Monday, December 28, 2015

 12-28-15 MONDAY [morning]
Juan- from Mexico.  Juan from Mexico

Cold day today- walked up the block early and ran into a few people.
Danny introduced me to Jack- a cab driver.
Had a good talk. Danny said ‘Jack’s an atheist’.
He said ‘no I’m not- I believe in ‘a’ god- but no religion’.
I said ‘you’re a Deist’ [or Theist- both work].
That’s belief in a Deity- in a general way.
Some of the Founding fathers of our country were Deists.
We had a good talk. After I shut the video [you see Juan- from Mexico on this video].
Danny asked lots of questions- bible stuff.
It was a good one hour discussion- I could have put it on video- but it was just teaching- in a way- that hopefully was beneficial.
Ok- hope to make a few more today- let’s see what happens.
Danny introduces me to just about everyone who walks into Burger King.
I don’t video all the interactions- but took one of Caesar. After I shut the video off- Caesar was grateful to have run into us today.
He struggles- is homeless- and has some mental problems.
Yet- he talked honestly about life- and the things he went thru.
Saw nick today- trying to convince him to play the guitar and sing- he’s got talent.
But its cold today- and I think the warm spell is gone for good.
So- hope you enjoy these updates.
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