Thursday, December 22, 2016

WHAT’S GOING ON IN CORPUS CHRISTI- TEXAS? Credit union robbed  History of criminality  Murder rate skyrockets in Corpus Christi Texas

Today I did another round of videos- just talking about the local problem.
I mentioned the case of a man by the name of Rosas- about a year ago the cops set off a bomb in his house [news links below].
They had a warrant on a relative in the home- and shot what’s called a ‘flash bomb’ into the home.
I guess to take the person by surprise?
The problem was an older man in the home had no idea the cops did it.
He was previously targeted by gangs- and thought he was being attacked.
Mark Skurka charged him with 7 counts of attempted capital murder.
He did shoot at the cops- and made the statement after- ‘I didn’t know you were cops’
Ok- the case went to trial- and the jury found him innocent.
Then the judge- Guy Williams- told the defendant that he had a case to take the D.A. and cops to civil trial.
Mark Skurka illegally withheld 22 pieces of evidence from the defense.
Now- near the end of the trial Skurka dropped the charges to assault on a public servant- I guess he realized he was going to lose the case.
But not only did he lose the case- but it seemed as if they had evidence proving the man did not know they were cops- and withheld it- again.
I know of no county in the U.S. where local judges are recommending defendants to actually take the D.A. to court.
And this is a pattern in C.C.  and it still goes on today.
On the first video I showed the bank right down the block where I live.
It was robbed yesterday afternoon.
The thief then cut across to my neighborhood.
This month we have had 3 homicides in C.C. - bringing the total for the year to around 24.
A few years ago the murders were 6 for the whole year.
Yet when the local Police were asked about it by the media- they said it had nothing to do with the way they are policing.
I give you a few examples on video to refute that.
I talk about the pattern- in the law agencies in Nueces county- of being called out by judges themselves- and the local media have been reporting on it for years- of corruption.
Today we found out that the city might be liable for the recent water crisis- because in 2013 they were supposed to have a plan in place to monitor back flow.
It seems as if they did not do their jobs.
There are many real problems going on in Nueces county-
The one that disturbed me the most- the last few weeks- was the reality that a homeowner- Rosas- actually did not know the cops bombed his house- and yet they wanted to put him away for life.
The D.A. knew he was innocent- because he had 22 pieces of evidence- that he hid- ‘or lost’- showing this.
And they charged him anyway.
Judge Guy Williams is recommending citizens to take the DA to civil court- because he can’t stop him.
We have a very real crisis in Corpus Christi- and they seem to be unable to fix it.

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