Friday, December 23, 2016

I read a few new stories on the Rosas case- not knowing that the national media was covering the case.
Every story from the national media criticized the way CCPD carried out the raid.
There was no ‘pre- raid’ surveillance of the home [seeing if the person they had the warrant for was there].
This is substandard policing.
The warrant- was for pot!
Yes- marijuana- believe it or not.
Rosas disabled mother lived in the home- thankfully she was not killed by CCPD.
One ccpd officer actually shot another officer during the raid- and they charged Rosas for shooting him too!
Yes- they charged Rosas for the gunshot wound that a cop received- by being shot by another cop.
I read the testimony of the jurors in the case- they said it was obvious that some cops lied during the trial- because there testimony was contradicted by the other cops themselves.
Important here- you had Mark Skurka and a few cops willing to perjure themselves- and withhold evidence- yet- there were other cops who did not want to lie in the name of God- under oath.
What’s missing here is any local accountability by the senior officers who actually approved such a dangerous raid- for such a small offense.
Who approved this type of raid?
Will chief Markle or anyone else be held responsible?
What about the cops who lied under oath?
CCPD and Skurka tried to put this man away for life- and they knew he was innocent- because the testimony and evidence Skurka withheld showed that.
Will Rosas now be targeted for the rest of his life?
Not only by the gangs who shot into his home before- because he testified against them.
But will the CCPD also target him?
This has happened before.
This case made it to the national media- for its absolute reckless operation- even other law enforcement agencies do not so stuff like this.
Yet- there is absolutely zero accountability within the CCPD for doing this.
No public statement by the chief on a change in future raids.
No explanation of why some cops told the truth on the stand- and others lied.
No guarantee that CCPD will never ‘bomb’ a house again- for a marijuana charge.
And the CCPD continue to say the crime rate in Corpus Christ has nothing to do with their policing.
We have a Department that the national media is focusing in on- for their tactics- and the chief seems to think there’s nothing wrong here.
There are some good cops- that I actually see weekly.
The other day I bought some lunch for the street guys- and had extra.
So there was a cop parked next to my vehicle- I offered him a burger- he said no thanks- and that was that.
There’s a lady cop who comes to the park- and feeds Paisley- the ‘community’ dog.
A few weeks ago the guys told me the cops brought them some food- left overs from a Thanksgiving meal.
I see some of the rookies- and lady cops.
The supervisors that approved the use of a flash bomb- and created a situation- not only where an innocent homeowner actually shot at cops- but one in which another cop- in the melee- accidently shot another officer.
This is incompetence- by the chief- that put innocent citizens as well as other cops at extreme risk of being killed.
The chief should have resigned for such obvious incompetence- that even the national media felt the need to do stories on.
Yet- Lt. Hooper continues to tell the media ‘we have no problems here’.
I think they are in denial- denial that might cost some rookie cop his or her life- because of the incompetence of those who are supposed to be doing their jobs.

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