Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I GUESS SHE WAS RIGHT? [1527] I have this habit of writing [the little paintbrush type deal] bible verses all over the yard; on the fence, gazebo, the back of the house, everywhere. Now to be honest my yard does look good, I have it looking like a mini park- paths and all- people have complemented me on it over the years; but yes, the bible verse thing- well my wife and kids tell me it’s tacky. Hey, I don’t care- the house is paid for- I’m gonna do what the ‘heck’ I want. After all, who do I need to impress, a bunch of homeless friends? So one day I had one of my homeless buddies over, we usually hang out in the yard, he’s a believer and does like the verses and all- but he tells me ‘you know brother, if you used some stencils it would look a little better’ [I paint freestyle!] Geez, maybe the wife was right

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