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BOOKLETS BY JOHN CHIARELLO [these books are under the Feb. 2010 posts]

_HOUSE OF PRAYER OR DEN OF THIEVES- a strong reproof of the modern prosperity gospel!  published1999

Chapter 1 you cannot serve God and mammon.
Chapter 2 twisting the parable of the sower.
Chapter 3 what is the Abrahamic blessing?
Chapter 4 what did James say?
Chapter 5 whose ministry, Jesus or ours?
Chapter 6 1’st Timothy 6.
Chapter 7 were Jesus and the disciples rich?
Chapter 8 covenant theology.
Chapter 9 sowing into good soil.
Chapter 10 is there hope for false prophets?

_THE GREAT BUILDING OF GOD- a prophetic look at the church and her ministries today.  published2004

Chapter 1 the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.
Chapter 2 forbid them not, if they are not against us, they are for us.
Chapter 3 the building and its stones.
Chapter 4 the church Jesus built.
Chapter 5 bring all the tithes into the storehouse.
Chapter 6 the garden of God, authority in the church.
Chapter 7 the Babylonian captivity of the church, a contemporary look.
Chapter 8 the 1’st century church.
Chapter 9 the plural voice of ecclesia.
Chapter 10 trying to fit the building of God into the building of man.
Chapter 11 the tabernacle of Moses/David.

_FURTHER TALKS ON CHURCH AND MINISTRY- an ongoing conversation on church and ministry concepts.  published 2006

Chapter 1 holy sites and holy places.
Chapter 2 authority in the kingdom, where does it come from?
Chapter 3 kingdom building or legacy building?
Chapter 4 what does it mean to be under the local church?
Chapter 5 building the church around the persona of Christ, not men!
Chapter 6 ordination and the biblical model of accountability.
Chapter 7 examples from pastors and believers from around the world.
Chapter 8 are church buildings evil? [or the guy who wanted to cast demons out of me!]
Chapter 9 what in the world is ‘the local church’?
Chapter 10 the spirit of competition in the modern church.
Chapter 11 Gods people are not simply assets to an organization.
Chapter 12 what model of church government do I espouse?
Chapter 13 the cat chapter [I did this for my kids!]

_HEBREWS COMMENTARY- can access free online. Copyright 2007 [feel free to copy and distribute].


_233-234- cont... Authority through Jesus name, more on prayer, it must be consistent, effectual and unselfish. The focus of prayer is God, not Satan or demons. Don’t loose the simplicity of prayer. Don’t forget to pray to God. The anointing for ministry does not mean doctrinal perfection. The Spirits ministry in the life of Jesus.
_235-236- Concluding statements on sonship, authority and our rights as believers. These things are given to us for advancing the Kingdom, not for selfish gain! One of our greatest treasures is the communion of the saints.
_237-238- Biblical concept of being a temple and a body. Lay a good foundation before launching your ministry. How to activate your ministry. How did Jesus do it? Thru building into the lives of others. Seasons of preparation and release, know the difference. Your ministry will be fulfilled through your seed.
_245-246- what was the message of the early church as seen in the book of acts? What does it mean when it says 'they preached the Word’? The Spirit and the Word are both needed for true church life.
_247-248- what was spiritual warfare like in the early church? How did they view their purpose as citizens of Gods kingdom? Concluded study on the early church.                
_268- Joseph’s coat of many colors. Restoration of all ethnic groups. Jonah.
_273- N.T. church, tithe, 5-fold. A family, not a Sunday service only! No professional hired pastors in Acts!
_275-276- cont…, What’s up with ‘Sunday church’? It’s O.K. to meet on Sunday, but it’s not the Sabbath. The Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ, our rest in his finished work! Constantine and the 4th century, what’s this have to do with Sunday church? Valiant for truth, Luther, Bonhoeffer, and Erasmus.
_277-278- cont… the reformation started over a money issue. Tetzel and Luther. Overview of prosperity gospel, both sides looked at. 1 Tim. 6.Don’t desire to be rich!
_281- cont… Gods move over C.C., God deals with covetousness before visiting his people. You CANT serve God and mammon! Ordination.
_294- Wolves in sheep’s clothing, what does this mean? Fleecing the sheep for personal gain!
_296- cont… Defending poor widows. A prophetic dream comes true. You don’t have to quote money verses all day to prosper. Jesus told us not to! Corban giving and the tithe, a present day application.
_298-299- cont…
_304- personal thoughts from a mission statement.
_310- a true story of a boy raised from the dead.
_312-313 Overview of the church. Leaders in a community versus priests of a building.
 Thoughts on the man of sin of 2nd thes:2.
_314-315- The communal aspect of the church. Acts 13-15. The church had no single pastor! Why do pastor’s burnout more thoughts on apostolic min. relationships with people.
_316- The church and her ministers, how does this work? The leadership of Jerusalem versus Antioch.
_317-325- read ‘GREAT BUILDING OF GOD’ book. Total of 5 tapes. [$15.oo]
_326-327- The ecclesia and how she functions. A summary of the past few months.
_328-329- Ecclesia and how she functions in a voluntary way. Jer:49-50 Babylon is fallen.
_330-331- Jer:50 a prophetic look at the fall of spiritual and natural Babylon. More on the ecclesia and our call to the nations.
_332-333- the fall of religious and natural Babylon.
_334-335- coming out of ‘Sunday church’ ‘tithing’ concept into real life ecclesia. Examples from church leaders, pastors and many others from around the world.
_336-351- [total of 8 tapes $20.oo] overview of Matthew chapters 1-16. Emulating Jesus.
_352-353- The incarnation principle. Jesus strategy for the nations. Shared a vision. The spirit of sending.
_354-355- shared some prophetic dreams
_356-357- overview of Ezekiel:1-13, Jer:26.
_358-359- Ezekiel:14-20
_360-361- Ezekiel: 20-33
_362-363- Shared some prophetic dreams. Ezekiel: 34
_ 364-365- Ezekiel: 35. The sign of snow in C.C. on 12/25/04. What model of church do I espouse? None!
_366-367- Ezekiel: 37. Should gentile Christians have church councils? Shared some prophetic stuff.
_368-369- Abraham & Sarah. What is the last supper? Talked about the church & para-church concepts.
_370-371- What pattern did Moses use when building the tabernacle? What pattern of building did the Apostles use?
_372-373- Concluded Ezekiel study:40-48. More on Gods house. Johnny Carson? A short prophetic clinic. Stewards, not owners of Gods wisdom.
_374-375- Overview of 1 Cor:11. U.S. prophetic movement of 1988. Kansas city fellowship, Paul Cain, Bob Jones. Toronto blessing.
_376-377- Cont.. on the prophetic movement. A sign from a cat named Judah. Prophetic authority is for social justice too!
_378-379- A letter to Benny Hinn. Some thoughts from Obadiah.
_380-381- “Don’t stay long in the place of the breaking forth of children” The image of Christ. More on sufferings & the Sabbath rest of grace.
_382-383- ‘The mind of Christ’ using your gifts & abilities for the benefit of others as opposed to self-fulfillment. Principles on fulfilling your destiny, persecution & affliction play a role.
_384-385- Shared a sign from a Christmas tree. A story from prison.
_386-387- Christ is the wisdom of God. New ways of seeing the kingdom. Jesus training of the 12.
_388-389- The message of the cross. The image of Christ. The call to sacrifice/discipleship. Mans wisdom is foolishness, evolution.
_390-391- the power of the cross. What is spiritual warfare? Do we cast demons out of the sky? No! The church was built on the message of the cross, not the wisdom of men.
_392-393- ‘Jesus the apostle & high priest of our confession’ talked about evolution,  the wisdom of man.
_394-395- The expanding nature of the church through voluntary groups of Christ followers. The prophetic ministry of John the Baptist. Restoration of prophets.
_396-397- Haggai, the restoration of the temple. Prophetic insights for today. Zechariah, the 4 carpenters scatter the 4 horns.
_398-399- Zech: 2-4 Prophets/Apostles & the 2 olive trees. The headstone/capstone is Jesus. The cross & the switchblade, how does Gods kingdom spread?
_400-401- Zech: 5-6 an example from YWAM. The man whose name is the branch. ‘lightning rod/sons of thunder’ a personal story. The church & her parameters.
_402-403- Does God have a feminine side? NO! His ‘feminine’ voice is expressed through the bride, the church, the ‘mother’ of us all.
_404-405- ‘ Sons born after the flood’ lessons from a flood. You will produce much seed after periods of disorientation & ‘numbness’. Some thoughts from Gen:12-16 Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael. The relevance these stories have in modern Christian Muslim dialogue.
_406-407- ‘End time prophecy’ & how American evangelicalism truncates it from 1st century thought. The destruction of the temple had theological implications to it. Thoughts on end time prophecy.
_408-409- some thoughts on Jacob & his sons. God’s promises fulfilled through your seed, even in messed up situations. Job, why did he suffer?
_410-411- Some thoughts on the canon of scripture & our relationship with the living God. A parable from the life of Joseph.
_412-413- Finished some thoughts on Genesis, spoke on racial issues. Paul’s example of an apostle ‘I don’t charge for ministry’. An example from Tolstoy. Jesus said ‘make no special appeal for funds’ do we really believe this?
_414-415- More on 1 Thessalonians, how apostles relate to communities of people, & how New Testament ‘church’ planting was accomplished. Law versus grace.
_416-417- a simple story from Jesus loaves & fishes miracle. God can use limited resources to touch the world.
_418-419- What were Paul’s ‘commandments’ to the church? Make room for elders/leaders they spring up naturally from community. ‘Are you rapture ready’ ‘Armageddon is here’. Talked about some ads in our local newspaper. What’s this all about? Is this a proper witness for Jesus? Is this what prophecy’s all about?
_420-421- Overview of 2 Thessalonians. What was the tradition Paul wanted them to keep? What did it mean to walk disorderly? Concluding statements on Thessalonians. The nature of local church-community. Are modern concepts of ‘covering’ & ‘accountability’ scriptural? God’s legitimacy resides in community, not in institution.
_422-423- Exodus:1-2 story of Moses. Godly leadership displaces ‘taskmasters’. A type of Gods people being released from constricting leadership styles. Ex:3 Why did God give the wealth of Egypt to the children of Israel? Because they worked for free [slavery] for many years & were never justly compensated for it! No get rich quick scheme here!
_424-425- Ex:5-6 the 3 categories of Jesus miracles seen in the 3 signs God gave Moses. Moses [prophetic leadership] challenges false concepts of leadership[taskmasters]. The mentality of being ‘ruled over’ to becoming a functioning community.
_426-427- Ex:7-10 Gods authority resides in community. Gods Spirit confers His authority in the earth to His people[The kingdom of God]. The teaching authority resides in the corporate community, not in any one institution. This includes correction in love.
_428-429- Ex:10-17 The banner/standard of the cross is the ‘sign’ by which Christ’s church advances His kingdom. The crusades were a perverted distortion of this truth. Only the meek inherit the earth. God’s people becoming free but still longing for past models of leadership! The new way brings greater risk & responsibility.
_430-431- The Passover, manna, water from the rock, the tabernacle, the ark, Aaron’s rod, the veil – all this points to Jesus. He not only saves us but remains the central figure of the community! Examples from a wilderness experience. Jesus is the bread from heaven. Learning to daily depend on God during times of disorientation & the temptation to complain & turn against prophetic leadership.
_432-433- Moses and the elders, a type of New Testament apostolic ministry. There is safety in studying a broad range of Christian authors and teachers. The principle of ‘the multitude of counselors’. EX:19-20 The 10 commandments, Gods desire for a kingdom of priests[not just Levi]. The tabernacle/veil is a picture of God tabernacling with men now! The greatest event in human history has already taken place, the cross!
_434-435- Gods desire to interact with us in community versus religious ceremony. Shared a dream and a sign from heaven. EX. 22 God warns of taking advantage of the widow and orphan. More about the sign from heaven. EX. 23-24 The 3 feasts of Israel[or of the Lord]. The significance of Passover, Pentecost and tabernacles and how they represent spiritual truths in the church, the ‘Israel of God’.
_436-437- EX. 24-27 The ark as a type of the incarnation. Gods ‘character’ and essence in a ‘wooden’ box. The tree used for the wood of the ark and the tabernacle grows in dry/dessert places. A type of Jesus flesh[a root out of dry ground]. This showing the ark as a type of Christ and the tabernacle as the organic ecclesia. Christ in us[ark in the tabernacle] the hope of glory!
_438-439- A parable from a soup kitchen. Discussed the mindset of class/caste systems in the Church. Don’t ‘objectify’ these truths. The example from watchman nee and ‘the local church’ and from the shepherding movement of the 70’s. The ‘city church’ concept and the local church spring forth naturally from community and are not models to try and imitate. The significance of the ‘taking down’ and ‘assembling again’ of the tabernacle speaks of Gods presence in community versus one set location. When Gods people ‘assemble’[come together] God is present, no matter where that is!
_440-441- More thoughts on local church being the organic people as opposed to a model of meeting that we copy. Exodus 31-32- the story of the golden calf. They made ‘gods of gold’. Their giving to this project was covetous in nature. They were willing to give, but not out of a charitable spirit, but for idolatrous purposes. The sin offering as a type of Christ who suffered outside the gate. A type of sacrifice outside the law system, pointing to Christ [heb. 13:10].
_442-443- More on the golden calf. Showed how some forms of giving can be greedy and selfish. The children of Israel gave their gold and jewelry willingly, but the end result was idolatry. Certain unbalanced aspects of the prosperity movement taught giving in a covetous way. Covetousness is idolatry. More on watchman Nee and the ‘local church’ movement. Exodus 32- The dealing with idolatry in the camp was a point in time, but the journey had to move on. There is a danger in Christian apologetics staying too long at the ‘correction point’. We must correct and warn at certain seasons, and then return to looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
_444-445- EX. 33- Gods presence goes with them. All the form and structure of the tabernacle is no good if Gods presence is not there! Spoke about certain believers during the Jesus movement returning back to eastern orthodoxy as an overreaction to the ‘lack of structure’ in the movement. Bonhoeffers thoughts on brotherhood. Bishop Irenaeus and the early fathers. Moses receives the ‘2nd set’ of commandments. A type of a new [or 2nd] covenant to come! The story of Moses face shining, the children of Israel accepted Moses with the veil, but not with open face. A type of the inability of the Jewish nation to see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. They recognize Jesus in his humanity, but not in his deity! 2 cor. 3- Paul shows the veil as a type of blindness/inability to see Christ in Moses writings [old testament] today. The 501c3 model of ministry can be just as much a stumbling block as the ‘high church model’. Avoid the temptation of fame and performance, it will minimize kingdom effectiveness.
_446-447- Modern ideas on church and ministry. Because community is free, this allows for many different forms and styles of ministry. ‘Mega churches’ and ‘Christian rock’ are O.K. if truly centered around the person of Christ. EX. 35- the concept of Gods rest in the Sabbath. A type of grace, anyone who ‘works’ in that day will die [EX. 35:2]. A type of man putting his hand to the work of God. We must enter into rest in order to see the harvest come in [EX. 35:21]. John the Baptist, Elijah and Jesus. John didn’t know how effective he truly was. Gods grace allows our gifts to be hidden, even from ourselves!
_448-449- EX. 35- Shared about apostles and how they function. Working with people in community. Apostles should be able to ‘multi-task’. They not only teach, but actively participate in ‘building’ [the people!]. Their broad skill set is for edifying others, not self-glory! The children of Israel gave a freewill offering to build the tabernacle, not a tithe! A type of New Testament giving. New Testament leadership focuses on Christ versus the charismatic leader. The sermon as an outgrowth of the schools of rhetoric of the first few centuries.
_450-451- Finished Exodus. Baptized unto Moses in the cloud and the sea. Identifying with our brothers in both good[cloud] and bad [sea] times is part of the call. [the ups and downs of life!] The plural concept of leadership in community versus the ‘one man lecturer’ concept. Persona driven ministry is dependent on the high-powered personality of the leader versus the 1st century church’s dependence on the person of Christ. Jesus, John the Baptist and Paul. They all showed a servant pattern of leadership versus a ‘flashy’ style seen in many modern scenarios. John Chrysotom [golden tongue] and the development of the sermon sprung from the schools of rhetoric. The ‘professional’ speaker class in the church was not the original design!
_452-453- Some thoughts on the parables in Mark 4. successful leadership models release people into interdepenent lifestyles. Dysfunctional leadership breeds an unhealthy co-dependence upon the leader. Effective leadership is not measured by how many people attend ’your church’ but whether or not the people eventually become interdependent. Our gifts and abilities were freely given to us and this requires for us to ‘give them away’ for the mutual benefit of the body. This is different than the modern idea of the highly salaried minister. It’ O.K. to be wealthy and have a high salary, but the New Testament teaches that it’s wrong if it primarily is coming from the overall giving of many average[or poor] saints. We need to re-examine the doctrine of ‘freely we have received, freely give’ it was primarily speaking about our gifts and talents.
_454-455- The rapture and the second coming. Are these separate events? John Darby, C.I. Scofield and Edward Irving. Both doctrinal and historical development’s looked at. The church historically has seen this as one event, not two. The vanity of men’s glory. Jesus taught us how the first will be last and the last first. Some examples of effective kingdom leadership. God allows you to taste failure and discouragement as a process for true kingdom greatness. You will know the vanity of men’s glory versus the kingdom of Christ.
_456-457- He that seeks to save his life shall loose it. The purpose of Christianity is not to simply find self-fulfillment & self-improvement in life, but to fulfill Gods greater purposes. Our lives should be a result of God revealing his purpose and will to us over a period of time, and us learning to deny ourselves and submit to his higher purpose. ‘It shall not be so among you’ spoke about Jesus idea of leadership in the church. He defined leadership in simple, humble terms.  Who were the pastors of the New Testament churches? Who were the angels of the churches in Revelation? These answers reveal our wrong ideas about church leadership.
_458-459- what is our overall goal? Spoke about the development of Christian doctrine through the creeds and councils, and how the church began to over-intellectualize truth. An example from the world wide church of God and how God can reach into a community/cult and bring them into Christ’s truth. Our goal is not to win arguments, but to make disciples of Christ. A conversation on end time things. The context of the book of revelation and its prophetic significance for all the church[from the 1st century until today]. The mark of the beast & antichrist, 2nd coming.
_460-461- The dynamic of corporate/body life. The intentional purpose of God to speak corporately through a group versus one dynamic leader. The power of the Spirit is so strong, that there is a tendency to be drawn to the person through whom the Spirit is speaking. The nature of plural ministry is a God ordained safeguard against the cult of personality. Mark 13-14 some thoughts on the temple. The focus was the temple of his body, not the earthly one in Jerusalem. We often miss the true intent of prophecy when we focus on the natural as opposed to the spiritual. The training of the 12, all were offended because of him. There will be a true sense of offense at some point in your walk with Christ.
_462-463- The role that difficulty & suffering play in the Christian life. Jesus suffering not only had a redemptive role, but was also a pattern for discipleship. Don’t think it ‘strange’ when you go through difficulty! Some thoughts from Timothy. What is a bishop?
_464-465- More thoughts on the ‘new testament bishop’ its not an ecclesiastical position. The wailing wall in Israel as a type of the Jews rejection of the work of the cross. If you reject Gods route of access, all you have left is a wall! 1st Timothy 4-6 The balance Paul instructs Timothy to keep. He warns the rich to not trust in riches, and he exhorts the ‘average’ to be content with their needs being met. The overall message to Timothy is different than the modern mindset of seeking abundant wealth. Some principles on reading & understanding scripture. We must see the New Testament letters as complete letters that communicate as a whole. We often preach & teach themes contrary to scripture when we violate this principle.
_466-467- 2nd Timothy 1-2  more balance on the biblical gospel. You will endure affliction, avoid materialistic mindsets, focus on the sound gospel & fight the good fight of faith. 2nd Timothy 3-4 Paul charges Timothy to reprove, rebuke and exhort. There will be people who will ‘cherry pick’ their own teachers and listen only to pleasing teaching. Ever learning but never arriving at the truth. Paul challenges Timothy to stand strong for truth.
_468-469- Conc. Timothy. Spoke on certain end time scenarios that actually view Christ’s return in a militaristic way. That Jesus will actually ‘destroy’ human life & kill people in his defense of nationalistic Israel. These natural interpretations of prophecy are against the true Spirit of Christ. God’s favor today rests only on the corporate Christ [church] in the earth, which includes both Jew and Gentile. God does not favor natural ethnicities or race, only those who have faith in his Son. The Israel/Jerusalem that God vindicates is the ‘Israel of God’ the church, The Jerusalem which is above. God vindicates people not by killing human beings, but by bringing them into the church. The ‘old man dies’ [not them physically] and this is the ‘killing’ that Jesus does. We die to self and take up the cross!
_470-471- The building of our own kingdoms conflicts with the building of Gods kingdom. The desire to be vindicated and leave some type of outward legacy wars against the Spirit of Christ. The great act of God taking dominion was accomplished at the Cross! The 2nd coming will be a culmination of that event. How does God vindicate his children? By bringing your enemies to Christ, not by ‘getting them’. Began reading book 3- intro. chapter 1.
_472-473- book 3- chap. 2-5.
_474-475- shared a few stories. Chap-5. Talked about the 2 rainy seasons of the nation of Israel. The former and latter rain. The Lord provides extra in the 6th yr. to take you all the way into yr. 8.
_476-477- Chap-6. Also shared from Isaiah 54:16-17 no weapon being formed against us prospering. This doesn’t mean they wont affect us, but the end result will not be destruction but a ‘shapeable’ instrument! God uses fire to mold things! Some thoughts on a hurricane that changed direction.
_478-479- Chap 6-8. Also spoke on the doctrine of universalism. A letter to Carlton Pearson. Origen. The prophetic ministry of John the Baptist. Luke 1.
_480-481- The ministry of Jesus. Luke 2.  Read book 3-chapters 8-9. Spoke on being  ‘renaissance men’. Jesus had a broad range of wisdom and knowledge at the age of 12.
_482-483- Book 3-chapter 9. Some historical thoughts from king Henry the 8th. Luke 3, John the Baptist. The ‘significance’ of the be-heading of western hostages during the Iraq war. Johns beheading was a demonic work done to disrespect his ‘head’ [or authority]. The beheading of John was a direct challenge to Gods authority. God was the ‘head’ or authority that John operated under. When ‘western Christians’ are publicly beheaded this is a direct challenge to the authority of Jesus Christ.
_484-485- Luke 4. The temptation of Jesus. Satan serves Gods purposes, even in his active rebellious state. Jesus shows the character of true prophetic ministry thru the story of the widow woman and Naaman. Many people didn’t see or experience the prophetic in Elijah’s day. It’s not to be judged on ‘range of performance’. Some thoughts on the reality of redemption, its an actual work that God performed on our behalf. Our victory is not dependant on knowing certain technical aspects of scripture, but its dependant on Christ himself, the Great Redeemer!
_486-487- ‘the gospel of Judas’ ‘the davinci code’ & other challenges to the Christian message. There have always been certain books and records that challenged the claims of the Church. These challenges are not new. Our faith in the person of Christ is the victory that overcomes the world. The epistle of Barnabus? Its got some good stuff in it, even though its not scripture. The bible contains a record of creation, if we lost all the books of Genesis, this wouldn’t change the reality of creation, its still there! So likewise with the new creation, the New Testament contains a record of our redemption, but the power is in the act of God actually redeeming us. The new creation gets its power from the reality of the Cross, no challenges to the record [New Testament] can change that! Gods ability to reach people, even those who reject scripture! Ghandi and others who rejected Christianity were drawn to the person of Christ in the gospels. Jesus is continuing to reveal himself to mankind, despite the flaws of the Church. Some thoughts on the reality of redemption touching all mankind in someway whether they like it or not!
_488-489- Grace enables us to learn from the broad community that makes up the Christian Church.  We should be able to hear God thru all the various Christian denominations and groups that proclaim Christ. He is our identity, not the peculiar doctrines we embrace! The new wine/wineskin. Talked about the 20th century as a century of the Spirit. It started with a fresh outpouring [Azusa-1900’s] and ended with one [Toronto blessing]. The 21st century [as well as the 3rd millennium] seems to be a time of transition of the wineskin. That is the people of God seeing themselves as the actual corporate containers of Christ. God’s people are experiencing a return to the actual headship of Christ in the Church. The early Church [Act’s 2] had a working understanding of the Headship of Christ over His Church.
_490-491- Luke 6:3-4. Some thoughts on Christ’s prophetic fulfillment of David’s reign. Jesus is already seated as King; it is the relocation of Israel [spiritually] that prevents them from seeing this! When natural Israel turns to Christ, the veil will be lifted and then they will see him in all of his glory. Johns baptizing in Jordan was Israel’s invitation to change their ‘identity’ from natural to spiritual Israel- the Israel of God, the Church! Jordan represented a change [crossover] from Egypt/wilderness into the Promised Land. A chance to leave natural/worldly identity into a new identity in God. God’s purpose for all the Church to have an active conversation with each other. God designed the Church to be a society of people who learn and grow when all the members are sharing and communicating with one another. The development of the internet became a tool where ‘average Christians’ began to have conversation with each other. Many of these on line communities have true wisdom & understanding because they are all sharing in the conversation. The biblical idea of Church as community. The Church can and will develop from its infancy stage, but any development that digresses away from the reality of all Gods people equally functioning is not true growth.
_492-493- Luke 8-9 Jesus taught contrary to the idea of self-preservation. Expand your prayer base to include that part of the Church that is experiencing martyrdom today, & pray regularly for brothers who are on the verge of martyrdom now. God will expand your ‘spiritual parameters’ when you come out of yourself & give yourself away for others. Jesus gave us authority over demons, we can cast them out of people, but we don’t cast them out of the sky! Some balance on spiritual warfare.
_494-495- Jesus said when you pray say ‘our Father’. Prayer should be focused on God, not satan. The story of the Good Samaritan. Law & religion were not willing to give out of compassion. The Good Samaritan gave out of compassion. Jesus accusers actually fulfill the sign of his Davidic role. We are lights in the world, does this mean God wants to ‘showcase’ us? Lights illuminate the treasure in a house; the lights themselves are not what you look at.
_496-497- Luke 12 the story of the rich man. Talked about the many warnings Jesus gave against materialistic living. The characteristics of New Testament Christianity. Luke 13 Jesus refutes religious accusations by the wisdom of God & puts the religious leaders to shame.
_498-499- Luke 14 the wisdom of Jesus. The sin of abortion. How terrible it is to kill babies. Luke 15 the prodigal son, the extravagant mercy of God can be offensive at times.
_500-501- Luke 16 the rich man & Lazarus. Jesus again portrays the rich in a bad light! He often does this in his teaching; this is why the early church had such a ‘healthy fear’ of material wealth. It was not church tradition that caused them to avoid riches! What’s up with the ‘prophet’ Rasputin? The gospel of Judas, the Davinci code. No big deal, these things are not new. There have always been ‘authentic’ counterfeits. They might really be from the 2nd or 3rd centuries, but they were fake back then too!
_502-503- Luke 17 the kingdom of God comes not with observation. A day when Christians will desire to see ‘one’ of the days of the Son of Man. The 20th century produced a focus on the 2nd coming [one of the ‘days’ of the Son of Man] and the signs surrounding it in an unhealthy way. The fixation or ‘observation’ of prophetic signs caused there to be a fixation on certain events that minimized the reality of Christ’s present rule at the right hand of God. Jesus kingdom already exists and is active by virtue of the resurrection and ascension of Christ. The 2nd coming will be a great culmination of all things, but his rule exists right now! The story of Noah and Lot. They teach us that when we are in the ark [Christ] and come out of Sodom [the world] that we will be ‘saved’ from Gods wrath. They do not teach that Jesus will take us out of the earth as a separate event apart from the 2nd coming! The New Testament doctrine of being saved from wrath is seen as abiding in Christ. All who forsake the world [Sodom] and abide in Christ [the ark] are and will be saved from Gods wrath. All judgment is committed to the Son, any scenario that has Jesus and the Church absent during a time of Gods judgment is fundamentally flawed. There will be no judgment apart from the person of Christ!
_504-505- a talk I had with a fundamental Baptist pastor. The pre-trib pre-millennial view. Any scenario that has Jesus coming and then leaving and judgment taking place in his absence fundamentally violates the New Testament doctrine of all judgment being committed over to the Son. The very idea of judgment being meted out in Christ’s absence is biblically unsound. Luke 18 another story of a rich man finding it hard to follow Jesus because of his wealth. Jesus consistently portrayed the rich in a negative way in the gospels. He doesn’t say you can’t be rich, but riches always seem to be an obstacle in Jesus teachings.  It’s not an accident that this is so. Jesus often warned against the dangers of materialistic living.
_506-507- Luke 18 Another story of a rich man being hindered from following Christ because of his wealth. Jesus never used an example of a poor person having a problem with covetousness, though its popular to say this in our day. The ‘camel going thru the eye of a needle’ what does this mean? Jesus speaks of his destiny of becoming broken for us. The disciples did not understand this principle. Luke 19 ‘occupy till I come’ Jesus doesn’t call us to simply maintain or preserve, but to expand and advance his kingdom in the earth. Zaccheus repents and gives his goods to the poor. Once again we see the theme of a rich person giving to the poor. Giving to the poor is one of the main themes of giving in the New Testament.
_508-509- Overview of the ‘mind’ of Christ as seen in the gospels. Modern church scenarios often violate the ‘relational’ mindset of ministry. The New Testament apostles functioned relationally with people. Modern scenarios often have people commit or ‘vow’ to certain models of church that violate the relational model. The New Testament church planters released people from authoritarian leaders [judiazers]; they did not demand allegiance to themselves! The emergent church movement and the churches role in society. Are we here to defend truth as some abstract idea, or to proclaim truth as the person of Jesus Christ? The biblical image of Christ as seen in the gospels. Some have attempted to change his image into one of wealth and natural fame in order to justify covetous lifestyles. Isaiah said when we ‘see’ him [in the 1st century context] that there would be no outward beauty or extravagance that would attract us to him.
_510-511- Luke 19:40-48 the impending death of Christ produced tremendous depth and authority in his teaching. The bonhoeffer example. As the Pharisees begin to loose the theological argument, they look for ways to discredit and silence Jesus. The people receive him gladly.  Luke 20:1-18 the true image of Jesus as seen in the gospels.  Jesus taught if you reject the chief cornerstone you have made a tragic mistake. In all our teaching and preaching it is imperative that we properly proclaim Christ.
_512-513- Luke 20:19-47 as Jesus begins to win the theological arguments with the religious leaders, some begin to realize that his wisdom and understanding are irrefutable. He also questions them concerning his own identity. No religious leader of the day understood this truth, though today it’s the foundation of all other truth [the deity of Christ and his incarnation]. What is ‘replacement theology’? Did Jesus seem to teach this in his parables? Isaiah 40 to them that have no might he increaseth strength. God brings you to a total point of weakness and inability in order for you to be a candidate for his strength.
_514-515- Luke 21 why did some early believers think that Nero was the anti-christ? Was he? There were practical implications to the apocalyptic literature of the 1st century.  Why doesn’t John’s gospel contain end time chapters like the other 3 gospels? Johns ‘apocalyptic’ portion is contained in an expanded version in the book of Revelation. Isaiah 42- some thoughts on biblical authority. Spoke on hearing 2 recent sermons [on TV.] from Pentecostal/Protestant preachers who were proclaiming ‘I am Gods authority’ Biblical authority does not ‘proclaim’ itself, or try to induce people into submission. What about the biblical stories of people rebelling against Godly leadership [like Moses]? Doesn’t this apply to the protestant office of Pastor? These issues are important for our day.
_516-517- More thoughts on biblical leadership. Is the concept of ‘I should obey my Pastor whether he is right or wrong’ a biblical one? Does the New Testament teach the office of Pastor as one who is a single authority figure of any New Testament Church? As we learn and grow God will challenge us to mature together as a people. There are many good Pastors today, but we must avoid strong authoritarian mindsets. No man is the ‘covering’ of another man. Luke 21 The believer’s responsibility and care for one another is not based upon some formal commitment to a ‘church’ or ministry. It is based on our brotherhood in Christ. We often develop false barriers to our fellow brothers in Christ that violate our true ‘oneness’ as believers.
_518-519- The apostolic/prophetic message is Jesus, not apostles/prophets! What are some of the elements present when true ministry is being carried out? Betrayal, people hating you, and your inner circle denying you! Wow, I thought this meant God wasn’t at work.  Prophetic people don’t just speak prophetic words, but their lives often act out pictures/images so the thoughts/intents of others can be revealed. Jesus despised the shame, but it was necessary in order to reveal the hearts of others.
_520-521- Some thoughts from Isaiah. Gentiles and kings will be drawn to your light. You will rule over kings. You will loose the loins of kings. 3 stages/effects of Gods anointing on people/prophets that allow them to free leadership from bondages of thought and practice. What is the idolatry of scripture? It’s when we exegete words in scripture and when we are done explaining it the verse says something other than the context supports.
What is the ‘seed’ of the woman? Talked about silly views of scripture that preachers embrace. This is a result of not properly beholding Christ. Einstein’s unified theory, a parable from his life.
_522-523- Luke 22 Judas betrays Jesus for money. Judas focus on money all throughout Jesus ministry eventually became the ‘hinge’ that would push him over the edge. Jesus idea of leadership. World events and the nation of Israel. The cup/baptism that Jesus inner circle would go through. The need for betrayal to take place. Peter’s denial of Christ [warning- I curse on this tape. Really!] The disillusionment and depths of discouragement weeded out the pride of man.
_524-525- The difference between authority and authoritarianism. What is the style of New Testament leadership? They are not to draw away disciples after themselves. People should be established on the persona of Christ and not men. There is no New Testament office where a man is in charge of another believer. The hindrance of trying to build an image in the sight of man. You at some point must disregard mans opinion of you and hear only from God Isaiah 49:7 what are the 3 characteristics present in all effective ministry? You will be despised of men, nations will abhor you and you will serve rulers. Spoke on the elements of failure and disillusionment that the disciples tasted prior to the resurrection. God wants the church to speak not only to other believers, but to society as a whole. The example of Martin Luther King.
_526-527- as many as were astonished at thee [Isaiah]. Spoke on the intentional purpose of God to forsake his Son at the cross. It would be thru this tremendous travail that he would touch all nations. God continues to speak today out of the travail/turmoil of his children’s lives. The ‘flashy platform image’ lacks relevancy to speak into society today. The suffering and difficulty that believers taste causes their voices to be relevant. This is what gives them voice in the kingdom. Parable from a railroad track [shared some interesting lessons from a railroad track].
_528-529- Isaiah 53 Jesus attained authority because of his suffering, not despite it! The ultimate bait that would catch the greatest harvest of men was Jesus on the cross. God will entrust great authority to those who go thru this process. You will catch men [fishers of men] but the honor will go solely to God. God will allow things to happen in your life so people will be drawn to the ‘scene of the accident’. As they come o be ‘spectators’ they will unknowingly become ‘participants’ and you will have effectively ‘caught’ them for the kingdom. The Lamb on the throne imagery of the book of revelation, what does it mean? Jesus attained ruling authority because of his suffering. The ‘ideology’ of the gospel will ultimately displace all other philosophies and religious systems of thought, even militant islam! I also share how spiritually perceptive I really am [just kidding!] God’s ability to use you to change the world, really!
_530-531- Some thoughts on militant Islam and Christianity. Is Islam a peaceful religion that was ‘hijacked’ by extremists? I asked Jim Bakker for a free radio, and he gave me one! Getting back to the concept of ‘freely you have received, freely give’. What happened to Reggie White? It’s dangerous to approach God outside of the cross! End time things. We often give a limited view because of our misunderstanding of ‘the end times’. The New Testament teaches that the end times started 2 thousand years ago. In Gods ‘timeless’ existence a 2,3 or 5 thousand year period is simply a ‘blip’ on the screen. This also allows room for certain events to have been fulfilled in the 1st century as well as today, it is not either/or!
_532-533- More on ‘end time things’. Also spoke on the goal/destiny of the cross. God’s purpose is to produce in us eternal things. We often mistake the goal for temporary stuff! The church has historically embraced 2 extremes concerning national Israel. She has been ‘anti-semitic’ [Hitler was influenced by some of Martin Luther’s anti-semitic writings], and has also embraced teachings that exalt Israel to a place of honor/favor that God reserves only for the church, the ‘Israel of God’! Johnny Cash movie ‘walk the line’. Also some stuff on Gods watchman and the 4th watch [3:00-6:00a.m.]. Its better to heed the warning when the watchman 1st reveals it, because if they are accurate it will eventually be at the doors!
_534-535- shared a word given many years ago concerning the ‘local churches’ of Corpus Christi. Spoke on the need to return back to the pure gospel of Jesus. We said the churches that would experience exponential growth would be those who would preach the ‘classic Gospel’. As of today [2006] this word has been fulfilled. The 2 largest churches in our city are ‘classic’ Gospel preachers, they use very contemporary styles of worship [Christian rock!] but the message is timeless.
_536-537- some thoughts on how we make ‘manifest’ the Kingdom of God on earth. The Jewish religion was ‘sacramental’ on purpose. God designed the law to be a ‘physical’ sign on the earth. The new way Gods people would express Gods rule in the earth was thru a spiritual community of people who would love one another. The Eucharist became something beyond the original intention. I try to be respectful to both our Catholic and Orthodox brothers, but honestly examine our views. A brief history of the Church. The Charismatic Episcopal Church. Transubstantiation and Consubstantiation. Luther, Zwingli and Calvin, an overview of their understanding of the ‘real presence’ in the Eucharist. Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Martyrs. ‘Don’t think you need a lot of extra equipment for this, you are the equipment. No special appeal for funds, keep it simple’ Jesus [message bible]. The simplicity and requirement for every believer to touch the lost world around them. God doesn’t require a lot of machinery, but a willingness to lay down your life for the gospel.
_538-539- “who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this” God brings us to places [both spiritually and geographically] in our lives for set purposes. All ministry should be a function of hearing and receiving from God, as opposed to doing something because someone else is doing it. John said “a man can receive nothing unless it is given to him”.  When Zion travailed she brought forth her children ‘in a day’. When the time is right God can suddenly birth things thru you ‘in a day’. Its something you receive with a grateful heart, as opposed to something you bring forth in your own strength [Ishmael/Isaac]. Some insights from Isaiah ‘GENTILES SHALL COME TO THY LIGHT AND KINGS TO THE BRIGHTNESS OF THY RISING. KINGS SHALL SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AT THEE, THAT WHICH THEY HAVE NOT SEEN WILL THEY SEE. I WILL MAKE YOU RULE OVER KINGS. I HAVE MADE YOU A NEW SHARP THRESHING INSTRUMENT HAVING TEETH, YOU WILL THRESH THE MOUNTAINS AND BEAT THEM SMALL. I HAVE PUT MY WORDS IN THY MOUTH. WHO RAISED UP THE RIGHTEOUS MAN FROM THE EAST AND GAVE THE NATIONS BEFORE HIM, HE SHALL COME UPON PRINCES AS UPON MORTAR AND THE COASTLANDS SHALL WAIT FOR HIS LAW. FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN SHALL HE CALL UPON MY NAME.  We have made mountains out of our silly revelations and God uses prophets to ‘beat them small’ and blow them away.
_540-541- Isaiah 65:8-9 ‘I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, & out of Judah an inheritor of my mountain’- Gods purpose in using you to ‘inherit’ nations as an extension of Christ’s Body in the earth. The seed [Jesus] is the head of the extended Body of Christ in the earth. God uses us to bring in this great harvest [inheritance] of people! The foolishness of mans wisdom. You were created for more than just comfort and survival; you were created with destiny from God inside of you. The world says live for yourself and make it to retirement with enough money to live a few more years and die. God says allow your life to go thru various stages of transition and mobility in order to fulfill his greater purposes. Christianity need not ‘emasculate’ the male gender. Live for the excitement of the journey. Don’t sacrifice destiny for comfort! John the Baptist is ‘thunder out of the desert’- message bible.
_542-543- Numbers 9- some thoughts on the wilderness/desert experience. God requires us to ‘keep the feasts’ while in the wilderness. We are required to both ‘journey’ and ‘rest’ at his command. God will provide his manna for us while in the desert, it might not taste that great, but its what we need! You will be tempted to say ‘let this cup [season] pass’ and you will learn to be thankful thru it all. Numbers 12- the rebellion of Miriam and Aaron. God basically tells Miriam ‘you don’t like the dark skin of Moses wife, well I’ll give you white skin like you’ve never seen before! [He turns her leprous]. Numbers 16- the rebellion of Korah. Does this story give a defense to the protestant office of pastor? Moses prefigured Christ to the nation of Israel. Moses was a symbol of the singular prophetic role that Jesus would play in Israel’s future. Jesus isn’t simply one prophetic voice among many. He is Gods singular voice of revelation to humanity! ‘When the doors of perception are cleansed, then we can see things as they really are’ Jim Morrison [the doors]. Bishop Irenaeus said the scriptures are the field, and Jesus is the treasure in the field. When you ‘see’ Jesus in all these stories, you ‘see things as they really are’.
_544-545- ‘AND THEY THAT UNDERSTAND AMONG THE PEOPLE SHALL INSTRUCT MANY, YET THEY SHALL FALL MANY DAYS. NOW WHEN THEY FALL THEY WILL BE HELPED WITH A LITTLE HELP. AND SOME OF THEM OF UNDERSTANDING SHALL FALL, TO TRY AND TO PURGE THEM AND MAKE THEM WHITE, A TIME APPOINTED BY THE FATHER’ Gods process of preparing/using leadership thru the vehicle of difficulty and weakness. Paul’s thorn in the flesh wasn’t a hindrance but a ‘necessary’ evil in order for God to be glorified. God requires American Christianity to ‘mature’ in her understanding. Bonhoeffer, Karl Barth and other theologians observed in a humble way the shallow American Christianity of the 20th century. ‘When I was a child I spake as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things’. Spoke on the different forms of grammar used in scripture. When scripture speaks figuratively, and we take it literally then we are ‘thinking like children’. The surest safeguard to avoid these mistakes is to ‘preach Christ’. As the source/foundation of all wisdom, when we behold him we become mature in every way.
_546-547- Numbers 16:28 ‘hereby shall ye know that the Lord hath sent me to do all these works: for I have not done them of mine own mind’. Much of modern ministry is a product of ‘our own mind’. This hinders Gods people from becoming mature. Jesus only did and said the things he saw the father doing. Numbers 23-24 the prophecies of Balaam- he said some interesting things. Scripture says God met with him, he spoke with him and Balaam only spoke Gods words. Then what made him a false prophet? His lust for wealth! Jacob and Judah were both individuals who became communities/nations. Jesus Christ was/is a real person who also became a community/nation thru his people, the body of Christ! Shared some prophetic stuff from Chuck Pierce.
_548-549- some stuff on Alexander the great. The “Hellenization’ of cultural cities carried over into Rome. One of the Greek experiences was the theatre. Has this affected present ideas and practices of church? Do we view church as a theatre type atmosphere as opposed to a society of people? Spoke on a commercial that exalts natural Israel, some of these evangelists have emphasized the fact that the Apostles and Jesus were Jewish, therefore justifying there exalting of natural heritage. The New Testament writers did not see it that way; they actually refer to Israel/Jerusalem as the city that is called spiritually ‘Sodom and Egypt’. The ‘synagogues of satan’ were not references to a 1st century satanic cult, but were speaking of the futility of natural Israel’s attempt to continue religious worship apart from Christ. All religion outside of Jesus Christ ultimately leads to desolation! Numbers 31:23 ‘Every thing that may abide the fire, ye shall make it go through the fire, and it shall be clean’. The cross seems to ‘happen’ in our lives at the most inopportune moments, but God will ‘enlarge you during your times of distress’. Numbers 35 the cities of refuge are a type of the church, the ‘city’ of God. All men are guilty of the death of Christ and can flee into the ‘city of God’ for protection. You also can be released into your full inheritance by the death of the high priest. It is thru the death of Jesus [our high priest] that we can come in and go out as God directs. What is one of the greatest requirements to be used of God? Your ability [by Gods grace] to go thru ‘cross’ experiences for extended periods of time.
_550-551- finished overview of Numbers. Moses left his position of wealth and influence as Pharaohs son, and never gained it back! The possessing of the Promised Land is a type of our riches/inheritance in Christ. It is not a type of Christians getting lots of money! Jesus taught that natural wealth is not the true riches, but the spiritual inheritance of Gods kingdom is. Canaan is a type of true riches, not money. “The spirit of mammon is holding back the revolution” Chuck Pierce. What is the Christian worldview? Some thoughts on the role that we as Christians play in society. Is the primary role of believers today to ‘re-introduce’ a Christian worldview into a ‘postmodern’ society? The dispensation of law was Gods timetable to instill a ‘worldview’ that would prepare man for the coming of Messiah [Galatians 4]. We are now living in the ‘fullness of time’ and the ‘simple’ gospel of Jesus is sufficient to change society. The world has the ability to respond to the gospel right now, they don’t really need a ‘worldview’ change to prepare them! We are not ‘culture warriors’ in society, railing against the evils of our day. We carry the message of reconciliation, those who don’t receive it will be condemned, but our primary job is to reconcile the nations back to God.
_552-553- Hebrews chap: 1-2 A brief introduction. If Paul wrote it [which I think he did] why would he not sign it? Because he knew he had such a bad reputation because of the Judiazers, that no Jew would read something written by him! I consider Hebrews to be Paul’s ‘open letter’ to the first century Jewish community. The word spoken by angels [the law] is inferior to the word spoken by Gods Son [grace]. Those who reject this ‘great salvation’ will receive a greater judgment than those who rejected the law. This is primarily speaking of the first century Jew, not Christians!
Jesus ‘destroyed’ him that had the power of death. The event that dealt the deathblow to satan has already occurred! Jesus death destroyed him. The context of Hebrews as a transition book for the Gentile/Jewish community. I believe it to be Paul’s attempt to ‘theologically’ bridge the gap. Paul’s letters and the book of James seem to contradict, Hebrews brings them together.
_554-555- Heb. Chap: 3-4 the ‘rest’ of God is a ‘place’ [spiritually] that speaks of grace and the New Covenant. The Old Testament people of God [Israel] could not enter in because of unbelief, not because of a lack of works. Paul sees this as a type of danger that the first century Jew could fall into. If the Jewish community whom Paul is addressing does not ultimately believe in Christ then they too will miss out on Gods rest, which is only found in Christ! Unbelief disqualifies people from receiving grace, not law. Israel wandered for a 40-year period in the wilderness before the younger generation could enter in to the Promised Land. The 1st century Jew had a 40-year period [from Jesus baptism in A.D. 30 thru A.D.70] before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. God in essence gave them a 40 yr. ‘probationary’ period before he judged the system [Judaism apart from Christ]. Paul ‘sees’ the 7th day of creation as a type of Gods rest. Israel did not enter in to Gods rest because of unbelief. David in the psalms continues to speak of a future place called ‘Gods Rest’. Therefore this ‘rest’ was not Canaan, because King David still spoke of it in the future tense. Therefore Gods rest must be the present [1st century] offer of peace and rest thru the Messiah! Paul develops a theology of grace based on these simple truths.
_556-557- Hebrews chap. 4-5 ‘He that enters into rest has ceased from his own works’ Paul’s argument that once you enter into the New Covenant of rest there is a ‘ceasing’ of works [law]. Every priest that God chose was himself compassed about with infirmity. God did this so the priests could empathize with the people. Gods sees our weaknesses as assets to service, we see them as hindrances. Melchisedec introduced. Jesus was after this order, as opposed from Levi. If God chose a ‘new’ priesthood, outside of the law, then it stands to reason that there will be a change of law/covenant. Paul argues that the ‘new law’ is here! It’s the New Covenant of the blood of Jesus Christ. The time has come for you to be teachers, but are in need of learning the basics once again. This is speaking of the 1st century Jewish nation, not Christians! Gods design for Israel was for them to be a ‘teaching nation’ that would have been able to show the gentile nations the great reality of Jesus as seen in the old covenant. They were to do on a national scale what Paul was doing on an individual basis. The time came for them to have been teachers, but they blew it by there inability to see Messiah being fulfilled in Christ!
_558-559- Hebrews chap 6-7 for descriptions see commentary on Hebrews on our blog site!
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