laugh- I went on line- typed in what the problem was- and simply picked the least terrible possibility- and then typed in what ‘free’ or natural remedies I could try to fix it.

Yeah- that’s what I have been doing.

Now- do remedies like this work?

I have no idea- but just sayin’.

So- if I have to- I spend around 120 bucks and take the hit and make a doctor visit.

[by the way- people- like me- do not get free health care from the E.R. - that’s false. If you go to the E.R. with a possible long term disease- they simply recommend you to a doc and then they do tests.  If you do not have Ins- you can’t go thru the process.  And if the E.R does any work- you get a HUGE bill. There is no ‘free health’ care thru the E.R. - unless your poor and they can’t bill you].

That leaves me with 7 possible out of pocket visits a year- for 700 bucks.

Oh yeah- I just got an Obama Care tax raise for 700- that I don’t have.

My friend who I told the story too could not believe that I was gonna get fined.

They watch MSNBC all year- and they thought that everyone that was against Obama Care was a racist.

That those who opposed it just could never accept a ‘Black Man’ in the White House.

I told my friend that what Obama Care did for me was it leaves me a choice to get on line [when?] and choose between an option of private insurers to get insurance.

This is called the Health Care Exchange.

The govt. will pay for some of the premium- but not all.

From what I know- I will still have to cough up money I don’t have- so I will still have to pay the fine.

My friend whose already on govt. care [all my buddies get Medicaid] had no idea that this was how Obama Care worked.

That you get to choose from a group- and you still have to pay- they thought it was some actual ‘universal health plan’.

So- why would a person like me be against it?

Because I just lost 7 doctors visits- that I could not afford to lose.

I now will save that money for the 'darn’ fine.


Were not all racists.

Some of us just wish we could have used the money- even for the ‘on line’ drugs.

They still cost you know.

NOTE- I told my friend it was sad that they never heard about the Health Exchanges- which is what Obama Care actually is.

They spent a whole year watching MSNBC.

They heard how all who were against it were playing ‘dog whistle racism/politics’.

That those in the south can’t get passed the Civil War.

They heard this ‘stuff’ for a whole year- and never once learned what the plan was.

That’s why I say outlets like MSNBC are destroying the country.

They were ‘taught’ that people like me were racists- because why else would any sane person be against Obama care?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas to all [and happy holidays to you politically correct types].

I debated on posting today- you’re normally obliged to do some type of Christmas thing.

But last night I was thinking about an experience that one of the guys at the halfway house shared with me- and I thought maybe we’d go with that.

And if possible- turn it into some type of Christmas story.

Okay- over the past few years I have developed all sorts of images- scenes- bible verses- they are here in my office and in my backyard.

These are simply reminders for prayer.

For instance- in my yard I have this gazebo- it has all the names of the guys I have prayed for- for years.

I have the thing looking like a modern day Tabernacle of Moses.


Yeah- in the Old Testament we read about this Tent system that God ordained when the people were in the wilderness.

It’s called the Tabernacle of Moses.

It was simply this 2 room portable tent- with various items of worship in and around it [the courtyard was the outer area].

So- in my ‘remake’ I have sort of the same things- I even covered this gazebo with outdoor hanging material- you know- like a tent.

I also started playing my harmonica every day- I started this about a year ago.

Now- I’m no musician- but I read some verses over the years that seemed to incorporate this type of harmonica ‘prayer’ in with regular type prayer.

Okay- last thing.

This last year I started making staffs- yeah- you know- things that people carry around while they are walking.

I even brought one or 2 down to the mission- I was carving on them while hanging out with the guys.

So- right now I have 5 of them- and they surround all these spots I mentioned.

So- that’s sort of the imagery that I feel the Lord gave me- ways to see the community of people when praying for them.

Okay- I’m talking with John Boy the other day.

John Boy is one of the first guys to stay at the halfway house.

He’s dying of cancer- and he kinda came with the idea that he would die while staying with us.

John was an addict for most of his life- and is trying to ‘die clean’ [those are his exact words].

So- when I take the guys into town to run errands and stuff- I take John too.

He loves getting out- you can see his pictures on my Facebook page- he’s the one holding the ax.

So John   tells me this story- this dream he had about 20 years ago.

He was climbing this mountain [journey in life] and when he gets to the top- he could see all the other people climbing their mountains too.

When you get to the top- you see all these roads leading to one central thing.

It’s a tent- a ‘tabernacle of Moses’ type [I asked what type because John is an American Indian- he told me it was not an Indian type].

As all the trails are leading to the tent- all the people are carrying staffs [Hmmm?]

As they near the tent- you smell incense [which I forgot to mention- I’m always burning them- even now].

And last but not east- there is this beautiful sound of a harmonica playing from inside the tent.

John does not remember what the song was- I took his bible and outlined my ‘harmonica song’ from the book of Revelation [it says those who overcame the beast stood on a sea of glass and had these harmonicas/harps. There are multiple verses in the book of Revelation that I get the idea from- but the actual words I use are in chapter 5 starting in verse 9].

I marked the song and asked him to read it later.

Yeah- I felt in many ways Johns dream was prophetic- it had meaning.

Okay- now the Christmas part.

We read in the bible that Jesus was the bread of life who came to us thru the Virgin Mary.

He was born in a lowly stable [ark- box]- yet was Divine in nature.

A type of the Ark of the Covenant that was in the Tent of Moses- it held the 10 commandments [Deity- Gods character- inside a fleshly tent].

Jesus was God and man- not half God and half man- but fully God and fully man.

That’s why the images with the ‘Moses tent’ had both Gold and precious metals- as well as the skins of animals- showing a combination of deity along with humanity/flesh.

Over time the tent system would be replaced with a temple- that was basically the tent in a more permanent form.

This temple- built 2 times [really 3- King Herod built the 2nd temple into this grand masterpiece right before the time of Christ- it was the temple that the disciples referred to when speaking to Jesus].

This temple had a huge veil- a blanket type material that separated the 2 rooms on the inside.

This veil represented separation from God- sinful man could not approach a holy God.

The high priest went alone once a year behind the veil- and he would offer the blood of a sacrifice for the sins of the people.

During the crucifixion of Christ we read that an earthquake shook the ground-  and the ‘veil of the temple was torn apart- from top to bottom’.

This signified that thru the Cross we now all have access to God- no more veil.

Yes- the whole thing pointed to Christ- there are entire books written about all the things in detail- how they all have meaning.

But for today- I’ll end with that picture in my mind- my friend John has reached the top of the mountain- he hears the harmonica playing- he smells the incense from the room.

Oh- one more thing.

John said when he got to the tent- in his dream- that everybody left their walking canes outside.

There was no more need for them.

John the Apostle tells us that in that day there will be no more crying or pain or anything like that.

Yeah- we will leave our canes at the door.


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Monday, December 24, 2012


I should have covered this chapter last week- but I’m behind a little.

So let’s start the week with a famous verse.

“Call unto me and I will answer thee and SHOW THEE great and mighty things that thou knowest not”.

Jeremiah 33:3.

This chapter deals with the restoration promises that God made to his people in the Old Testament.

The other week I did a few posts about the main meaning of the bible- the message of Christianity.

One of the main themes of the bible is the promise of a coming Messiah- someone who the Jewish nation was looking for- he was a future deliverer.

In this chapter the prophet talks about the promise made to King David- that there would be a Son from his genealogy that would someday sit on the throne of David.

In the New Testament we see the promise fulfilled thru the coming of Christ.

If you carefully read the book of Acts- the main preachers [Peter and Paul] speak about this Davidic promise being fulfilled thru Jesus.

Jesus came from the lineage of David and he was raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of God.

Okay- Jeremiah is preaching to the Jewish people during a time of captivity- the people are in bondage- again [Remember Egypt?]

In order to encourage them he tells them God has not forgotten the promises he made to them.

He says he will restore them- he will fulfill the promise to David- and there will ‘never fail to be someone form David’s house to sit on the throne- a Branch will grow up from David’.

When the apostles Paul/Peter talk about this promise to David in the New Testament- they say it must be speaking about the resurrection of Christ- because it says a Son [Jesus] will sit on the throne forever.

How can there be a king who takes the ‘job’ forever?

Because this king has an everlasting life- seated in the position.

Get it?

So- the whole chapter is simply a reminder to a depressed people- people heading for their own ‘fiscal cliff’ and yet- there is still hope.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting a special ring from a friend- it has the words ‘Trust God’ on it.

So- with my history of losing rings- I made sure that this one stays on most of the time.

I only take it off when I shower- and it goes back on.

The other morning I woke up- and the first thing I realized was the ring was gone.


I mean I looked all over for it- turned the house upside down- went to the van- traced my steps- the whole 9 yards.

So- after about an hour- I knew what needed to be done.

We all know- but we get mad- and we don’t like to do it.

Yup- I prayed.

‘Lord- this week I’m reading Jeremiah 33- and it says to call unto you and you will show us stuff we don’t know- so here it goes- what happened to the ring?’

So- my daughter says ‘dad- someone will find it- it will show up’.

Yeah- I knew I had to wait- but I really did not want to.

So- I’m thinking ‘who will find it?’

Then- when I wake up the next day- I’m doing some dishes the morning- and I have a thought.

When I was at the halfway house I worked on the toilet- and I’m sure I took my ring and watch off.

Now- I had the watch- but maybe I left the ring?

I called the guys and asked around- there were a bunch of people there that day.

I waited a couple of days- and when I went to the house- sure enough little Charlie found the ring.

See- the verse doesn’t say ‘call unto me and I will bring it back’- it says ’I will show you things you don’t know’.

I didn’t know I took the ring off- I didn’t remember it- so the answer was God showing me something I forgot.

Okay- try and read the chapter this week- it’s a great chapter.

Pay attention to the promises that God is making to the people.

The promises that God will work thru their families- he will restore the things that are broken- fix stuff.

We all need those types of promises.

And if you are stuck- pray the verse- verse 3- and see if the Lord will show you something.

Maybe not an outright miracle- but just a thought- something you might have overlooked.

Often times that’s the answer to the prayer- it works.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012


As we end the week- lets hit a few hot topics.

By the way- the chapter for the week was Jeremiah 33.

Okay- we are still here.

Yes- the Mayan calendar thing did not pan out.

I always had my doubts- especially after I saw a short clip about a year ago.

Some guy was interviewing an actual Mayan expert [priest?]

He was the real deal- dressed up and all.

The documentary was a serious thing- not some comedy central skit.

The priest was asked ‘and what do you think about the end of the world prediction’.

He says- I kid you not- 'that’s a bunch of crap’.

Form the priest!

So- I always had my doubts.

Did you hear what the preacher said?

He couldn’t believe people could call for stuff like this- yeah- you tell em Harold [Camping].

Okay- the news.

The other day I posted about Boehner’s Christmas present to Obama.

The Repubs were trying to pass a tax raise on millionaires only- and kick the ball down the road on the other stuff.

Now- that would have been a great deal for the Dems- they said that’s what they want [but they really don’t].

Because when the Dems saw what Boehner was doing- they hooped and hawed and swore they would never pass it in the Dem controlled senate.

And if it passed the President swore he would veto the thing.

So- some Repubs in the house bailed out- and Boehner never passed it.

O my- you would have thought the world was coming to an end- again.

The Dems were on all the shows- saying how this is one of the greatest failures of all time- the Tea party are even holding their leader hostage.

On and on.

So- last night Obama says ‘lets just pass an extension of the tax cuts for the middle class- and 0 yea- lets extend unemployment insurance’.


Was this not the basic plan Boehner just tried to pass- and you swore it was a disaster?

Sure was [Obama’s quick fix would have raised taxes on lower incomes than Boehner’s- but still- it was the same basic thing].

He only wanted to beat the Repubs in the house- if he were serious he would not have threatened to veto their bill in the first place- that’s a fact.

Okay- last night the NRA guy came out with their delayed response to the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook.

 I’m not an NRA guy- never was.

I actually listened to most of the speech- on PBS.

He advocated for- be careful now- putting cops in the schools.

Yeah- he was careful with the language- he said COPS.

Okay- do I think his plan will fly?

Not on your life.

Does he think it will fly?

Probably not.

Then why float it?

They want to turn the conversation from just gun control to a broader one.

They want to talk about kids being raised with video games that kill people.

Hip Hop songs that talk about shooting cops.

They want to extend the conversation beyond more gun laws.

Sure enough- MSNBC had short clips on the screen ‘NRA WANTS MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS’.

Stuff like that.

I guess they equate having armed POLICE with ‘more guns’.

So- according to this line- if you call the cops after a school shooting- you are irresponsible- you are calling for more guns on the scene?

See- I don’t support the NRA view- but when a media outlet purposefully lies- misleads the people- they destroy as much as any right winger ever did.

One clip showed the words of the NRA speech.

They then went to some mayor who is the head of ‘mayors against illegal guns’.

The clip of the speech said ‘lets put cops in the schools so if another deranged person comes in to kill kids- the cop can be there as a deterrent’.

Okay- have cops stopped people from shooting people before?

Just about every day.

When a cop comes to shoot a bad guy- do we usually call that ‘bringing more guns to a spot that already has too many’?


So- after the clip- the mayor for gun control said ‘how insane- he thinks the answer to having too many guns on the street is more guns’!

Actually- what the mayor did- and Msnbc and the others- they answered their own question.

The NRA guy did not say he thought this was the solution to having to many guns on the street.

He said it might prevent another shooting- which- in reality- it just might.

But the media- the mayor- they wanted you to think that the NRA- the ‘right wingers’ that they want more guns in schools.

That they want ‘security guards’ in schools.

Yeah- MSNBC did not use the actual term ‘More cops’ no- they wanted you to think ‘security guards’ and teachers- and who knows- even arm the kids!

Yeah- keep playing the game- nothing gets solved- you breed dissension in the country- and at the end of the day- you harm the country.

So John- you are for the right wingers?

No- in no way.

I’m for telling the truth- on both sides.

I am not against a ban on the 30 round clips.

I am for the ban on ‘assault weapons’ [though in reality- they are simply semi automatic guns- they just look more like a military weapon].

I’m for having fewer guns on the streets- but we live in a country whose founding document gives the right to have guns to its citizens.

Because of this- we will never be an Australia that bans all guns.

So- in the Sandy Hook shooting- the kid got the guns from his mom- who legally owned them.

She lived in a state with some of the most strict gun control laws in the land.

So- when sick people decide to get a gun- they get it.

If we totally banned all guns- would that reduce the threat?

Yes- because the deranged kid would have to use another weapon- and if he did not have a gun to steal- then yea- he would not be able to do this type of damage.

So- there are points to be made on both sides.

But when the media- when MSNBC describes the position of the right as wanting more guns- more guns in schools- more guns for teachers- and heck- the right thinks the answer is more guns for everyone!

When all the man said was ‘lets have cops in the schools’.

Then we will get nowhere.

Because the uninformed [the viewers of MSNBC] will have no idea what the real debate is about.

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