Thursday, December 24, 2015

 [ I’m real behind trying to find spots to upload videos- as I sit at one now- I figured I’d post the journal I’m working on before it’s done]NEW JERSEY- 2015
I made these videos on my N.J./NYC trip for 2015.
Some of you have seen them- but I figured I would put them all together here at the end.
I teach on some of these [St. Patrick’s, Danny- Work of art- etc.] so I added the links to my word-press site for download.
Some of my North Bergen friends- who don’t live in the hometown anymore [like me] might enjoy some of the footage from the old town.
God bless.
1st day back.
Day 2.  Danny- 12-23-15
These 2 [Jerome- St. Patrick’s] were taken in NYC   Jerome- 12-23-15
Jerome is the first homeless man I ever interviewed- he was unique  St. Patrick’s cathedral- NYC. 12-23-15
I taught on the steps of St. Patrick’s cathedral- in the beginning you see a few seconds of the actual mass at the historic church.
Staying in the car overnight does have problems- see it on ‘Woke up’.
Day 3.  12-24-15 Woke up
12-24-15 I already made 3 videos- this morning. I kid about the accents and stuff- but to be honest-
The language problem [people not being able to speak English] is a major problem here-
We often downplay it- because it’s not politically correct to say ‘we all need a common language [English] spoken- so people can understand each other’.
But it is a huge issue here- no joke.
See it on ‘gas trouble’ ‘Can’t pay’.  12-24-15 Gas trouble- 12-24-15 Can’t pay

 Today [Thursday] I taught some- ran into most of the guys- and hope to get a video of Nick playing the guitar.
Up till now- I have been staying in the car at night [rented motel for 1 night] and using free wifi at Dunkin Donuts [McDonalds- etc.]
Very difficult to upload videos- takes real long.
Not sure how long I will do it- but it’s sort of an interesting experience- many of my friends have either been homeless- or lived in their cars for years.
So- in a way- I’m seeing some of the stuff they deal with on a regular basis [where to shower? Where can you park- or sit- without people thinking your up to something] all in all- it’s a good experience at this point. Danny- me teaching
I teach some physics on this one [Danny, Me teaching]

I teach some ecclesiology on this one [Work of art]

Good view of NYC from North Bergen [Christmas eve- Incarnation]
ON VIDEO- [I’m typing from the parking lot of McDonalds- on Christmas eve- trying to upload videos on free WiFi]
.Is heaven the goal?
.Altar call?
.Charles Finney
.Cursed- for God
.Kingdom of God

12-25-15- FRIDAY
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