Wednesday, December 01, 2010

[1537] OH SHUT THE HELL UP! - Okay- the elections are over [11-2010] and I have not written a post yet for the blog [I wrote a short thing on Facebook- but nothing for the blog]. So I figured I’d better do one for the whole group. As I was ‘examining my heart’ to see if I have allowed politics to interfere with ‘my peace’- I had a quick impression in my mind-a picture [you know- the light bulb thing] and I saw myself over the last month watching the news channels and every now and then Andy Griffith would come on the commercial and he’d be promoting Obama care- he would be telling the seniors how wonderful the plan is for them [how you take billions from it [medicare]- and it still be good is beyond me?] So anyway- as ‘Andy’ starts promoting the plan [day after day] I found myself, yes- just like one of Pavlov’s dogs- responding ‘OH SHUT THE HELL UP ANDY’ as I reach for the remote to change the channel. As Jeff Foxworthy would say ‘you know you got a problem if…’ So yes- I need to repent! Okay- now that the Republicans took the house, and the Dem’s held the senate- how should Christians [and humans in general!] respond? First, if people have serious political differences with the president- that’s fine. To voice those concerns [in a right way- without ascribing wrong motives to the man] is a good thing. But when the pundits and even the ‘preachers’ begin buying into the paranoid notion that the president is secretly carrying out this lifelong plan to purposely undermine the economy- so he can carry out this childhood ‘Kenyan’ [secretly born there- didn’t you hear!] plan to overthrow the U.S. then at that point we have left all serious minded politics [and Christianity!]. It is fine to disagree with Bush, Obama- etc. It is not fine to demonize people- to see hidden motives behind every tree! I personally think the health care reform was a mistake- why? Listen- I’m for national health care- yes, call me a liberal. Yet the plan we got mandates private citizens to buy private insurance, by law! Whenever you pass a law that says ‘you must by this product’ and yet you don’t restrain the seller of the product in any way- that is you put no controls on the price of the product- then in the end that’s not a good thing! But I see why the thing ended up like that, and it wasn’t all the presidents fault- both sides are to blame for it [you say how can the Repub’s be responsible- well when some in the party simply want Obama to fail- that is they won’t seriously work with the man- then yes, it forced his hand to pass something that even many liberals hate!]. So, over these next few years the correct response from the church should be- when the president does things we feel are wrong, yes- voice your concerns. When he does something you feel is good- praise the man, give him credit! I’m worried that the man might be having a hard time dealing with all the hatred that is regularly directed at him and his family- sometimes you can see it on his face! He’s still fairly young, yes inexperienced [first term senator] we never had someone with such little experience before- yes he’s very smart- but never a one term senator [most held office for many years- governorships, etc.]. So we need to pray for our president and his family [I do every week- by name- specifically] and when we engage in the political arena- understand that there are sincere Christians on both sides of the aisle! You might disagree with people like Michael Moore- yet the man regularly attends Mass and believes in God- we can’t just demonize these people- it’s not right. Oh, and if you have been cursing out Andy Griffith over the last month or so- well yes ‘you might be a …’.

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