Friday, December 25, 2015

- I used some restaurant  bathrooms to change and shave.
I realized if you find a bathroom with a door that locks you can change fast.
I did have clean clothes with me- and as long as you keep the dirty separated from the clean- it works ok.
I realized I can shave in the car as long as I have some water.
These are things you learn along the way.
It would have been easier if it were not Christmas day- lots of the spots are closed.
Just checked my account- the motel charge went thru- I have 150 bucks till payday [some other payments went thru].
That’s still much more than many of my friends who have done this- but the shower option [renting room for 1 night] is out.
I look at the balance because of gas- if I don’t have enough to just go- then I find myself occupying time till payday [last day of month].
Gas is cheap- but I also have direct payments that come out of my account each month-
So if I were on the road- and the card stopped working [debit card] then I would be stuck.
I did get to do my walk around the lake today- Hudson county park.
But Burger king and White castle are closed- those are the spots where I run into most of the guys-
I do want to do a video from the GW bridge one day-
So if no one is around- I might do it today.

GARY-  I teach some on this video [too much?] but wanted you to hear Gary.
Today I did not think I would run into any friends- I went to Blvd. diner for wifi- and sure enough Gary walked in.
We made this video and they offered to pay for my coffee [I should have accepted the offer].
But I tried to pay with the card [debit] and they have a 10 dollar minimum.
So I used their ‘ancient’ ATM machine-
It took 15 minutes- and said transaction approved [for 20 dollars].
I hit ‘no receipt’ to speed it up- and no cash came out.
I went to the car and go some change- but I think I just got robbed for 20.
I really cannot afford it right now.
Marie- Gary’s lady friend met me the day before- Danny introduced us- but Gary was not there.
I told Marie ‘I’m doing a little experiment- living in the car for now- but didn’t want the guys to know’.
I think they know- Marie said she wanted to ask the other day ‘are you staying in your car’.
So- it’s no big deal- but I guess they could tell.
But hope you enjoy the video.
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