Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just got back from the George Washington bridge walk [as I type].
It was funny- I got to the car and made a few wrong turns [lots of blocked streets and stuff].
And I ‘panicked’ like ‘I hope I don’t get lost’!
From where?
I’m living in the car for heaven’s sake.
See- you can even get attached to a parking lot!
Ok- I thought it strange to see all the suicide warning signs on the bridge- they are new.
I talked about it on the video.
This might be the longest video I ever made- almost an hour.
But you see some good footage of walking back and forth from N.J. to NYC.
Hope you enjoy it.

GW BRIDGE-  GW bridge
.Foundation stones
.Why Bishops?
.Gnostics and Docetism
.Dads boat
.GOV Christie and hot dogs
.Restore the paths
.Isaiah and John
.Memories of a kid- train tunnel
.Robert Moses to blame?
.Mayor LaGuardia
.The argument for Rome
.Church fathers
.Suicide signs
.Apostolic succession
.What church is the ‘true church’?
.Most amazing intellectual discourse ever? Only if you don’t hear [have to watch to get it- sorry]
.I am homeless- can you spare a 5?

NOTE- I made the video- and typed the notes sitting in my car at Hudson County Park [in the rain]
Ill upload tomorrow at Dunkin Donuts [or somewhere else].
What big financial budget was needed for this?
One of the things I want my minister friends to see- is it’s not about money.
Sure- it would be easier to be at my home office- or even a home.
But you don’t need it- you can use the things that you have.
This has been one of my ‘pet peeves’ for many years.
I want you to see how simple all of this is- the friends you see [both in Texas and here] are just friends I made along the way.
The kingdom is about relationships- and sharing with one another- even Marie quoted Jesus- and as far as I know she’s not a Christian.
So- maybe this whole unplanned experience was God’s will.
To be honest- I never know- at least at the start.
Be spontaneous- I left Texas on Sunday- because I heard the song ‘Head East’ [or group?]
So yes- we all have limited time on the planet.
Don’t live ‘too safe’ or you won’t live- at all.
FRIDAY NIGHT- PARKING LOT-  Friday night- parking lot
Just finished the GW bridge walk a few hours ago- and being it might be the last night sleeping in the car, I figured I’d do a video for a few minutes.
This will probably be the last time you’ll be able to see- real time- me living in the car like this.
But- like they say ‘you never know’.
I think it was a worthwhile experience- but it’s drained me- and I’m tired at this stage.

SATURDAY MORNING- 2 AM-  Saturday morning- 2 AM
Ok, this might be the last day ‘on the streets’. It’s almost been a week- since I left Texas Sunday morning.
It’s early- and I’m tired.
I’m typing from the Walmart parking lot- and I’m hoping the Dunkin Donuts is open- for coffee.
I’m looking [smelling?] like a homeless guy at this point- and I don’t think the Dunkin donuts people think it’s worth the price I pay for their coffee- for me to sit there and work on the laptop.
I want to go to church tomorrow- but wouldn’t go like this.
So maybe I’ll stay at mom’s house tonight.
That’s where I usually stay when I make these trips.
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