Wednesday, December 01, 2010

[1546] JULIAN ASSANGE- Okay- it looks like I’m gonna have to get personal! Yesterday I wrote a post on the Wikileaks ‘leaks’ and the developing storm to follow. Sure enough the media and the West in general have labeled the founder of Wikileaks as a war criminal- rapist [Chris Matthews-better not start with him!] and an overall disgrace to human kind. So what exactly did he do? He leaked thousands of ‘secret’ military/govt. files that have exposed a lot of behind the scenes dealing. His organization actually contacts the U.S. govt. first, and allows us redact names and identities of people who we feel might be in danger. Wikileaks also gets published in the world’s major news papers. And a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ material reveals the hidden agendas of other nations as they say one thing in public- but another thing in private. Now- I just watched Chris Matthews [yes- another all night news night!] and his rage against Julian Assange- Matthews- the man who still can’t stop speaking about all the ‘neo con’ hidden agendas of Bush and his team- a ‘news man’ who himself tries to expose hidden agenda’s of top leaders. Yet he can’t stand the fact that someone else would interfere with Obama’s agenda- so he rages against Assange. There is a story in the bible- about a prophet who was rebuked by his donkey. The old King James version says ‘the dumb ass, speaking with man’s voice’ you know every time I watch hardball, this verse pops into my mind.

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