Sunday, September 29, 2019

N.J./NYC videos

New Jersey/ New York City videos- 2014 to 2017

 [Videos below]
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These are the first videos I ever made- over the years as I went back to New Jersey/ NYC you see some of the friends I made while hanging out on the streets- some have sadly died- but you will still see others on the videos as I went back each year-

Billy- North Bergen 
Danny- Burger King
White Castle- Bob 
Cheech- North Bergen drive

[Cheech- Jimmy Dalskov was a good friend of mine when we were kids- I was grateful that I saw Jim after 30 years- he saw the ministry I was doing- heard the word- and I got word that he died not long after I made the videos. He was ‘amazed’ that I met all these new friends from our old town of North Bergen- he would ask ‘How did you meet all these guys’? Just by being on the streets- like in Texas]

North Bergen- Teaching
North Bergen- Jules, Ernie
North Bergen- Teaching 1
North Bergen- Nick, Danny
North Bergen- Teaching 2
North Bergen- Final word 

[Below are the 1st Corpus videos ever made- Originally I had no plan on making any more videos- when I got back to Texas I started making them- on many of the first videos the quality is poor and you can see me struggling with the various camera functions on the phone]

Teaching- 2nd Corpus video ever made!Aocp2PkNEAGMjBebQ2FTx2y8M353
Teaching- 3rd Corpus video
Some of the first Corpus videos-

2015- 2016 New Jersey/NYC

Time of your life
Stairway to heaven

[On the above videos I simply titled them after the songs I heard on the radio as I headed to New Jersey/NYC. Many of my trips- if not all- are unplanned, spur of the moment decisions - I often regret that I hit the road after about a 1000 miles of driving- the trip is a little over 1800 miles. So for those who do not like rock music- you can skip the first 5 videos]

Got lost at the end
Rick- 1st day back
Jerome [NYC] [The first homeless man I video taped in NYC]
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Danny me teaching

[At this point in the trip I was living in the car for a week- sort of like if I were homeless- you can start to see it taking a toll]

Christmas Morning
Surprise encounter
Friday night- parking lot
Saturday morning- 2 am
Life’s a journey
Tonnelle ave. Got lost
Kennedy Blvd. NBHS, Hudson county park
91 st, NYC skyline

[These last two I made on the ride back to Texas]

2017 New Jersey/NYC

Landing Houston from Corpus
Leaving Houston to Newark
Bob- White Castle
Hudson county park- 1
The cup- NYC view
Scriptures fulfilled
Trump press conference
James- Fairview cemetery
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Rockefeller center
Teaching in NYC, 2nd Samuel 20
Homeless friend- Port Authority
Fatima- 2nd mile
Day Kennedy died- 2nd Sam. 22
Bocce ball challenge
GW bridge- cop stops me

[I think this was the day they shut down the GW bridge- which is rare indeed! As I tried to walk back over the bridge to New Jersey- the cops told me the bridge was shut down. This caused me to spend another day in NYC- which was not planned. I later found out that they shut the bridge because there was a man with a gun seen on the bridge- wanting to jump off- I’m sure I passed him while doing my walk to the NYC side]

Trump tower- 5th Ave

[They were doing a protest this day- caught it on the above video]

St. Patrick’s cathedral
Ride thru Lincoln tunnel
NYC skyline [Bus]
Jesus and Tolstoy- 2nd Sam. 23
Jersey City ride- mark 1
Hackensack- 2nd Sam. 24
Mark 2- North Bergen
Monkey with 3 tails

[Plane back to Texas below]

A little turbulence
Landing in Houston

NOTE- I have made regular posts during these trips- but wanted to have a post where you can see all the videos at once. Many of the videos are just seeing the hometown where I grew up- North Bergen- New Jersey. I grew up right across from NYC and that's why you can see the NYC skyline on some of them- besides the videos where I went into the city by bus or walking over the bridge. I did teach on some of the videos as well. Like I said at the top- some of my friends have since passed away- and I was grateful that I had a chance to make these trips. Danny heard the word of the Lord many times and I was told by my other friends that he spoke highly of me. I say this not to boast- but Danny was an atheist- he was a retired cop from New Jersey- and over the years he made it known that he appreciated our talks and gave me signs that he did indeed believe at the end of his life. These should be all the N.J./NYC videos as of now- I do hope to make more trips over the years- and I’ll will post them to our sites as well-  John

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