Thursday, December 27, 2012


I read a news article yesterday- it was ‘fascinating’ to say the least.

It talked about the evil congressional republicans.

[I’m an independent myself- just sayin’]

It explained that they have 2 choices that they must make as a direct result of Obama Care.

They either have to eliminate the Mortgage interest deduction- or eliminate the pre tax dollars for employer paid insurance.

I had this benefit for 25 years at the Fire Dept.

We called it the cafeteria plan- each year we signed up for it and we paid our insurance premiums with pre taxed dollars.

We never paid taxes on the money we spent for the insurance.

Okay- I remember during the health care debate- many who objected to Obama Care said that this would happen.

You had not one single Republican vote for Obama Care- it was a rare vote where major legislation that would affect the entire country would be passed by a strict party line vote.

So- the Repubs voted nay- Obama and the Dems voted yes.

Now- the point I’m gonna make is simply one of media propaganda- I am not ‘anti’ universal health care- I was for the more progressive [liberal] choice- I wanted health care- European style.

So- just letting you know my position.

The article yesterday made it sound like the Republicans are solely responsible for the choice of either eliminating the pre tax insurance benefit- or the mortgage interest deduction.

Yes- we have a Dem president- a dem controlled senate- and the Repubs are in the majority in the house.

Every single Repub voted against Obama care- yet- the actual people who did not want this- who warned that this would happen- are now depicted by the media- and the president and Dem senate- as the bad guys who are forcing a choice between the 2 options.

This is utterly amazing- that the media can have so much power- to actually blame one side for something that side never wanted.

And the other side- who wanted the law- they are actually teaming with the media to say that the Repubs are forcing this choice.

Now- for the average news watcher- they believe the propaganda- they hear this stuff- and let it affect them.

I posted last week that the Repubs were going to try and pass a tax raise on millionaires- and ask for not one single cut in spending.

This would have been a huge plus for the president and the senate- who were trying to not cut anything while raising taxes on the rich.

Boehner- the house Repub leader- got his base mad- yet he would have forced the vote anyway.

But you had a couple of dozen Repubs say that the president had already swore that he would veto it- and they would be stuck with a vote to raise taxes on the rich- which would have hurt them in the next primary.

So- they never passed the ‘plan b’.

The next day- the president came out and said ‘let’s try and pass a tax raise on the rich’ and we can settle the rest later.

The exact thing that the day before he swore to veto.

Then why did he say he would veto the legislation?

Because what he is doing is trying to win a game with the Repubs- he wants to gain the upper hand [not saying he’s wrong- both sides do this- just showing you the game].

If the Repubs passed the millionaire tax raise- which would have indeed hurt them with the Tea party guys- then Obama would have to sign it [if he meant what he has been saying ‘lets tax millionaires and billionaires’] and then he would have signed a bill that was passed by the Repub house.

So what?

He should have just signed the thing- not threatened a veto.

[by the way- this was the exact plan that both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wanted- they wanted to raise taxes only on millionaires and over- because they have rich districts that they represent].

Some of the Repubs said they would not vote for the plan- because even if they voted for it- and Obama vetoed it- the media would still blame the Repub congress.

They were right.

If the media are able to take a law that not a single Repub voted for [Obama care].

And then blame that side for the decision to either eliminate the mortgage interest deduction- or the Ins deduction.

And then the side who voted for Obama care- they are teaming up with the media to say ‘look what the Repubs are doing’.

Then yes- the media will twist the story to benefit them- the side that most of them vote for.

This is simply a lesson in the media- the bias that exists- at times- on both sides.

When I read the article yesterday- I saw right thru the game- because I write on this stuff- but there are many who simply have no idea.

I’ll end with one example.

I told a liberal friend the other day that I will wind up paying the Obama Care ‘penalty’ this year.

It’s about 700 bucks that I don’t have.

Why will I pay it?

When I retired from the Fire Dept in 2008- I had to drop my health Insurance.

It would have cost me 70% of my monthly retirement check to have kept it.

So- I dropped it.

And as the ball bounces- within a week- I noticed some stuff that really needed to be checked by a doctor.

I panicked and called my Ins people to see if I could get back on- then I tried to get checked thru the VA- I am a vet.

No luck.

So- after about a month of this- I got mad and said ‘the heck with it- whatever will be will be’.

So- how did I get treatment?

Okay- don’t laugh- I went on line- typed in what the problem was- and simply picked the least terrible possibility- and then typed in what ‘free’ or natural remedies I could try to fix it.

Yeah- that’s what I have been doing.

Now- do remedies like this work?

I have no idea- but just sayin’.

So- if I have to- I spend around 120 bucks and take the hit and make a doctor visit.

[by the way- people- like me- do not get free health care from the E.R. - that’s false. If you go to the E.R. with a possible long term disease- they simply recommend you to a doc and then they do tests.  If you do not have Ins- you can’t go thru the process.  And if the E.R does any work- you get a HUGE bill. There is no ‘free health’ care thru the E.R. - unless your poor and they can’t bill you].

That leaves me with 7 possible out of pocket visits a year- for 700 bucks.

Oh yeah- I just got an Obama Care tax raise for 700- that I don’t have.

My friend who I told the story too could not believe that I was gonna get fined.

They watch MSNBC all year- and they thought that everyone that was against Obama Care was a racist.

That those who opposed it just could never accept a ‘Black Man’ in the White House.

I told my friend that what Obama Care did for me was it leaves me a choice to get on line [when?] and choose between an option of private insurers to get insurance.

This is called the Health Care Exchange.

The govt. will pay for some of the premium- but not all.

From what I know- I will still have to cough up money I don’t have- so I will still have to pay the fine.

My friend whose already on govt. care [all my buddies get Medicaid] had no idea that this was how Obama Care worked.

That you get to choose from a group- and you still have to pay- they thought it was some actual ‘universal health plan’.

So- why would a person like me be against it?

Because I just lost 7 doctors visits- that I could not afford to lose.

I now will save that money for the 'darn’ fine.


Were not all racists.

Some of us just wish we could have used the money- even for the ‘on line’ drugs.

They still cost you know.

NOTE- I told my friend it was sad that they never heard about the Health Exchanges- which is what Obama Care actually is.

They spent a whole year watching MSNBC.

They heard how all who were against it were playing ‘dog whistle racism/politics’.

That those in the south can’t get passed the Civil War.

They heard this ‘stuff’ for a whole year- and never once learned what the plan was.

That’s why I say outlets like MSNBC are destroying the country.

They were ‘taught’ that people like me were racists- because why else would any sane person be against Obama care?

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