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Having taken about 3 months away from news watching- I mean I have watched/read some- but no where near the usual amount.

It has given me some time to sit back and observe the scene from a distance.

And what I have seen is sad- to be frank about it.


Our country has become polarized- in my view- like never before.

Now- we have always had haters on the extreme right and left- that’s not new.

But even if you watched the media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing- as the president spoke- you could tell that one of the main things on his mind was how fast he would call it ‘terror’.

Yeah- he seemed to be more worried about what the ‘right’ would say- then the actual bombing itself!

This past Sunday Israel hit Syria for the 2nd time in a couple of weeks- and the 3rd time this year.

They took out some long range rockets that Iran was supplying for Hezbollah- the group that has been operating out of Lebanon for years.

They are the ones who send rockets into Israel whenever things flare up on their mutual border.

So- it seems as if Syria [Iran] was possibly trying to expand the current war in Syria- and make it a broader ‘The West against the Arab world’ type thing.

Look- our strategy in the entire so called Arab Spring has not gone well.

There our nations/leaders who were at one time allies [Mubarak] - we sat with them and had peace agreements with them.

Then- after a short amount of time- we were siding with those who were going to hang them and their families.

Yes- this created a severe mistrust of the U.S. - the allies of the U.S. felt like we were throwing them under the bus.

Now- Assad- the leader in Syria- was called a reformer by Hilary Clinton.

A year or 2 later- we are on the verge of siding with groups who are affiliated with Al Qaeda- and basically backing those who are about to kill Assad- and more than likely his family as well.

So- if the leaders of these nations- who are just as bad as the ones we support.

Yes- we support the corrupt monarchy of Bahrain- and these guys are just as bad as Assad.

But we have a Naval Fleet stationed off the coast of Bahrain- se we overlook their oppressive rule.

But we side with those who are seeking the overthrow of other Arab nations- and our policy is simply inconsistent- to say the least.

So- what about Syria?

A few months ago Obama did draw a Red Line that he probably now regrets.

He said the use of Chemical Weapons would be a ‘game changer’.

So- there have been reports of them being used.

Some think the rebels themselves have used them- in order to ‘play us’ and get us involved.

Others reported the use of ‘Chlorine’- okay- this is a chemical- and Bob Shieffer even said this was ‘using Chemical weapons on HIS OWN PEOPLE’.

Did we describe the killing of one of the Boston Marathon guys as ‘the U.S. killed their own people’?

Look- Syria is in the midst of a brutal civil war- and I feel for the innocent ones caught in the middle.

But- there are many ‘terror’ splinter groups in this thing- and some are indeed ‘home grown’.

So yes- if you want to call Syria’s action ‘against his own people’

 Then fine- but that’s simply a propaganda tool for U.S. involvement.

And if you say using Chlorine is crossing a red line for war- then what about outright bullets in the heads of ‘your own people’.

Yes- many in the media think the killing of people is legitimate- that is actual killing in war is ‘ok’.

But- using Chlorine- well now- that has to stop!

Do you see how the media can manipulate the public here?

I don’t know what the answer is in Syria- but U.S. military intervention is not the solution- period.

We are going to have hearings in a few days on the Benghazi debacle.

And we should.

But understand- the group that killed our ambassador- we enabled them to operate out of Libya because we sided with those who killed Gadhaffi- who by the way was another so called ally of the U.S. [like Mubarak].

So- we want peace- we abhor killing- on all sides.

But- we are a divided people- we are polarized- we can’t seem to function as a nation- as a governmental entity any more.

I don’t know what the answer is- but we as a people are heading for trouble.

One short example;

The other day I was talking to a friend- he was surprised to hear my views on stuff like this.

In my part of the world it’s rare for a blogger- a Christian ‘web site’ to hold to these more liberal views.

I gave him the example of the ‘low’ level of education that our present media has been pumping out to the public on a daily basis.

One day I was watching Glen Beck.

He was hailed as a great historian by one of the guys on the show.

And during the show- some one gave a quote ‘A NATION DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CAN NOT STAND’.

The person said this quote came from a contemporary source.


Beck was quick to correct the man.

‘So and so did not say this- but Lincoln did!’

Beck quipped.

The guests were dumb founded- they were corrected- on national TV- by the ‘historian’ on the set.

Yeah- they submitted like one of Pavlov's dogs- tail between their legs.

One thing- Lincoln didn’t coin this phrase either.

It came from Jesus Christ- it’s in the New Testament for heavens sake.

So- the current state of Western media has been held hostage by a sort of media fantasy land.

Our media is based on what the public wants to hear- what the ratings are.

When we allow national media figures to be so misinformed- and to have forums on a national set- then yes-

Just like Lincoln- and Jesus- and the other guy said


I fear they did get that one right.

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