Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know it’s a little late- but I hope everyone had a good Easter.

I ‘enjoyed’ seeing all the media reports of the towns that canceled their Easter egg hunts because of past violence- by the grown ups.

Yes- they showed video of people trampling each other- pushing kids out of the way- and one video taken by a bystander showed the start of one hunt.

As they rang the bell they were off. One mom falls down and the amateur videographer gives ‘play by play’ coverage- in the classic style of Howard Kossel.

Remember ‘Down goes Frazier- Down goes Frazier’?

Yes- we heard ‘down goes mom- down goes mom’ as the other ‘adults’ were about to trample her.

It was just such a wonderful way for us to remember the resurrection of Christ.

And then as I watched the ridiculous ‘media’ coverage of MSNBC [and NBC].

I couldn’t get over the nonstop talk about Mormons being a cult.

I mean show after show was talking this way- question after question about Romney’s involvement in the church- how he was a lay elder in the church- over and over and over- from this network.

So Orin Hatch- a long time senator who is a Mormon [like Harry Reid] says that he believes the Obama campaign and the media are going to attack Romney on his faith.

Now- guess what network could not believe that this charge was made?

You got it- NBC-MSNBC.

Yeah- they did entire programs [Hardball] asking the question ‘do you think the media/Obama will attack Romney’s religion’?

I couldn’t believe it- it might be the first time that the actual network who is doing the attacking- nonstop- at the same time will try and spin ‘no one is attacking Romney- how anyone even dare think it’!

It would be funny if it were not true.

Even David Gregory- the lead news guy for the Sunday morning NBC show [Meet the Press] had on a panel of various reliogus people- and he too brought up the question ‘why would Hatch- or anybody make such a false charge!’

On the panel there was a Mormon congressman- he said right there ‘your own network is the major offender- Lawrence O’Donnell even said the Mormon church was founded by a guy who simply wanted to have sex with more than one wife’.

I mean it’s ridiculous- the actual network who is the chief offender- is at the same time trying to spin a fake story that ‘how dare anyone even think that the media are attacking Romney’s faith’.

It reminds me of the time when one of the news magazine shows [20-20 ?] did an ‘expose’ about cars exploding on impact.

In the piece they indeed showed you these cars getting hit- and Walla- they blew up like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July.

Now- the actual car makers- they watched the show and could not believe their cars were blowing up like this.

I mean it made the classic Pinto look like a fire proof space ship.

So the car makers had an expert look at the video and they discovered that the news show actually placed exploding detonators right at the point of impact.

They had some bomb specialist off to the side and he was detonating the device at the point of impact.

You know how the news channel reacted when they got caught?

After they couldn’t hide what they did- they said ‘oh yeah- sure we blew the cars up with our own bomb- but it was made to simulate what was happening on the street’.

They actually tried to get the public to believe that what they did was just.

Yeah- go ahead NBC- be outraged over anyone ever even thinking that the media would attack Romney’s faith- and oh- keep playing the MSNBC pieces that smear the guy nonstop- we will never figure it out.

And last but not least- last night George Zimmerman was arrested in Fla.

Yes- the special prosecutor made the arrest.

I have written on this case a few times- and I have basically taken the side of Trayvon.

Now- as a media watcher- I do realize that there was some unfair reporting on both sides.

Initially they showed pictures of Trayvon at the age of 12-13.

He looked like a little boy.

Then they made it sound like this ‘little boy’ was just buying skittles and tea- for himself [as opposed to his little brother at the house] and Zimmerman attacked him.

Okay- if you look at the more recent pictures of Trayvon- he was a big kid- looked in good shape.

I will tell you- at the age of 13 it’s not easy to beat up an adult- but at 17 it’s not hard at all.

So it is possible that Trayvon was pissed about being followed- and maybe did throw the first punch- I don’t know.

But whenever you have an unarmed teen shot to death- and the armed person was the initiator of the confrontation- even if the final confrontation was Trayvon coming back to the car to approach Zimmerman- then you at least need an arrest.

I know the media- the right and the left- have now turned this into a political debate- which is sad.

Every time I hear the parents speak- especially the mom- she is a sincere person who lost her son.

She has never called for vigilante justice- and she has prayed to God for the right thing to be done.

Like I said- I have heard both sides- and I have seen media bias- on both sides.

But in the end- I think Zimmerman did indeed cross a line- how the last 2 minutes of the incident happened- we don’t know yet.

But if that’s the voice of Trayvon crying for help- and not Zimmerman- then the man needs to do some prison time.

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