Sunday, April 17, 2016

These are just a few of the articles on the problem we have in Nueces County. Corpus Christi is rated the ‘2nd’ most corrupt city- in the USA- [I think Dade county- Fla. was number 1- and Chicago is 3rd].
Now- I simply want you to see the endemic problem in our community- that national news organizations have done front page articles on it [Brietbart- Huffington post- etc.]
For those who don’t watch the videos- I’ve been talking about this for a while.
I wanted to simply roll these out- so you get a feel for the problem.
I’ve shared lots of cases that my ‘street friends’ have told me over the years- including a local judge who regularly buys Meth [yes- I talked about it in the past- without using his name].
I found it strange that the article I posted yesterday [Patriot Dad blog] mentioned this same judge- by name- as being involved in criminal activity- which is known by the authorities already.
Mt intent is not to ‘talk bad’ about Corpus Christi- but it’s amazing that many of these cases openly discuss real criminal activity- and corruption- and yet there have been no charges filed against those who basically admit they have indeed withheld evidence- lied- bribed witnesses- I mean we have made national news on this stuff.

Ok- that’s it for now [Most of the articles are posted on my facebook site]

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