Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Today a drunk showed up at the coffee shop- I think he’s new in town.
They called the cops and  were going to arrest him.
He’s really not in the area where many of the homeless are- so the cops did me a favor and let me take him.
I was going to let him stay with me for the day- and take him to a shelter- and sober up.
I showed him where he can eat lunch for free [Timons] - I was also working with some of the regular crew.
I couldn’t hold the guy- but let him know to try and sit with me n all-
He walked outside and must have taken off down the road.
The cops did ask if I was all right with him in the car and all [safety].
I told them I’ve been doing this for many years- no problem.

For the short time I was with him- he thanked me- I think he said ‘God sent you’- or something to that effect.
He told me his wife died a few years ago- and he’s been on the street- struggling.
So- I did my best- had a good day.
After I took off with him- I thought ‘damn- I hope they don’t check out the web site and see the title to the video I posted today!’ [on the video you see I gave them the ministry card].
Of course the content of the video is fine- but my ‘catchy titles’ might look a bit strange!

Ok- thats it- God bless.

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